Best Womens Slippers UK

Slippers are essential everyday footwear, especially for women. Chilly mornings that cause cold floors can be a nightmare for the woman who doesn’t wear socks or who doesn’t have a pair of trusty slippers to take on.

On top of that, slippers are not meant to be used only at home. More open-minded employers, for example, can easily allow people to change their shoes once they reach their workplace, to be more comfortable while working.

In short, there are many situations when women might need slippers – not only on their way to the bathroom in the morning. This item keeps our feet cosy and warm – and we all know how many health issues we can avoid if our feet stay warm during cold times! As such, here’s everything there is to know about the best womens slippers UK!

Best Womens Slippers

1. ULTRAIDEAS Ladies’ Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined

The first entry on our list is a classic pair of women slippers, perfect for any occasion and household. For ultimate comfort, the interior of these best womens bedroom slippers features an ultra-soft, wool-like plush fleece lining. Thanks to this, a slip-on design is possible so that you don’t have to use your hands to get this pair on.

Then, if you have a yard or garden and like to take short morning walks, you won’t have to change to different footwear. These slippers come with a highly durable rubber sole that is anti-skid as well – perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

For the exterior of the pair, cotton was used as the main material, for a neat look and easy-to-wash design.

2. LongBay Ladies’ Chenille Knit Bootie Slippers Comfy Plush Fleece Memory Foam

Slippers also come in the form womens boot slippers, as we can see with this particular product. Since most women either have sensitive ankles or prefer not to cover them, a pair of boot-slippers make for the ideal gift from the considerate boyfriend/husband.

This particular pair is made of chenille velvet on the upper side and fuzzy plush fleece lining for the part of the interior that will fit the feet. These materials, paired with the chenille knit styling make for a chic and cute pair of slippers that you can wear in the house.

Naturally, the sole is made of rubber to prevent sleeping and keep cold away and the closure system is slip-on. For increased padding and cushioning, this pair features an 80D long-lasting memory foam insole.

3. VeraCosy Ladies’ Fuzzy Curly Fur Memory Foam Slippers Anti-Slip Lightweight Breathable House Shoes

Next up, we have a really curly pair for women that don’t like the classic look of slippers, so to speak. This pair features an upper made of soft furry fleece, which can be washed both by hand and in a washing machine. The entire slipper is then dressed in stylish curly fur.

The insole, on the other hand, is made of polar fleece that is capable of keeping moisture away, just in case you get a bit too warm. Naturally, these best womens house slippers come equipped with a rubber sole, as well as with memory foam footbed moulds, for increased comfort.

4. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Closed Back Slippers with Warm Fleece Lining

The next entry on our list is a pair from ULTRAIDEAS, which looks more than just comfy! This particular pair comes with an upper made of soft woollen blend which is cotton-knitted as well. This makes for an extremely breathable slipper that keeps moisture away and warmth in.

Thanks to a tall curved collar, this pair of slippers can provide warmth to your ankles too and, given the soft fluffy plush fleece lining, your entire foot will know nothing else but comfort and cosiness.

When it comes to the cushioning, it is made of multiple layers, including high-density memory foam and multi-layered thickening foam. The padding is also shock-absorbing.

5. Dunlop Women Bootie Slippers, Ladies Quality Ankle Slippers Memory Foam

Next up, we have another pair of cute womens slippers – but the design of these makes them booties, as they’re often called. This pair might easily become a favourite thanks to their extremely fluffy exterior – cats will certainly love you if you buy these slippers.

The interior of the slippers features fur, material that makes for very comfortable and cosy footwear. The exterior, on the other hand, is made of polyester, which may be a bit tricky to maintain and wash.

Naturally, as with most slippers, these feature a high-density memory foam bedding as well, for the best slipper-wearing experience. Opposite to the memory foam, there’s an anti-slip, rubber sole.

6. Ofoot Women Indoor Slippers Memory Foam Teddy Wool-Like Fluffy Fuzzy Soft Cozy

Here’s another pair of curly slippers, but this time with a classic, open-back design, ideal for those that don’t want to struggle to get their feet in!

The upper of this pair is made of fuzzy wool-like fabric, while the lining is simple cloth. Overall, this makes for a pair of thermal and comfortable slippers. Both the interior and the exterior are polyester – it may not sound like the best choice, but it does wonders when paired with a pair of cosy socks.

When it comes to the sole, it’s made of thermoplastic rubber. The closure system is slip-on and the heel is flat.

7. TOMS Black/White Fair Isle Women’s House Slipper

This pair from TOMS comes with a rather rustic design, if we may say so, as the sole seems to melt into the upper part of the slipper, despite being made of rubber. It is ideal for women that don’t want fancy slippers and prefer a pair that can keep them warm!

The flair isle upper features a cosy faux shearling footbed and lining. For ease of cleaning, the insole is removable. Then, thanks to the entire build of the slipper and textile outer material, it can easily be washed in a washing machine.

Naturally, the sole is made of rubber while the closure system is slip-on. Last but not least, the slippers have a heel height of one inch.

8. Dunlop Womens Synthetic Fur Winter Warm Comfort Mule Slippers

Speaking of womens fluffy slippers, this pair from Dunlop comes with a daring design that features two soft fur adornments on the top part.

Moving to the slippers themselves, they are made of synthetic material on the outside, while the interior is equipped with synthetic fur lining and with a cushioned insole as well. The entire interior is made of warm and comfortable textile material.

The sole is manmade and the closure system is slip-on. This particular model comes in four colours with various patterns that seem ideal for the holidays. On top of that, the sole seems sturdy enough to endure garden work or outdoor walks as well.

9. Ajvani Womens Ladies Bow Pull on Comfort Faux Sheepskin Fur Lined Winter Ankle Boots

The following entry on our top list is some womens slippers with outdoor soles UK from Ajvani, which feature a pull-on system activated by a cute little bow on the side.

As with many modern slipper pairs, this one features a thick soft faux fur insole – the same materials are used for the lining as well. The outer material is synthetic but has a nice squared design, ideal for red-themed households.

When it comes to the sole, it is manmade and features a synthetic grip. It’s true that it might be a bit too bulky/thick for some, but it can be used outdoors as well. The closure system, as mentioned, is pull-on.

10. UGG Women’s W Scuffette Ii Open Back Slippers

For the last entry on our list, we have some well-known UGG luxury slippers womens. Given the reputation of this brand, it goes without saying that, if you like these slippers, this will be a wise purchase.

The outer material, as expected from this brand, is leather, which provides an extra layer of both warmth and style to this pair. The inner material doesn’t let us down either, as the slippers feature a lining made of 17mm sheepskin.

Moving down to the sole, it is made of simple rubber, while the closure system is slip-on. It is worth mentioning that there are at least ten different colours available for this model – so you can pick your favourite!

Best Womens Slippers – Buying Guide

In most cases, women’s slippers do much more than just provide warmth, so to say. A variety of health conditions – including some common issues – might cause certain pain or discomfort throughout the feet, legs, and even abdominal area. Why?

Well, the main reason is cold feet – and no, we don’t refer to them getting shy! Cold feet, even if the home comes with a decent temperature, can cause a lot of health problems that, in time, could get much worse.

At the same time, people suffering from arthritis and a few other illnesses are recommended to always wear slippers when indoors. As such, you can see why it is extremely important to buy the right pair of slippers for women!

If you’re wondering how to do this – here’s a handy buying guide, prepared just for you!


When it comes to slippers and to footwear in general, you should consider the brand as well. Why? Because many manufacturers advertise their slippers as being made of natural materials and so on when, in fact, they are 100% synthetic.

If you buy a pair from a reputable brand – or at least from one that has many positive reviews -, you know that you’ll get an item that’s very close, in terms of features and characteristics, with what you’ve seen advertised.

Naturally, you can experiment with various brands, but if you want a one-time lucky purchase, you should stick with a well-known brand.


Speaking of materials, there are around 5 types that you’ll have to choose from when buying women slippers. While a man is often comfortable only in… well, plain socks, to be honest, keep in mind that women are a bit pickier.


this material is the classic, warm and fuzzy material used in most high-end slippers. Its greatest advantage is the fact that it is highly durable and can last for several years after purchase. We don’t have to mention that suede also makes for fancy slippers.


– as you may know, this is the most common material used in both socks and slippers. It is very easy to clean and makes for a pair of lightweight and highly-comfortable slippers. The downside would be that this material is not very durable. As such, cotton slippers would be ideal only for bedroom/bathroom use rather than general use.


– this material is perfect in slippers that will be used both indoors and outdoors as it often makes for weather-proof slippers. Leather slippers become very comfortable after a couple of uses and can be the ideal choice for chilly mornings indoors, for gardening, or for walks in the park nearby.


– sheepskin is another high-end material used in mostly fancy slippers. It comes with the same characteristics as suede – it is a very durable material, able to provide comfort, retain warmth, and is fuzzy as well.


– every material mentioned above can come in a synthetic form. While pleasant on the eye and often really easy to clean, synthetic materials often tone it down in terms of quality and durability. In most cases, they are almost as warm as the real deal but don’t expect too much.

Sole Type & Build

Just as with the slippers themselves, soles come in a variety of materials and builds. Soles can be made of leather, cloth, rubber, and other synthetic materials. However, most of the time, soles are made out of durable, anti-slip rubber.

You should consider the type and build of the slippers if you want to take them out of the house, for example. In this case, cloth/leather soles are a no-no as they get dirty and are quite hard to clean.

However, even if they’re restricted to indoor use, cloth soles can be slippery and cause accidents. In most cases, soft rubber slippers with anti-slip features are ideal for any household.

Closure System

Some people want slippers that can be put on in a blink of an eye, while other don’t mind if their fancy, extravagant pair of slippers takes a while to get in, so to speak.

In short, the closure system has to be taken into account in accordance with the type of person you want to buy the slippers for.

  • Open-Back Slippers – this is the classic style in terms of slippers and it features no closure at all, if we may say so. You have to just slip in and out of them whenever you feel like it. Such slippers are obviously not ideal for people that get cold heels.
  • Slip-On System – for slippers with a closed back, one would still want to be able to just slip into them and have the slippers hug their feet. Luckily, most slippers on the market come with such a feature. Even though the ankle part is high, your feet can easily slide in the slipper. However, if you wear socks, you may meet some resistance.
  • Pull-On System – this system requires you to bend and get your slippers on with the help of your hands. It may not be ideal for some women, but others do prefer a tight and comfy grip over their feet and ankles. Often, pull-on slippers feature an ankle band that can be tightened according to preferences.

The three types make for an easy choice in terms of closure systems. If you don’t have any issues with your heels and want a simple pair of slippers, then go with an open-back pair.

On the other hand, if you want your heels to be warm and don’t want your slippers to slip out of your legs, then a slip-on or pull-on system is recommended, for increased safety and warmth.

Memory Foam Padding

Most of today’s slippers feature memory foam footbed/padding. This material is recommended because it makes for a much more comfortable interior and also prevents your feet from feeling the sole.

Slippers that have thick, hard soles are often uncomfortable, especially for people suffering from arthritis. In this case, a memory foam padding will increase the softness and cosiness of the slippers’ interior.

This is definitely a feature worth having in your new pair of women’s slippers!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a pair of slippers for my size or one size smaller/bigger?

Certain rumours out there say that slippers one size smaller are a must because, since their interior is fluffy, you’ll fit them anyway and be closer to the lining as well – thus providing you with more warmth. The same applies for one size bigger pairs – if they’re bigger than your feet, then more warmth can gather inside.

Both are, obviously, fake. Slippers should be bought in the right size for you! Smaller sizes will eventually prove themselves uncomfortable while bigger sizes will let cold air enter them.

Q: What’s the most important part of a slipper?

We’d say that the padding is essential because it can provide you warmth, as well as keep the hardness of the sole at a safe distance from your leg. Even if the lining may not be that cosy, a pair of socks will solve that. However, thin padding that makes you feel the rubber sole calls for a better pair of slippers.

Q: Which are the best slippers for women?

A good pair of women’s slippers will always come with a high ankle part, for better warmth and temperature retention. Open-back slippers will most likely always fall from their feet, especially if they’re in a hurry.

Most women do prefer a slipper that can trap their entire foot with warmth, including the heel and the ankle.

Final Thoughts

If you wanted to buy slippers, for yourself or as a gift for your significant other and didn’t know where to start, then we hope that everything above will be of great help to you!

The ten products on our list are the best on the market at the moment and you really can’t go wrong with any of them! However, if they’re not enough for you, our buying guide comes with more than just enough information to help anyone buy the best womens slippers UK!

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