Best Walkie Talkies UK

Walkie talkies are not only for kids. There are more than enough jobs that require such tools or that could use them if and when something happens. Outdoor work environments that involve a lot of people, for example, become a lot more efficient when everybody has a handy walkie talkie in their hand!

On top of that, hiking and mountaineering trips that deplete our smartphones’ signal and batteries – rendering them useless – can be saved by a single pair of this amazing gadget. As such, let’s take a look at some of the best walkie talkies UK and at how you can buy the best one for your needs, in case you’re looking for something more!

Keep in mind that, throughout this article, we’ll focus mainly on walkie talkies for adults – these could still be used by children but are much more comprehensive and helpful to teams of adults, so to speak.

Best Walkie Talkies

1. Professional Rechargeable PMR Radio Walkie Talkies for Adult Teenagers

The first entry on our list is a pair of walkie talkies from KOMVOX and also Amazons’ Choice when it comes to this particular type of products. They are ideal for both adults and teenagers – but might be too much for simple playing sessions.

When it comes to features, the walkie talkies have 8 channels available, as well as a function to scan each channel for activity. The front of the products is bright yellow, making it more difficult to lose the walkie talkies on the ground.

Naturally, the product can be charged via a USB port – you can use your phone’s charger for this. In terms of range, two people can talk over a 5-mile range – however, open areas with little to no impediments/obstructions are recommended.

2. eSynic 2Pcs Walkie Talkies 2 Way Radio Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkie Portable

The second entry on our list is a pair of professional walkie talkies – professional mainly because the package comes with more than just the walkie talkies themselves. Let’s take a closer look!

These two talkies come with hands-free communication via the extremely helpful VOX function – you can activate them and send your message across a channel through voice/sound activation only.

For ease of use, the walkie talkies come with a set of one-piece earphones as well, to further improve the VOX function. As such, this pair can be easily used as security walkie talkies or such. Last but not least, the product comes with a handy charging port that is powered via a USB cable.

3. Walkie Talkies, 16 Channels 2 Way Radio Walky Talky with Backlit LCD Flashlight

Next up, we have some classic-looking walkie talkies – a small backlit screen, an orange front for increased visibility, and the good-old antenna on top of each unit. This walkie talkie pair comes with 16 pre-set channels, as well as up to 122 privacy codes – for 100% personal conversations.

Naturally, as most modern walkie talkies, these have a VOX function as well, for hands-free operation, activated by sound and/or voice. To make the units more audible, so to speak, you can choose between ten different call tones (volume is adjustable).

When it comes to range, these walkie talkies can send and receive messages over a 3km range in normal fields and over a 5km range when in open fields or unobstructed areas. Interestingly enough, the product features an auto-squelch function as well – this mutes the noise in the background for crystal-clear communication.

4. Walkie Talkies Long Range – 2 Pcs Walkie Talkies for Adults & Children

For our next entry, we have a pair of walkie talkies that can allow you to communicate with your coworkers or friends over a five-mile distance – that’s around 8km. This makes the walkie talkie pair ideal for mountaineering and hikes – you’ll never get lost in the forest if you have this pair on you.

The walkie talkies have a 400-470 frequency and can be equipped with 8 or as many as 40 channels, depending on the country you’re using them in. While in open terrain, they can send and receive signals over a 5-mile distance – in comparison, in-building usage decreases the range to 3 miles.

Last but not least, the walkie talkie pair is ergonomic and extremely user-friendly – can be used by both adults and teenagers.

5. NEHOPE Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults, 4 Mile Long Range

Here we have a pair of camo walkie talkies that are ideal for children, teenagers, as well as adults. They come with a pleasant design that just broadens their audience, so to speak. Let’s see what they can do!

The walkie talkie set has 8 different channels available and allows for communication across a 4-mile range. On top of that, thanks to the multiple channels available, they allow for one to more communication as well.

Reportedly, they feature smooth and crisp sound, mainly due to the auto-squelch function that mutes any background sounds. There’s also an anti-interference function to prevent noise. The walkie talkies have an ergonomic design, are very easy to use and, despite their seemingly childish applications, are good for more serious jobs as well.

6. Retevis RT24 Walkie Talkie PMR446 License-free Professional Two Way Radio

Next up, we have another pair of very comprehensive walkie talkies. These are license-free (we’ll talk about this in our guide) and professional two-way devices that come with as many as 16 different channels.

Besides the quite large antenna, the pair features rather large Li-Ion batteries as well – namely of 1100mAh each which, under constant use, can last up to 12 hours. On top of that, these can be easily charged thanks to a USB port.

Naturally, since they’re professional devices, they come equipped with a voice/sound activation function as well. Moreover, the manufacturer includes a pair of earphones as well, for a truly hands-free experience. They are PMR446 walkie talkies, meaning that they are legal throughout the UK and Europe and don’t require a license to use.

7. Radioddity PR-T2 Walkie Talkie PMR446 Long Distance 16 Channels

For our next entry, we have a pair of modern-looking walkie talkies – perfect for both teenagers and adults. Same as the previous entry, these require no license to be operated and come with 16 different communication channels.

They come in a rather small size, but reportedly with high-quality antennas and a sturdy build that keeps them in good shape even after continuous long-term usage. The front of each walkie talkie is coloured in bright yellow so that you can find it easier when you receive a message.

Obviously, there is a hands-free VOX function available, which makes it easier to strap the walkie talkie on your shoulder and communicate with your co-workers. The pair can be charged via micro-USB – Y-cable for simultaneous charging included.

8. DeWalt DXPMR800 Heavy Duty Professional Walkie Talkie PMR Radio with Up to 15 Floors/10km Range

DeWalt is known as a reputable brand in the industry of heavy-duty tools and devices. As such, we can expect only good things from this pair of walkie talkies – and they do start strong, featuring a bulky, heavy-duty design that is fit for a construction site, to say the least.

The walkie talkies can be operated without a license and come with 16 different channels of communication – and can also work in buildings as high as 15 floors. For ease of use, you can rely on the VOX function that automatically detects your voice and turns on the call function of the walkie talkie.

Last but not least, the pair comes with a special circuit that will activate a battery saver mode automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity. Moreover, speaking of their heavy-duty build, these walkie talkies can survive a 2-meter drop, are dust and waterproof, and feature a complex anti-slip design.

9. Motorola T42 Talkabout PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie Portable Radio’s

Now, this is an interesting entry – naturally, it’s because this pair of walkie talkies comes straight from Motorola and with a lot of positive reviews as well. The only issue is that they look too childish to be professional – let’s have a closer look!

First of all, this is the first entry on our list that comes with more than 2 walkie talkies. The package will welcome you with 3 brightly-coloured talkies that have 16 channels available. Obviously, they can be operated without a license.

They have a range of up to 4km and can be easily paired with one another – meaning that multiple 3-packs can be made to operate together. The LCD display is comprehensive and indicates low battery as well.

10. Cobra AM246 Walkie Talkie – Weather resistant with GA-EMB2 Earbud Microphone

The final entry on our top list is a pair of comprehensive, heavy-duty walkie talkies from Cobra. These devices have a range of up to 5km – depending on terrain conditions, obviously. For more convenient use, the walkie talkies feature a roger beep which lets people know when it is safe to talk.

When not receiving or transmitting signals, the pair enters power-saving mode automatically thanks to built-in special circuitry. Moreover, there’s also a call alert function available which can be set to play certain alerts for incoming calls.

Last but not least, both can be charged via micro-USB and come equipped with two sets of rechargeable batteries – the latter can be recharged while inside the walkie talkies. A handy earpiece set is also included.

Best Walkie Talkies – Buying Guide

Professional walkie talkies are very complex devices that can be used for very serious purposes – so to speak. Train conductors, for example, communicate via radio channels and walkie talkies, as they’re more reliable than most common ways of communication.

Therefore, in order to choose and buy the best walkie talkies UK, you really need to know a thing or two about such products. If you buy the wrong pair, namely one which cannot be used without operation, you may risk having to replace the product or going through a very intricate setup to alter the walkie talkies (which, in turn, could void the warranty).

Types of Walkie Talkies

When it comes to walkie talkie types, we have licensed and license-free devices. The differences between these two types are major and should be taken into account before making your purchase.

  • License-free – these are walkie talkies that can be operated without a license and come with more channels than usual in order to accommodate private/personal communication. Naturally, they are not as powerful as licenses devices, when it comes to range, but they are enough for construction sites or hiking, for example.
  • Licensed ­– licensed walkie talkies, on the other hand, require you to pay a fee in order to use the service – what service? Well, all licensed devices use the same identical eight frequencies and are much more powerful than license-free talkies. They come with better range, somewhat limited features, but are ideal for long-distance use, in scenarios such as mountain climbing, alpinism, long-distance travel, and so on. Usually, a five-year license costs around 75 pounds.

Most of the walkie talkies on our list are license-free. However, while perusing some reviews, we discovered that some of them don’t have the license-free channels unlocked when you buy them. To do so and use your pair for free, you have to follow certain steps (they can be somewhat difficult) after which you can freely enjoy your new product.

Walkie Talkie Range

The range is a serious issue, especially for those that want to use the walkie talkies in a professional environment. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, range depends on the type of walkie talkie that you buy – given this, you should take over the top advertised ranges with a pinch of salt before believing them.

  • Regular, unlicensed radios usually come with a maximum range of 2km in urban areas – meaning a lot of buildings and obstructions. Naturally, the range can increase drastically if the devices are used in open fields/areas.
  • Licensed walkie talkies, on the other hand, come with communication ranges as big as 10km, while keeping a crystal-clear sound quality and very little noise. Obviously, the range decreases if obstructions appear. However, licensed devices are known to be very powerful in terms of range.

For a regular, license-free walkie talkie that is used regularly on the job, we think that even 2km is enough and should allow you to perform your tasks properly. However, heavy-duty professional work done over long-distances requires licensed walkie talkies.

Type of Frequency

Frequency is important because it determines how good is the walkie talkie pair in an open field or in areas with buildings. That’s true – depending on the frequency range, a walkie talkie pair can function better or worse, according to the environment it is used in.

  • VHF Frequencies – very high frequencies range from 150 to 175Mhz and require a clear line of sigh or open field to work the best. If the right conditions are provided, long range walkie talkies operating on VHF frequencies can ensure crystal-clear and crisp sound.
  • UHF Frequencies – ultra-high frequencies range from 400 to 475Mhz and are ideal for urban areas with a lot of buildings. As you might have noticed, most of the products above operate on UHF frequencies, as these are ideal for all types of environment.

For a safe purchase, we recommend you walkie talkies on UHF frequencies – they can be used both on the job and when you go hiking.

Additional Features to Consider

  • PTT Function – a push-to-talk function can be extremely helpful when you don’t want to activate the walkie talkie by mistake. When using it, the device will transmit a message only as long as a certain button is pressed continuously.
  • VOX Function – on the other hand, some might need a voice/sound activated walkie talkie to make their job easier. The VOX function can help you transmit messages whenever it detects sounds or voices over a certain threshold.
  • Batteries – the batteries should clearly be rechargeable. For example, Li-Ion batteries of around 1000mAh last for about 8 to 12 hours under continuous use. If you plan to use the walkie talkies for work, daily, then you need devices with rechargeable batteries or you’ll have to buy dozens of triple-A batteries every other week or so.
  • Scan Function – certain walkie talkies can scan for nearby active communication channels and connect you to them automatically. This can be very helpful when you’re a beginner and a first-time user of such devices and have a difficult time connecting to your friend’s walkie talkie. However, keep in mind that this is not an important feature for license-free walkie talkies that come with multiple channels and with more convenient device pairing methods.
  • Durability – depending on where you want to use the devices, you’ll want them to have a hard cover, dust and waterproof capabilities, and be shock-resistant as well. If you work in heavy-duty industries, all of the mentioned durability-related qualities are essential – the best waterproof walkie talkies UK will not only last for a very long time but will retain their crisp and clear sound!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are privacy codes in walkie talkies?

Privacy codes allow for private/personal communication. When activated, the paired walkie talkies also transmit a squelching over low frequencies, besides the usual message. The message can be heard only by devices that use the same low frequency squelch as well.

Q: Why is the number of channels important in walkie talkies?

Usually, two walkie talkies can be paired to send and receive transmissions to one another. On top of that, they are often sold in pairs as well. Therefore, in order to make it easier for people with different devices to communicate with one another, they can use channels.

These separate the frequency of two-way or 3 way walkie talkies and allow for the communication of messages to a bigger audience, so to speak, and not one person only.

Final Thoughts

In the end, choosing good walkie talkies is not an easy job, especially given that you’re not choosing them for your children – but for yourself! Devices for teenagers and children can easily come with a 1km transmission range and satisfy everyone that will use them.

However, the best walkie talkies UK for adults must come with a bigger range, some additional features – such as a built-in flashlight -, as well as the durability and reliability of professional, heavy-duty devices!

Luckily, our top list and buying guide helps you with that! We hope that you had an easy time finding the product that you needed or that you learnt enough to buy the one that will suit your needs!

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