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Rubbish bins are a must in the kitchen of every household. Moreover, such bins are a pleasant addition to children bedrooms as well, especially when they’re in school and there’s a lot of paper flying around.

But, nowadays, there’s more to rubbish and to bins than it would seem, so to speak. First of all, lidless bins are a thing of the past as they promote bad smells spreading through the house. Then, people have also stopped using any type of bin that they must touch in order to throw the trash.

After all, one too many times we’ve found ourselves with hands full of fruit peels and whatnot, struggling to get the bin open and avoid making a mess. This is the main reason why sensor bins are now a very popular thing!

As such, let’s see how you can find the best sensor bin UK for you and your family!

Best Sensors Bins

1. Tower Kitchen Bin with Sensor Lid

The first entry on our list is a tower sensor bin with a modern, silver look, ready to make your kitchen look classy. The silver finish and black lines make for a bin that, well – doesn’t look that much like a bin.

The product has a capacity of 58 Litres and features a Stainless-Steel body. Naturally, the main feature is the infrared technology sensor. The conveniently placed sensor activates when your hand approaches the bin and opens its lid.

The lid will then close itself after 5 seconds of no sensor activity.

However, it is worth mentioning that the bin also comes equipped with an On/Off button that lets you switch between manual and automatic (sensor activated) mode.

2. Morphy Richards Chroma 971517 Square Sensor Bin

Sporting the look of a kitchen robot, our next entry is the black-coloured chroma motion sensor bin from Morphy Richards. It has a capacity of 50 Litres, a bit smaller than our previous entry, but it seems to tackle additional issues.

The sensor system is similar to our other entry – if it senses activity it opens and then closes after five seconds, automatically. It is made out of steel and, due to the non-corrosive coating, enjoys increased durability and resilience.

Now, for the interesting part! The bin comes equipped with 3 bin liners that are lemon-scented. As such, no matter what you throw in it, Morphy Richards have ensured that the bin will have a fresh, pleasant smell for more time.

3. Grandma Shark Kitchen Bin, Sensor Bin

Our next entry comes with a rather classic look. After all, it does come from Grandma Shark! It is a cube-shaped bin with a capacity of only 38 Litres (though larger models are available), and with a Stainless-Steel build.

The finish is silver and reportedly anti-fingerprint. This means that you’ll have an easy time cleaning this bin – not to mention that the top part (the lid itself) comes off.

The sensor is a common infrared one and the opening mechanism is said to be very silent. You can easily use this no-touch bin during the night.

4. Morphy Richards Chroma Square Sensor Bin with Infrared Technology

The following is a cream sensor bin from Morphy Richards that will fit any light kitchen colour scheme. The cream finish is crowned by a silver ring across the bottom of the lid.

In terms of capacity, this bin comes only in a 42-Litre variant. The lid part is completely removable so you can easily put a rubbish plastic bag inside the bin. However, the sensor is located on the front side of the lid. This may become a nuisance if the sensor doesn’t detect different colours/clothing.

This particular product comes with the usual bin build so far – Stainless-Steel body with a non-corrosive coating. The lid is plastic.

5. D4P Display4top Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Kitchen Sensor Bin

With this purchase, you’ll get a set of two sensor kitchen bins, in two different sizes as well!

The larger one, of 50 L, is ideal as a kitchen bin and it also sports a pleasant, shiny silver finish. The smaller 12-Litre variant is fit for a toilet or even for a living room or bedroom.

Both come with a storage bucket, removable retainer, and removable lid. The latter features both a sensor-activated mechanism as well as a manual one. If you want to save battery power, they also feature a power button that completely disables the sensor.

6. Tower T838001B Square Sensor Bin with Fingerprint Proof Coated Exterior

This square fingerprint proof sensor bin comes available in four different colours and a matte finish that could fit almost any kitchen or bedroom! But the colour palette is not the best thing about this kitchen bin.

At almost 70 centimetres tall, it might be too big for some people, but its design helps with that as it can easily fit into corners. Then, the 75-Litre capacity really makes it hard to say no to this bin.

Last but not least, the sturdy Stainless-Steel construction ensures that the bin will be in perfect shape even if almost full or even moved across the kitchen floor.

7. LENTIA Separation Recycling Sensor Bin with Stainless Steel Finish

Even though a single unit, our next entry comes with three different rubbish disposal compartments. Therefore, if you want to get into home recycling, this product functions like three separate recycling bins and is ideal for the kitchen.

Theis kitchen bin has a total capacity of 65 Litres. The bottom part of the product, which can be accessed via a shelf system, can store up to 25 Litres. The top part – which is the biggest – can fit 37 Litres worth of garbage. The final compartment is a small, 3-Litre, box located at the top of the bin, right under the lid.

The manufacturer recommends using the larger compartment for general non-recyclables, the medium one for magazines and paper recycling, and the small one for kitchen waste recycling that can get smelly and has to be disposed of quickly.

8. Ninestars Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Bin

This Ninestars white sensor bin adds style to its lack of capacity, so to speak. It is a 33.5 centimetres tall and 10-Litre bin. As such, it may not be the most ideal kitchen bin for a busy kitchen, but it’s perfect for those that want to improve their home/kitchen décor and add some convenience.

When it comes to special features, we have to mention the fact that the sensor’s activation distance can be adjusted, the system doesn’t consume a lot of power, and it is also built to resist interferences of any kind.

Last but not least, the sensor is placed on top of the lid. Walking past the bin will not activate the sensor!

9. Swan Retro 45L Square Sensor Bin

This sensor bin from Swan is more than just a bit retro, as it’s reminiscent of the 50s-60s with its cube shape, cream, glossy colours, and striped ring retainer. It goes without saying that it’s a match for any kitchen decor with a pop of colour!

In terms of capacity, this model can fit up to 45 Litres of rubbish. It is built out of metal and comes equipped with a button for convenience that allows you to switch between manual and automatic modes.

The retro bin is a must-have for people that hate the modern look of most, but still want an easy way to dispose of waste in their kitchen bin.

10. BLACK+DECKER BXBN0002GB Soft Close Sensor Activated Bin

The final model on our list of the best kitchen bins is another smooth-looking sensor bin. This one sports a shiny silver finish across all of its oval-shaped components.

It can hold up to 50 L of waste and, for ease of accessibility, the soft close lid can be removed. This also makes it easier to clean the interior of the bin. Naturally, it also features a retaining ring to hold plastic bin bags in place.

Unlike many others, this is entirely made out of Stainless-Steel – including the lid. Due to its build and finish, the bin is also fingerprint resistant.

Best Sensor Bin UK – Buying Guide

These were the ten best kitchen bins currently on the market when it comes to sensor-activated bins! If you’re actively shopping for such a product, then you will surely find the right one for you in the list above.

However, if you didn’t find one to your liking, we’re here to help you! How?

With our highly detailed buying guide! In the following lines, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to buy a sensor bin that’s as best as the ones we just finished mentioning.

What to Consider When Buying a Sensor Bin?

When you are looking for the best kitchen bin and have decided that you want a no touch bin rather than a pedal bin, there are a number of important things to consider.

Bin Capacity

Naturally, the first thing that you should take into account is the capacity when looking for the best kitchen bin. The sensor, despite being one of its essential features, is not as important as how much waste you can fit in a bin.

Even though you may take the trash out daily, you must determine whether you have a busy kitchen or not. After all, you don’t want to be forced to take out the trash multiple times a day because you bought a bin that’s too small.

For busy kitchens, we’d recommend models with capacities beyond 50 Litres, though between 30 litre and 40 litre could do the trick as well. For the rest, we’d say to stay above the 10-Litre limit, just in case!

Product Warranty

Some people may think that the last thing they need for the best kitchen bin is prolonged/extended warranty. Well, that’s true – for a normal bin! But, when it comes to a bin equipped with an infrared sensor and automatic opening mechanism, you do have to think things in the long term, so to speak.

Infrared sensors are not the most reliable piece of technology on the market, but not because they’re bad. It’s because they can be affected by interferences, while the main sensor can suffer even the slightest damage and stop working.

This is why some of the products above offer as much as 8 years of warranty. If the sensor stops working, you’ll have to rely on a simple bin or invest in a sensor-powered one again.

Bin Material

The material the best kitchen bin is made of is also an extremely important thing to consider. Good old plastic does the thing, but it is known to catch smell, so to speak. Naturally, for a product with 5-8 years of warranty, you’d like it to remain fresh and spot-free.

As such, make sure to choose one made out of either Stainless-Steel or coated/reinforced plastic. If going for one made of simple plastic, there are enough options that include coal liners meant to prevent bad smell build-up.

Last but not least, don’t settle for anything flimsy or that bends easily. The bin overall should be sturdy and reliable – enough to take a couple of hits, endure being kicked over by pets, and so on.

Bin’s Ease of Cleaning

An LED sensor bin must be a clean bin as well! Basically, it should be easy to clean all of the bin’s parts without having to meddle with the lid, with any mechanisms, or with the sensor itself.

We’re saying this because there are products on the market that come with a non-removable lid. The only thing you can do in this situation is to use the smaller waste disposal hole to clean the interior of the waste bin. Since such models often don’t have bag liners, they also require more cleaning.

The best motion sensor bin on the market can usually be separated into a removable inner bucket waste compartment, retainer ring, and lid (meaning that you can remove all of these). As such, it will be very easy to clean each part.

Buttons and Handles/Grips

Even though mandatory, one other thing you should consider is the presence of buttons to control the sensor or handles/grips to manually open the bid or carry it around.

Products with capacities over 60 Litres can be hard to move – if needed – if there’s waste in them and if they can’t fit bin bags. If, for example, you want to remove the lid and take the trash out via the bin, it will be very hard to do so without lateral handles/grips.

Buttons can also be very helpful if the sensor malfunctions. If the latter acts all crazy, so to say, and opens randomly during the night, a conveniently placed button can help you deactivate the motion sensor entirely and turn the product into a soft touch sensor bin.

Note: if you get a cord powered bin and you want to save energy, make sure they feature an On/Off power button so that you don’t have to plug the bin in and out every single day.

Bin Size and Shape

One very common problem we see with this type of kitchen bin is people complaining that their sensor keeps on activating without any motion – while placed right under a countertop. The sensor will most likely detect the slightest movement or vibration of the countertop as motion and open itself.

This is why size must be taken into account as well. You may want a very large model, for example, but given that the tallest can go as high as 70-80 centimetres, you do have to make sure that there’s enough space in your kitchen to fit it.

When it comes to size, however, it all matters whether you want to place it in a corner or if you want it to fit certain décor. Round/oval models often have issues standing perfectly in the corner, while cube ones blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

If it will be located under the sink make sure that your desired product will fit there with its lid open!

Lid and Frame Design

As mentioned above, you don’t want to buy a bin with a flimsy build. As such, when you are looking for the best kitchen bins, you have to pay attention to its frame and see if it’s solid enough to hold both the weight of the lid (with the sensor and opening mechanism) and the weight of the rubbish.

When it comes to the lid, you have to make sure that it is tight enough to keep the smell inside the bid and to keep the waste bag in place, in case it doesn’t come with a retaining ring.

A tight close lid will also prevent rubbish from getting all over the floor if it is knocked over.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s take a short look at the most asked questions regarding sensor bins and why they may be the best kitchen bins!

Q: Why should I choose a sensor bin over a pedal or manual one?

Hygiene and reliability are the answer when choosing between hands free bins and pedal bins. The best sensor kitchen bin allows you to dispose of the waste completely hands-free with no touching it at all. This saves a lot of time as, in usual scenarios, you’d use it with one hand, throw the trash with the other, and then wash your hands. This is what happens with a more traditional pedal bin. It is fair to say a pedal bin is not the best kitchen bin if you are trying to be as hygenic as possible. The average kitchen pedal bin, on the other hand, is known for its flimsy mechanisms and, sometimes, for the space the system takes inside it.

Q: Is the sensor position/location important?

This depends on the size of the kitchen and the location of the bin itself. Usually, sensors located in the front of the lid get activated by simply walking past them.

While such a thing may not be a nuisance, it drains the batteries of the sensor. In short, it’s not energy-saving. This is why sensors on top of the lid are recommended.

However, if you have a large kitchen and it is in a place that sees little activity, then you shouldn’t worry about the position of the sensor.

Q: Are multiple compartments required/useful?

If you’d like to recycle a bit on your own, yes! However, keep in mind that most compartmented sensor bins come with around 3 compartments, one of which could be very small.

As such, you’d be able to recycle general waste and paper, but not glass bottles and so on.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, an automatic sensor bin can be quite tricky to buy and use. Luckily, you can avoid almost any hassle if you follow our guide and read through our top 10 recommended products.

As a final note, always keep in mind that you may switch your bin’s location when you buy a new one. Because of this, you should buy one that fits in most of your home’s rooms and doesn’t damage the décor.

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