Best Shower Curtains UK

If you are roaming around to find the best shower curtains in the UK market, you don’t need to look further. Like many others, finding the right and best anti mould shower curtain might be a difficult choice to make for you as well.

You can find different types of curtains in terms of fabric, style, print, and price range.

Due to these reasons, we have done comprehensive and careful research and then come up with this detailed buying guide for you. You will be able to choose the best for your bath or shower and won’t regret the purchase. So without any further delay, let’s dive into this and see if you can find your new shower curtain.

Top 10 best shower curtains

1. ANSIO Shower Curtain, Mould and Mildew Resistant

The reason we have listed this shower curtain on top of the list is its unique feature set. It is one of the best shower curtains that is mildew resistant on the market and offers excellent value for money.

The curtain is made up of 100% water repellent polyester and you can easily install it. This shower curtain’s size is 1.8m x 1.8m, and it comes in a decent Charcoal Grey colour. As far as the durability is concerned, the curtain comes with 12 solid plastic hooks and hangs nicely.

If your bathroom usually rots curtains, then this one is going to solve your problem. You can rely upon its 100% polyester material and build quality of the fabric. The curtain dries up quickly, and tht way you won’t have any mould problems using this curtain.

A white curtain might get some colour from your coloured shower gel in some cases. Due to these reasons, this curtain would solve that problem for you as its colour is Charcoal Gray. However, as this curtain’s colour is somewhat dark, you might need some extra lighting over your shower.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best quality shower curtain in a budget range, the ANSIO Shower, anti mould and mildew shower curtain is for you.

2. Ridder Vinyl Fallin Shower Curtain, Grey

Another great type on our list is Vinyl Fallin Shower Curtain by Ridder. It is as a relatively heavy weighted hem shower curtain in the UK. The length is also more than the average curtain rail measurements on the market with the dimensions of 180×200 cm. Ensure that the size is not problematic for you and measure your rod’s height from the bathroom floor.

The curtain does not get soaked in, so it is ideal for people who spend a long time in their bathrooms. The curtain needs 12 rings to fit and can be easily fitted on typical shower curtain rods in the market. However, keep in mind that the curtain does not come with the rings.

Some plastic shower curtains in the market create an annoying odour as many users have complained about it. However, this Vinyl Fallin Shower Curtain is odourless even during long showers. So you would get a durable shower and bath curtain solution without compromising.

Some shower curtains are problematic during showers. However, this comes with significant thickness and you won’t notice any cling even when it’s wet.

Overall, if you are looking for extra-long shower curtains in the UK, these curtains are made for you. These shower curtains come under the budget price range and offer extra thickness and build quality.

3. AmazonBasics Clear PVC Shower Liner

If you are looking for a shower curtain liner in the UK market, then AmazonBasics Clear PVC Shower Liner is the right choice for you. This waterproof shower line can be used with any shower curtain to make that completely waterproof.

This shower liner offers protection from any mould or mildew growth and ultimately a more extended life. The heavyweight vinyl would help reduce any movement and also keep it close to the tub. The liner offers an ideal range of length and width, which is 180 x 180 cm.

Besides being mildew resistant, the line comes with 12 rust-proof metal grommets. You just need to wipe clean this one.

This liner is see-through, and you can clearly see through it. So you should be careful to use this if you are sharing your shower with a family member or any roommate. However, clarity of this liner is also helpful for light to pass through it. You would get perfect light through it even during shower time.

The liner is thick and comes with sturdy rings. The top of the liner’s eyelets are also sturdy and won’t easily rip off or pull out of shape.

4. AceList Shower Curtains, Waterproof Fabric

If you like to have a fabric shower curtain having perfect waterproof quality, this is for you. thanks to the fact the shower curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric and offer excellent quality.

The AceList Shower Curtains are mould and mildew resistant, and you won’t get damp on them. Due to these reasons, the curtains are also easy to clean. These come with the weighted hem at their bottom to keep them in place. This latest design feature would give you a disturbance-free shower experience.

Talking about the curtains’ size; these curtains come in the standard size with 180 x 180 cm dimensions. The size is ideal for covering your long bathtub or corners area.

Although the curtains are not that thick, they dry up quickly, which is another pro for its users. Like other quality curtains, these curtains also come with 12 hooks and are easy to install and remove. The hooks are rustproof and durable. This shower curtain is the ultimate durable solution.

These curtains also come with innovative colour-fast technology and have HD printed designs for a premium look. You will enjoy your shower time while having such aesthetics on your side.

Overall, these shower curtains are perfectly made from the value for money point of view. These curtains come under the price bracket of £16.

5. EVA Waterproof Heavy Duty Bathroom Curtains

Another best shower curtain in the UK is the EVA Waterproof Heavy Duty Bathroom Curtains from EurCross. These curtains are indeed 100% water repellent and offer excellent quality.

The curtains are non-toxic, mould resistant, mildew resistant, and offer excellent shower experience without any problem.

These curtains are safe, comfortable, and healthy to use. The curtains are specially made up of harmless raw material and offer outstanding quality. They are thicker and would keep the warmth inside and cold outside.

The curtains come with a standard size of 180 x 180 cm. However, when you visit the listing page, make sure you select the right length according to your bathroom size.

The EVA water repellent Heavy Duty Bathroom Curtains come with rust-free solid grommets that would add further life to these curtains. It would also save the curtains from any tearing in future. The curtains come with 12 free plastic hooks to offer more stable installation.

There are five magnets attached to the bottom that keep the curtain stable, and it won’t disturb you during the shower in the bathroom. Furthermore, as the liner would stable, there will be no splash of water splashing outside on the floor.

The curtain is also suitable if you are facing the low light problem in your bathroom. As the material of the curtains is clear, light can easily pass through it. However, there might be a compromise on the privacy as it’s a somewhat see-through curtain.

6. Ocean-themed shark whale shower curtain

As the name suggests, the shower curtain is beautifully designed, having a printed shark whale in an ocean. The theme would add some different feeling to your shower experience.

It comes with dimensions of 180×180 cm is made up 100% polyester, which is an antibacterial and environment-friendly raw material. The curtains come with free hooks, and they are easy to slide on any curtain rods in your bathroom.

You will get a water repellent shower curtain that offers incredible texture and without any sizzles. There will be no dirty bathroom floors anymore. The water droplets formed on the curtains can be easily washed out, and it would dry out quickly.

These curtains are easy to wipe clean and can be stuck in the washing machine. They are mould and mildew resistant and offer a great solution for your shower area. There is no annoying plastic smell like other cheap plastic curtains out there in the market.

You can easily install these curtains on any straight or curved shower rod. These curtains suited for any standard size bathtub and would help prevent water from spilling out.

In conclusion, if you are fond of having some natural views beside you even during the shower, this shower curtain is made. It will be a premium solution at a reasonable price.

7. WELTRXE Bathroom Shower Curtain

Another best shower curtain on our list is the WELTRXE Bathroom Shower Curtain made from 0.2mm thick EVA. This has some unique features that set it apart from other curtains listed here.

This shower curtain offers a solid build quality. The EVA is an odourless plastic material which feels soft but is thick and sturdy.

The WELTRXE EVA shower curtain is a 100% waterproof solution for you. It is excellent for preserving the floor of your bathroom from any water splashes. It will be a great favour for you as you can also use it as a liner for your beautiful fabric shower curtains.

It comes with three magnets attached at the bottom that provide great stability to the curtains and works similar to a weighted hem. It will also keep the curtain away from you and won’t stick with you while taking a shower.

The 3D effect design of the curtain offers a great visual experience. It is designed so that light can easily pass through it, but your privacy won’t be compromised.

As the curtain is made of EVA and mould-resistant, it would remain clean and won’t annoy any unpleasant smell. The curtain can be machine washed, and it is recommended to dry it out after usage.

The curtain comes with 12 standard plastic curtain hooks, and the size is 183cm x 183cm in terms of dimension. That way you can easily install it on any shower rod using the plastic curtain hooks included with the product.

8. YONG-SHENG Flamingo shower curtain

If you are still searching for the best shower curtain, YONG-SHENG Flamingo might be the one for you. These are polyester shower curtains and offers a waterproof feature. As expected from an ideal shower curtain, this curtain is mould and mildew resistant and is made of non-toxic material.

You can find different variations in terms of colour and design if you are looking for some variety. The curtain comes in a standard size, having dimensions of 180cm x180cm. You also get 12 solid plastic curtain hooks and rust-free metal eyelets along with the curtain. The installation is seamlessly easy on any shower rod, whether straight or curved.

The prints on the curtains are made using innovative digital printing, and they won’t fade with the time. The visuals printed on the curtains would add further beauty to your bathroom interior.

The curtain is machine washable, and it is advised to wash it often to keep it clean and mould-free.

Overall, this curtain is offering great extra features in the same price bucket of its rivals. So we recommend going for it.

9. Sunlit NEW! Map of the World Shower Curtain

As the name suggests, the Sunlit NEW! Map of the World Shower Curtain comes with a map design printed on it. It offers a unique feel while taking a shower. This curtain’s fabric is water repellant, and you won’t notice any annoying smell as most plastic curtains make.

The improved thickness is excellent for better draping during a shower. The curtain offers some extra length than average and has dimensions of 183x183cm. The rust-free metal grommets & plastic rings are also durable and provide excellent stability for the curtain.

The prints on these curtains are HD and are printed with the latest colour-fast technology.

The curtains are machine washable and are mildew and mould resistant for better shower experience.

Overall, this is excellent if you are looking for some uniquely designed shower curtain.

10. EurCross Polyester Shower Curtain Blue

This shower curtain is specially designed for people loving blue colour. It is waterproof and does not produce any annoying smell during a shower or after that.

The curtain is made up of 100% eco-friendly polyester fabric and offers a non-toxic, durable solution. The curtain is thick and sturdy and comes with rust-free metal grommets.

It is mould and mildew resistant and will last longer than ordinary curtain out there. It comes with 12 plastic hooks and has dimensions of 180-cm x 180-cm.

The fabric is exceptionally soft and is machine washable. The Classic waffle checks pattern is adding further beauty to these beautiful shower curtains.

In conclusion, these curtains are great if you are looking for a beautiful shower curtain having a blue colour. The price is also ideal for this quality offering.

Best Shower Curtains: Buying Guide

If you are still not clear about which shower curtain would be perfect for you, this buying guide will help you out.

You should look for several factors in a shower curtain before going to make the purchase. So let’s have a peek on them.

The Size Factor

72 x 72 inches is the standard shower curtain size. The standard length reaches to the floor and covers the tub. Before making a purchase, always measure your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a full-sized shower curtain or covering the area till the bathtub, making the right measurement is crucial. It will help you choose the right one and save you time.

The Fabric Factor

Curtains are mostly made up of Polyester, microfiber, or a cotton mix. You need to carefully select the material as it will significantly influence the overall look of your bathroom. However, you might choose vinyl or cotton as they are the trendiest fabrics for shower curtains.

Soft cotton fabric is proffered if you want to add some beauty to your bathroom. However, they are a little pricier than vinyl curtains. So if you are looking for a budget solution that still retains some style, go for vinyl curtains.

Simple or Printed

If you need a reliable and sturdy shower curtain for your bathroom, go for the simple and solid design shower curtains. However, if you want to add some unique style and beauty to your bathroom, you might choose among the printed curtains out there. These curtains might also add further beauty to your home overall interior looks.

Need for a liner

Some shower curtains are made of materials that might not be ideal in terms of waterproofing. You would also need to go for a liner along with those type of shower curtains. So it is better looking at the features of the product before making any purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for shower curtains?

If you are looking for a durable shower curtain, then polyester and plastic curtains are the long-lasting solutions. However, if you are looking for an eco-friendly solution, you might go for a cotton or hemp fabric shower curtains.

How often should you wash your shower curtain?

The ideal answer to this question would be washing it every month. However, if you are too lazy, washing it every three months is better. This will help you avoid any annoying smell and mould build up growing on your shower curtain.

What kind of shower curtain doesn’t need a liner?

If you are looking for a shower curtain that does not require any line, you might go for a cotton canvas design or Nylon Canvas design shower curtain. They are great in terms of durability and waterproofing capability.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best shower curtains in the UK for your bathroom is no more complicated once you know all the pros and cons of different products and materials. We have tried our best to come up with honest reviews of the products mentioned in this buying guide. If you don’t miss the critical details mentioned here, you will get the best product out there in the market.

However, you should carefully analyze your exact needs and then go for the right choice. It would save you time and money.

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