Best Selfie Ring Light UK

Nowadays, everything happens online! On top of that, thanks to various technological advancements, we can now also enjoy professional studio lighting – more or less – in the comfort of our home and without having to buy extremely expensive gadgets and such.

In fact, a lot of the amazing photos that you see on social media every single day might have been made using something as simple as the best selfie ring light UK! It won’t cost you a fortune, not even a dinner in a fancy restaurant, but it will provide you with the lighting that you need to take the best photos.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re just a social media user, influencer, or professional photographer. It’s always handy to have a small gadget like this with you, for impromptu selfies and photography sessions!

Best Selfie Ring Lights

1. Selfie Ring Light – 12 inch LED Ring Lights with Stand

The first entry on our list is a 12-inch selfie ring light from Begleri. The product is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to big ring lights – and for good reason, as it is one of the larger ring lights on our top list.

Moreover, the ring light itself comes equipped with a tripod stand, as well as 2 separate phone holders. The tripod is quite comprehensive, as it can be extended up to 50 inches in height and also rotate at 360 degrees.

In terms of lighting and features, the ring light features 14 brightness levels and 3 lighting modes – namely natural light, cool light, and warm light. Light temperature settings are available as well, from 3,200K up to 6,500K. Last but not least, the product is controlled via a wireless remote and is powered with the help of USB technology.

2. Autaky LED Ring Light, 10’’ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Next up, we have a 10’’ ring light from Autaky– it has enough positive ratings and is one of Amazon’s Choices as well. The main ring light features 120 premium SMD LEDs that allow the user to enjoy 3 light modes (warm white, warm yellow, and white). On top of that, there are 10 adjustable brightness levels as well, for any type of photoshoot.

As with most selfie ring lights on the market, this one comes with a tripod as well. However, the tripod is multi-functional and can be easily converted into a selfie stick, to accommodate your needs. This element is also equipped with a universal phone holder that is highly adjustable.

The selfie ring light is powered via USB – you can use almost any type of smart device or portable battery to power the ring light. For increased convenience and professional photo quality, the product is equipped with a wireless remote as well.

3. Fostoy 10’’ LED Ring Light, Desktop Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

For our following entry, we have a 10’’ selfie ring light from Fostoy. Unlike the great majority of products on the market, this one comes with a minimalist tripod that can serve as a tabletop tripod as well, thanks to its small initial size.

As for the ring light itself, it is a dimmable product with 10 adjustable brightness levels. The user can enjoy 3 different lighting modes – which is pretty much the usual with standard selfie ring lights.

Moreover, the light comes with a 360-degree rotatable cloud platform as well. Basically, the platform that supports the ring light is fully adjustable and circular – you can position it at any angle you want. Thanks to the sturdy tripod with a 2kg load capacity, tilting the ring light while your phone is in the holder won’t cause the unit to accidentally fall/topple over.

4. Ring Light 10’’ with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

Here’s another 10’’ selfie ring light for iPhone and not only, this time from Ultexon. This one comes equipped with a tripod that’s quite similar to the one in the product above – low profile, metal, extendable tripod that can be used on floors on tabletops.

Moving on to the upper part of the product, the ring light is 360-degree rotatable circular and features a flexible cell phone holder as well. In short, the ring light can be rotated at any angle while the phone can be positioned alone, according to preferences.

The ring light is dimmable and comes with 3 colour light modes. Naturally, there are 10 levels of brightness that you can choose from. When it comes to power, you can turn the product on via USB connection – via laptop, charger, mobile power, and so on. A classy Bluetooth remote is also included.

5. Docooler 6inch Ring Light with Stand, 3-Colors Dimmable

For our fifth entry, we have this LED selfie ring light from Docooler which is one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to streaming light. Given its 6-inch size and wide ring strip, we can assume that this product is better for illuminating certain surfaces – and might not excel when paired with a phone for selfies.

The product is equipped with a tripod that has a robust and sturdy build and that can extend up to 1.2m. The adjustable merge point allows for 3 different positions/ways of use. Naturally, it can also be converted into a selfie stick tripod, though it lacks any type of phone holder.

It is powered via USB and, as mentioned above, it is ideal as a secondary light for selfies, semi-professional photography, or videography. Even though it lacks a phone holder, it’s still more than just a decent product, especially for those that want to engage in multiple lighting schemes with their photography.

6. TARION 11’’ Selfie Ring Light with UK Adapter

Next up, let’s take a look at this 11’’ selfie ring light for phone from TARION. The most interesting part about this product is that it has a fully foldable design. Namely, the item comes with a classy base stand that functions as a storage compartment as well. The tripod can be fully closed, while the ring light can be folded forward for a perfect fit into the base stand.

Thanks to the above, this particular product is very portable and convenient, especially for travel bloggers – it weighs only 1kg. When it comes to the selfie ring light itself, it features 3 lighting modes and 10 adjustable brightness levels.

In terms of power, you can use any of your smart USB devices to power the selfie ring light – or you can rely on an included UK plug. The tripod that’s built-in with the stand can extend from 12.9 inches up to 66 inches.

7. Ring Light, Upgraded Version CRI >97 55W 19inch with LCD Display

This particular entry is more in the professional range of products, if we may say so – it also comes with a bigger price tag. Let’s see if its features are worth it!

First and foremost, the unit comes with a comprehensive LCD display that allows you to see the brightness, colour temperature, group settings, as well as channels. In short, the display provides you with detailed information about the 240 LED beads that are located on the 55W selfie ring light.

Speaking of channels and group functions, there are 5 groups and 48 channels available on the settings buttons and menu. These allow you to easily adjust and dim the ring light. The colour range of the product is from 3000K to 5800K. Naturally, the product features a sturdy extendable tripod, power plug, as well as 3 different mounts – for smartphone and for professional photo cameras.

8. Diyife Ring Light, [Newest Version] Rechargeable Selfie Ring Light

For our next entry, we have a simpler phone selfie light ring. Instead of tripods, particular mounts, USB charging, and such, this product can be easily mounted on the top of your phone and, when turned on, provides you with enough light for amazing selfies.

The mini selfie ring light is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery – it can be charged even when you actively use the product and have it mounted on your phone. On top of that, even though it comes in a small size, the light does feature adjustable brightness levels.

Thanks to its simple design, the selfie ring light is compatible with most, if not all smartphone types on the market. It is ideal for selfie-takes or travel bloggers that are always on the run and can’t be bothered with a bulky tripod or such.

9. Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder, 12.6 Inch Selfie Ring Lights

Towards the end of our list, we have a selfie ring light from VEVICE. The product comes with more than one thousand ratings and is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to 12-inch ring lights.

Equipped with as many as 184 LED lamp beads, the ring light has a colour temperature range from 3200K up to 6000K, for high-quality lighting. On top of that, it is UV and flicker-free, and it guarantees no ghosting or glare. Naturally, you can choose between 10 brightness levels and 3 colour modes.

Last but not least, the product comes with a foldable tripod stand, as well as a very convenient mini desktop stand, to increase the usability of the selfie ring light. The unit is powered via USB and features a remote shutter as well. It comes with a couple of attachments that allow you to fit both smartphones and photo cameras on the ring light.

10. Jeemak 14’’ Selfie Ring Light with Stand Kit, Wireless Control, 2700-6500K

The final entry on our list is the ye another larger selfie ring light – this is a 14’’ product from Jeemak. As per usual, there are three colour modes and 10 brightness levels for you to choose from – the temperature range is from 2700K up to 6500K. It is one of the more professional products as well, given this range.

Moreover, the included tripod stand is reportedly very stable, as well as adjustable. It features a no-twisting-to-lock system that collapses over time. Thanks to the aluminium allow rod, the tripod can support the weight of your phone and selfie ring light even when fully extended.

For increased convenience, the selfie ring light comes with three phone slots that you can use to easily adjust the angle and the position of your phone. On top of that, the back of the ring light has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone. The product comes with a remote for your smartphone and one for the ring light!

Best Selfie Ring Light – Buying Guide

These were the best selfie ring lights that you can currently find on the market. As you’ve noticed, most of them are Amazon’s Choice when it comes to this type of product, so a safe purchase is pretty much guaranteed.

However, if none of the above satisfies your needs or requirements, then we’ve prepared a comprehensive selfie ring light buying guide for you. In the following lines, you’ll find everything you need to know about purchasing the best selfie ring light UK!

Selfie Ring Light Size

Naturally – size does matter! Even though some of the smaller ring lights are quite powerful in terms of brightness, keep in mind that you need selfie ring lights. These will be placed close to your face and, if their light radius is too small, the result won’t be favourable for you and your photos.

For example, the perfect headshot is usually taken using a 12-inch selfie ring light, regardless of brightness intensity or colour mode. Ring lights of 18 inches and bigger are obviously better but are also very difficult to find. Most of the time, 18+ inches lights are included in the professional range of products.

In the end, we’d say that a 14-inch selfie ring light is enough for any type of selfies and profile photography that you might engage in. The main reason you want wider rings is that they produce softer light – keep this in mind when comparing smaller and bigger products.

Dimmable Light

In certain products, dimming a light is not the same thing as adjusting its brightness levels. This is because they come with dedicated dimmers that allow you to dim a light without changing its brightness level – more or less.

For example, you might want a dimmer light but lower brightness settings make it lose too much of its shine/brightness. In this case, you’ll want a selfie ring light with a dedicated dimmer that works independently and is not affected by brightness levels.

While it can be difficult to come across such a feature, it is essential if you want to engage in semi-professional photography.

Adjustable Brightness Levels

Speaking of brightness levels, you should choose the product that allows you to go from 1% brightness all the way to 100%. The issue here is that most products come with a pre-set number of levels – usually around ten.

This means that you can adjust the brightness in increments of 10. Some might think that this is a disadvantage, but it is not. Ten brightness levels are usually enough for you to get the brightness desired/needed for a certain photo. Unless you want to take selfies with a professional camera that can detect even the slightest changes in brightness, ten levels are more than enough!

Adjustable Colour Temperature

When it comes to colour temperature range, you can choose between selfie ring lights that have a pre-set number of levels or lights that allow you to explore their entire available range.

  • Pre-Set Temperature Levels – most selfie ring lights come with around 3 temperature settings, namely warm light, warm blue, and cool (or similar). Even though limited, these are enough to create a wide range of selfie variations.
  • Fully Adjustable Range – some selfie ring lights come with temperature ranges that can go as low as 2700K and as high as 6700K (for the products on our list). As a reference, 5,500K is daylight – while lower and higher are colder, respectively warmer lights. If you want to be able to fine-tune the light emitted by the ring light, then a product with a fully adjustable temperature range is ideal for you.

Naturally, keep in mind that fully adjustable and wide ranges of colour temperature usually translate to a more expensive product.

Additional Features

  • Variable Power Options – for increased convenience, you should buy a selfie right light that can be powered at least via USB so that you can use it everywhere.
  • Rotating Ring Head – if you want more out of your photos, then a rotating ring head can help you a lot! On top of that, if the phone holder can move independently of the ring head as well, then you can create some really interesting selfies.
  • Tripod – a tripod is welcomed and often needed when it comes to high-quality selfies. Naturally, it has to be extendable and support both the phone and the ring light.
  • Attachments – if you want the selfie ring light to be compatible with a smartphone, with a professional camera, or maybe even fit a shotgun microphone, then you should get a product that comes with a phone holder, a camera attachment, as well as a cold shoe.
  • Wireless Remote – for selfies from a distance, it goes without saying that a wireless remote can come in extremely handy.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most important features of a selfie ring light?

We think that the most important features of such a product are a sturdy phone holder and tripod, wide ring light, high-quality LEDs, and adjustable brightness and colour modes. These are enough for a high-quality selfie.

Q: Should I aim for a rotatable ring head?

Many people think that they don’t really need the ring head to be rotatable or angle-adjustable. However, if you don’t have a lot of space on your desk or would like to sit while taking selfies, a fixed ring head will work against you.

The ring head allows you to place the product on a table or chair, regardless of your height or position, as it can be fully adjusted.

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to have the best selfies on the internet! Luckily for you, the ten products above will help you achieve just that. Naturally, the best thing about selfie ring lights is that they can provide you with studio-quality lighting for an extremely low price.

Last but not least, keep in mind that, when buying a product on your own, take into account the size of the ring light in comparison with its brightness. Very bright units will not be able to provide you with a soft light if they’re small in size.

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