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A hot shower after a long, tiring day of work is probably the best thing you could do before going to bed or relax watching your favourite show. But taking a shower can soon become a nuisance if you have a difficult time finding the bathroom essentials shower essentials you need!

Instead of enjoying the shower, you’ll end up looking for your body scrub, wonder where did you put your shampoo the last time you had a shower and, overall, make a mess out of your bathroom space.

Moreover, we also know that the sides of the bathtub are never reliable when it comes to storing supplies. After all, some products become quite hard to reach and slippery while taking a shower. How can this issue be solved?

Exceptionally easy – with the help of a shower caddy. Given that it can be conveniently placed right under your shower head, you’ll never have to leave the hot water stream again! Here’s everything you should know about the best shower caddy – including a buying guide!

Best Shower Caddies

1. Shower Organizer Storage – 2 Pack – Bathroom Corner Shelves

The first entry on our list of the best shower caddies is a simple, modern-looking shower organiser caddy that can also be used in the kitchen. Since it is a two-piece pack, you can easily redistribute one of them if the other fits all of your bath supplies.

This particular bathroom caddy is designed for corners in a shower unit and comes equipped with adhesive stickers. You don’t need to drill any holes or such! The best part is that the adhesive works on both granite and ceramic tiles. If that is the type of decor your bathroom has, this caddy may be what you need to keep all your shower accessories in.

In terms of materials, the caddy is made from Stainless-Steel that will keep the rust away and your products dry – since it is a rack.

2. SONGMICS Adjustable Bathroom Corner Shelf, Telescopic Shower Caddy

The next entry on our list of the best shower caddies, is a telescopic corner shower caddy that can fit the needs of an entire family. With up to four different trays, it’s safe to say that this corner caddy could accommodate all of your bathroom supplies, includes face cloths, body wash bottles, other toiletries and important products.

Even though made of plastic, the material is reportedly coated and thickened for increased durability and rust resistance. The trays are made of PP plastic – this means that they are sturdy enough to support heavier products.

Last but not least, its compact design decreases the chances that you accidentally hit your elbow – or your head – on the caddy. However, even if you do, the stand-bars on the sides of each tray make it so that the caddy won’t collapse and your products are kept safe!

3. Suction Cup Shower Caddy – Drill-Free Storage Basket

Don’t think that this shower caddy is less sturdy than some of the other best shower caddies than the ones mentioned above just because it has a suction cup system. In fact, it can hold up to 6kg of toiletries, more than some of the previous products.

On top of that, it comes with a clean, white look and with a rather modern/minimalistic design. It also features drainage holes so that dirty water and residue don’t gather on its bottom.

Lastly, the shower caddy comes with a 2-year warranty, which is ideal for any product that features suction cup systems. After all, you never know when they can stop working!

4. 2 Tier Shower Caddy – Over Door Shower Rack

Unlike our previous entries in this list of the best shower caddies, this particular product is a hanging shower caddy, which means its to be hung over the shower door, and not under the shower. It’s safe to say that shower caddies have evolved in time and, nowadays, the last place you could find one is under the showerhead.

However, this shouldn’t make this product less desirable. With a size of 14x40x33 centimetres, two shelves, and a total of 6 hooks, it can hold almost all of your toiletry, including towels!

The coated steel this hanging shower caddy is made from also keeps the rust away and fits perfectly with a dark-brown door.

Of course, we don’t have to mention that if you have shower doors – even if made of glass – this product will fit on them!

5. FANHAO Shower Caddy Baster with Hooks

This FANHAO shower caddy comes with an interesting design that will certainly have people ask you where you bought it! It features three shelves that are organized in a staircase formation, as well as with one hook hanging from each corner shelf.

The product is made entirely out of Stainless-Steel, which means that rust will never form on this caddy. On top of that, the fact that the shelves are grilled racks makes it easier for water to drain away.

In order to mount the caddy on the wall, a powerful transparent adhesive is used – reportedly, it can hold up to 30 lbs. The three hooks meant for towels and such are detachable.

6. Qonia Shower Caddy, Bathroom Shelves with Drawable Towel Bar

Our 6th entry is a rather simple, but extremely practical and convenient product. This shower caddy comes with only one shelf, five removable hooks, as well as with one drawable towel bar.

If you don’t want your caddy to take up too much space on your wall, then this is the right choice for you. It is also very easy to clean! The bottom of the caddy is made of an open board that you can simply remove, clean, and put back.

Its most interesting feature is, by far, its adhesive – it can hold up to 50kg! Naturally, no one has or uses that many bathroom supplies, but it’s nice to know that the caddy won’t fall in the middle of the night.

7. Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf, Stainless-Steel Wall Mounted Shower Caddy

If you have a free corner in your shower, then this two-piece caddy might be the one for you. Its impressive size – 36x23x6 centimetres – allows you to store all of your toiletries in a close, easy to reach location, and makes for the best corner shower caddy there is.

The shower caddy also comes equipped with 6 flexible hooks – 3 on each shelf -, where all of the family’s sponges can be held. You don’t need to worry about weight either, as each shelf comes with 2 adhesive bands, each capable of holding up to 8kg.

In terms of design, the product features grills on the bottom and rather high guardrails on sides so that you won’t have to pick your shampoo from the floor.

8. Chrome Shower Mixer Caddy Bathroom Storage Basket

This particular entry on our list is ideal for those that don’t want a shower organiser that is anything fancy or complicated – just a secure place to store their soap, shampoo, sponge and so on.

The caddy is a simple grilled basked, made of chrome-plated steel, with 2 long hooks on each side that can be used to attach the caddy on doors or on bars (like the shower curtain one).

It can hold up to a maximum of 5kg, as the hooks nor the grills are very thick – just enough to hold products and make for a modern look within a bathroom. The manufacturer also provides any happy buyer with a five-year rust-free guarantee!

9. Ruicer Adhesive Shower Shelf/Bathroom Shelf

If you’re currently decorating your guest bathroom, then we really have to recommend this particular product – especially if you went for a light-brown/grey colour scheme. It might be the best stainless steel shower caddy we laid our eyes on!

The caddy is a simple, 23x8x10 centimetres shelf with a high, wide guardrail and with open sides for water drainage. The build is SUS 304 ultra-shiny Stainless-steel, which is not only rust-proof but also very easy to clean.

Naturally, such a fancy product needs no holes or drilling. It is equipped with a strong adhesive across its entire backside.

It is worth mentioning that its simple design makes it easier to have multiple caddies of this type in the same bathroom, for a different range of products, without breaking the colour scheme or the overall bathroom design.

10. Liraip Shower Caddy No Suction Cup or Screws, Rust Proof

Our final entry, this shower caddy from Liraip, is probably one of the most complex entries on our list, due to its high number of features. Let’s see what it brings to the table – better said: shower!

The caddy features a large board that supports the shelves once the product is wall mounted. Then, there are two 15 centimetres long shelves with sidewalls and drainage systems.

At the bottom of the caddy, 6 small hooks can be found for sponges, as well as a flexible soap holder.

All of the above mount on the wall via strong adhesive applied on a fixing tape.

Best Shower Caddy – Buying Guide

Shower caddies come in a lot of shapes, colours, and designs – and with even more stylish little features that can make your shower unique.

However, we recommend you to avoid being fooled by modern designs and what not and choose a shower caddy based on what it can do for you and for your toiletry. Even if you want something as simple as a metal shower basket to hold your soap, there’s still a lot of things to take into account before completing a shower caddy purchase.

Here’s how to buy the best shower caddy!

Shower Caddy Types

As you’ve noticed above, this type of product comes with quite a couple of ways and procedures in terms of mounting and installing.

Depending on what you use and how you mount the product, there are roughly five types of caddies.

Hanging Caddies

The most common and arguably popular type of shower caddy is the hanging shower caddy that hangs over your shower pipe or curtain. There’s really not much science to a hanging caddy.

It often features 2 hooks and rarely touches any flat surfaces. It is the preferred type of caddy for many people mainly because it is extremely easy to remove and clean. On top of that, the fact that it doesn’t touch any surface prevents the build-up of mould, to keep your bathroom nice and clean.

Keep in mind that this type is usually hanged by the pipe of the showerhead itself. As such, a handheld showerhead would be incompatible with such a caddy.

Tension Pole Caddies

Now, moving on, we have caddies that stand on a wall thanks to a tension pole, located either vertically or horizontally inside the caddy.

Horizontal tension pole builds often come with multiple shelves and allow for easy removal. They are recommended for showers that are above bathtubs, as the tension pole can be fit from the edge of the tub up to the ceiling.

Corner shower caddies may also feature tension poles – or, better said, tension bars running across the caddy that keep it clutched in place.

The main disadvantage of even the best tension pole shower caddy is the fact that rust and mould may build up in the places where the caddy is attached to the wall or tub.

Over-the- Bathroom or Shower Door Caddies

Over the shower door caddy are quite similar to the hanging shower caddy. The only difference is that it doesn’t matter whether your showerhead is fixed or not: you’ll still be able to use this particular type of caddy.

These caddies are mounted on the shower’s doors or even on its glass walls. However, they can be used on the bathroom’s door as well, if you don’t need a caddy close to you in the shower.

Most models feature only top hooks meant to wrap around the top of the door, but other, for increased stability, come equipped with suction cups towards the bottom of the caddy.

Suction Cup Caddies

Speaking of suction cups, caddies that feature this system are known for their portability and ease of cleaning. You can simply press the cups, put the caddy under one or two streams of water and done – caddy cleaned!

On the other hand, they’re not the most reliable out there, reportedly. Depending on the surface and on the amount of steam that may build up in the bathroom, you may find yourself seeing the caddy slide down the wall.

In most cases, suction cup caddies fall down from the wall when the surface is extremely wet or during the night when its temperature goes down. However, the best suction shower caddy on the market will definitely stay on the wall!

Adhesive Caddies

Another increasingly popular type of caddy is the one relying on adhesive tapes of surfaces that keep the product in place.

Usually, such products come with a very strong adhesive that is not affected by water not any other substances – like shampoo and so on. Their only enemy is rough surfaces that don’t favour sticky materials.

While regarded as the most reliable system for mounted caddies, keep in mind that this reliability varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some adhesives may not be able to hold even 2kg while the strongest could even hold a young kid!

Naturally, we purposely avoid talking about caddies that require you to drill holes in your bathroom, namely because they are not viable long term, promote mould build-up inside the wall, and are not visually attractive.

Important Elements of a Shower Caddy

As we got the types of caddies out of the way, let’s take a closer look at other important elements that have to be taken into consideration when buying a shower caddy.


  • Stainless-steel – this is, clearly, the most popular material used in the making of shower caddies. It keeps rust away, prevents mould build-up, is quite long-lasting, and offer the bathroom a modern look as well.
  • Plastic – plastic is often not considered in terms of good materials, but the technological advancements and the creation of new types of plastic (such as PP, coated, thickened) have made it more than a good choice. On top of that, plastic caddies will never rust!
  • Polyester – caddies made of polyester are known to be flexible and can take an elbow or two, so to speak. Even though they can tear up quite fast if you’re not paying attention, they can be a to-go choice for those that was a minimalistic caddy in their bathroom space.
  • Aluminium – caddies made out of aluminium exist as well, and they’re often coated with substances that prevent rust. The only reason to pick aluminium over steel or plastic is to have a caddy that fits with the rest of the décor.

Number of Shelves, Baskets, and Compartments

Naturally, one of the most important things is the number of shelves/compartments the caddy has. In fact, we could say that the size governs both the type and the material the caddy is made form.

For example, if you’re part of a four-people family, you’ll definitely skip polyester caddies as they’re often small and can’t fit more than 2-3 bottles of shampoo. Instead, you’ll want a caddy with at least 2 shelves and with a decent number of sponge hooks.

Lastly, if you want to completely declutter your sink, shower floor, or edges of the tub, then a medium-sized caddy, with 3 compartments/shelves will do the trick!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any uncertainties – they’re most likely made clear in the answers below!

Q: Where’s the best place to install a shower caddy?

Depending on the side of the caddy, you’ll want it either directly under the showerhead in the shower cubicle (fixed on the shower pole), or in the corner closest to the shower. If the caddy is quite large, then you may want to mount it on the wall adjacent to the showerhead.

Q: Are there any important caddy accessories I should consider?

Even though accessories are not mandatory, they can come in handy for those people that want to be more than just organized.

As such, you may want to look for razor holders, soap dishes, and additional, easy to mount storage hooks for toiletries and extra towels for guests and so on.

Q: What is the most important feature in a shower caddy?

Given the many features of a caddy and the multitude of products you’ll fit on one, we consider drainage or ease of cleaning to be the most important feature of such a product.

The last thing you want while taking a warm, pleasant shower is to meet eyes with mould build-up, rust, dirty water on the bottom of the caddy. Rack-styled caddies with grilled floors are the ideal choice if you want to avoid such things. Look for ones that have rust-proof materials.

Final Thoughts

Shower caddies make for more than just a place where you throw your soap or leave your favourite sponge. One of their main duties is to keep your toiletry in a clean and safe spot, where germs cannot find a home, so to speak. This is why we strongly recommend you to take your time while shopping for a shower caddy. Don’t throw the first one you see in your online shower basket and consider size, materials, and design as well.

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