Best Running Phone Holder UK

A running phone holder, also referred to as armband, is a very simple device, if we may call it so, which keeps our phone safe while we’re out for a jog. However, thanks to innovation and creativity, running phone holders can do so much more than that.

For those that don’t want to bring their wallet or keys with them, for example, some running phone holder models come with intricate pockets and designs that allow for convenient placement of more than just your phone and headphones!

Therefore, if you like your morning rung but don’t want your pants to sag due to the weight of your phone, here’s what you have to do in order to buy the best running phone holder UK!

Best Running Phone Holders

1. Gritin Running Armband for iPhone 12/12 Pro/SE 2020/11/11 Pro

The first entry on our list is a phone holder for running from Gritin – the product comes with a lot of positive reviews and it is also a best seller in its particular product category. In short, if you wanted a quick and easy find, this is the product to add to your basket!

When it comes to materials, the holder is made of skin-friendly materials, such as Neoprene and Lycra. These make not only for a comfortable product but for a lightweight one as well.

It is also ideal for night time runs, as the product is equipped with reflective strips – one around the screen window and one around your wrist. Speaking of the screen, it is highly sensitive and won’t be a burden when you try to access your phone. Last but not least, the holder features a key slot and several earphone jack cut-outs.

2. Eono by Amazon – Water Resistant Running Waist Pack with Adjustable Elastic Strap

We’re talking mainly about holders and not about armbands because here we have a running phone holder waist band. Some people might find classic armbands uncomfortable – in this case, they can rely on a non-intrusive, lightweight, and classy waist pack!

The brand responsible for this pack, Eono, is an Amazon brand – as such, the product is compatible with almost all smartphone models. On top of that, it also comes with an adjustable elastic strap, in case you have a bigger phone and need to accommodate it on the pack better.

In terms of materials, the product is made of skin-friendly materials which are breathable and extremely lightweight. The only thing that you’ll feel will be your smartphone. Then, for additional convenience, you can enjoy two zip pockets for keys, cash, or credit cards.

3. ESR Running Belt Adjustable Stretchy Zippered Fanny Pack with Headphone Port

Next up, we have another running belt – this time with a couple more extra features. Let’s take a closer look!

First of all, the product features a large zippered pocket that has a headphone port built-in, for increased convenience. Then, the fanny pack comes with two expandable zippered pockets as well, which are ideal for keys, cash, credit cards, and so on. Keep in mind that, due to its slim profile, phones with thick cases may not fit in this pack.

The fanny pack is secured in place with the help of an adjustable Velcro strap – the product fits waists from 24 to 41 inches. Naturally, the materials used are skin-friendly and comfortable – mainly Lycra. Last but not least, the pack is reportedly bounce-free – your phone will not jiggle while you run!

4. WEIQILE Running Armband Phone Holder, Phone Armband

For our next entry, we have a comprehensive mobile phone holder for running from WEIQILE. It comes with a bulkier design and, by the looks of it, doesn’t allow for easy smartphone screen access. But let’s see what other features it packs!

This particular product comes with two large arm pockets which can hold two different devices, or your smartphone and cash, credit card, or keys. Naturally, one of the pockets comes equipped with an earphone hole so that you can enjoy your favourite songs while you’re on the run.

The holder itself is made of high-quality materials that are lightweight, portable, sweat-proof, as well as water-resistant – including breathable. On top of that, you’ll hear no annoying sound while running thanks to the Nylon fabric zipper. The holder is secured onto the arm with the help of an adjustable elastic Velcro band.

5. VUP Universal Running Armband, 360 Rotatable Forearm Mobile Phone Holder

Next up, we have a holder in the form of a wristband. These are often not enjoyed by people as they don’t allow for convenient earphone usage – and also add a bit of weight to one’s arm.

This product is compatible with phones of up to 6.5-inches – they are secured onto the wristband via elastic straps. The straps of the wristband are flexible enough to fit the wrists of adults and may even fit the upper arms of younger people.

The phone mount is hands-free and can be rotated 360-degrees, making for easier phone operation – it’s easier to read messages or interact with applications while on the run. Thanks to this rotation feature, you can also take pictures with your phone without removing it from the wristband.

6. VYBEC Running Phone Armband, Phone Holder for Running, Water Resistant

Our following entry is yet another arm phone holder running that keeps your phone entirely isolated – this means you can’t easily access its touchscreen or volume buttons, for example. However, it is great for safety – it features an auto-lock zipper that will secure everything you put in the pocket.

Moreover, the entire surface of the armband is made from a light reflective material so that you can safely run during the evening or after dark as well. Naturally, the product is also water-resistant, a feature that provides even more protection to your smartphone.

Last but not least, the arm strap of the phone holder is fully adjustable and cat fit arms with circumferences of 10 to 16 inches. The pocket can fit almost all types of smartphone models with screens of up to 6.5 inches.

7. RevereSport Waterproof Running Armband for Phone with Case On

The next product on our list allows you to place the smartphone in the armband without removing its case, thanks to a handy design trick so to speak. Let’s take a closer look!

This armband is compatible with Liteproof and Otterbox cases and, thanks to the window screen, you can also easily access your smartphone while running without having to remove it. Obviously, the armband is made of Lycra but features an additional waterproof coating as well, to protect your gadget from rain and sweat.

It comes equipped with an adjustable armband that reportedly fits arms of all sizes – from 22 and up to 45cm. On top of that, the product has a key pocket built-in, as well as an additional pocket for ID, credit cards, or cash.

8. Running Armband Phone Holder Bag, GORWRICH Sweatproof Running Phone Armband

Towards the end of our list, we have another phone and key holder for running with two independent pockets. Once again, this product doesn’t allow for direct smartphone access and is better when it comes to device safety and security.

The main pocket of the armband is compatible with most smartphone types and models, while the second pocket is ideal for keys, credit cards, or cash – or anything that could scratch your phone and must be kept away from it.

Naturally, the product features a waterproof design and is made of lightweight materials – it weighs as little as 0.06kg. This makes for a comfortable, sweat-proof, and breathable product. For a more comfortable experience, the armband comes with an adjustable elastic band that can fit arms between 11-16 inches. Thanks to this, you can wear it on your upper arm, as well as on your forearm.

9. Akalas Running Belt, Adjustable Pocket Size Water Resistant

Next up, we have another running belt, this time coming from Akalas. This one comes with two rather large expendable zipper pockets – one for your smartphone and one for your keys, credit card, or cash. For increased safety when running after dark, the waist belt is equipped with a 360-degree reflective strip.

Thanks to its large pockets, the belt can fit any type of smartphone, of up to 7’’. On top of that, one pocket also features a dedicated earphone hole so that you don’t have to stick the cable out through the zipper.

When it comes to interesting features, the product is equipped with an adjustable hoop buckle that you can use to adjust the length of the pockets and secure your phone in place. As such, nothing in the pockets will create a bounce effect when you run. Naturally, the product is made of skin-friendly, breathable materials – with a water-resistant finish as well.

10. Build & Fitness Running Belt, Flip Waist Belt, Key Clip

The final entry on our list is a product with hundreds of positive reviews and with a fancy look. Unlike most of the other waistbands on our list, this one doesn’t show any signs of a zipper and is seemingly one continuous piece of fabric.

In terms of design, the belt is basically one continuous inner tube that allows you to store multiple items and, when needed, pick the one you need. Moreover, the product features an internal key clip holder as well so that your sharp keys stay in place.

Thanks to its design, the belt can fit all types of phones and phone models, as well as credit cards, IDs, and so on. The belt fits perfectly to the body, an aspect that ensures a no-bounce experience. It is made of comfortable, smooth, moisture-free, and weather-resistant fabric – and it is machine washable as well.

Best Running Phone Holder – Buying Guide

As you can see, the world of running phone holders has changed a bit. In the past, all it mattered was the armband to have an earphone hole so that you can listen to music. But back then, phones were also smaller and you wouldn’t need an armband that covered your entire arm.

Nowadays, on the other hand, you need a product that allows you to access your phone, maybe even use the touchscreen, fit your keys or car keys, as well as a couple of credit cards and some extra cash. Naturally, this makes choosing and buying the best running phone holder UK a bit difficult!

Luckily, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide to help you sort out this issue!

Phone Holder Size

When it comes to size, phone holders mustn’t be too bulky, but shouldn’t be too slim either – or else, when you place a smartphone in them, they’ll become too tight and uncomfortable.

At the same time, it’s important to see how the phone holder deals with our phone size. If the phone sticks out too much when inserted in the holder, then keep in mind that this may cause a bounce effect while running – which is very unpleasant.

Moving on to the strap that secures the holder to your arm, make sure that it is adjustable and that it can fit the circumference of your arm. Even though most products are one-size-fits-all, you should still make sure that your arm is not too thick or too thin for a particular phone holder. Naturally, the same applies to a belt/fanny pack.

Ease of Use

Here is where problems may start to appear, so to say. As you’ve seen above, there are phone holders that still let you access and control the screen and the smartphone itself. On the other hand, there are also phone holders that keep the smartphone isolated and protected while you run.

Obviously, the most popular type of phone holder is the one that allows people to use the smartphone’s touchscreen.

Therefore, this particular choice boils down to preferences.

  • If you constantly check your phone, answer messages, make calls, or want to change your music, then a phone holder that allows for smartphone operation is recommended – usually, a running phone holder armband is equipped with this type of feature. With such a product, you will also be able to check how much you’ve run, use various running apps, and so on.
  • However, if all you need is an earphone hole and a safe environment to keep your smartphone, then you can go for a bulkier but safer phone holder model. These often come with additional pockets that allow you to store cash and credits cards and are quite sturdy/resilient to resist any potential attacks/robberies.
  • Last but not least, you should choose a belt if you don’t need any of the above. Even though some waist packs come with dedicated earphone holes, these can be hard to keep in place if the pack jiggles. On top of that, fanny packs can easily become a burden if you need to constantly unzip them to check your phone – as everything you have stored in the pockets has the risk of falling out while you run.

Depending on your running style and personal preferences, you can choose between an arm/wristband with an open screen window, an isolated armband, or a classy fanny pack.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to durability and reliability, there are a couple of things that you have to keep an eye on, such as:

  • Skin-friendly materials – the last thing you want is the armband or fanny pack to scratch you while running. To prevent this, make sure the inner part of the strap that’s used to attach the product to your body is silky-smooth and doesn’t feature any leftover Velcro, for example.
  • Moisture-resistant materials – at the same time, the material of the armband must not absorb moisture or else you’ll have to wash it daily and it will also become cumbersome while running. Phone holders should keep moisture and sweat away and provide you with a relaxing running atmosphere – pretty much like a classic moisture-free sports wristband.
  • Elastic materials – in terms of the strap itself, it must be made of elastic materials that will adapt to your arm or waist rather than squeezing it too hard. Naturally, an elastic armband should come equipped with an adjustable elastic or Velcro band as well, for more reliability.
  • Reflective materials – if you like running in the evening or after dark, then we recommend a product that is made of reflective materials or at least has a built-in reflective band placed on it. Some phone holders come with additional thin armbands made of reflective material – so you might want to consider them as well.

In terms of durability, Lycra and even Nylon are often enough to keep your phone, credit card, and keys in place while running. You shouldn’t consider materials that might be too thick or too sturdy as they can become uncomfortable.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I choose between a waistband, armband, or wristband?

Well, wristbands and armbands are often interchangeable depending on how flexible their strap is. However, a wristband accompanied by a smartphone and by a credit card or some keys might take a toll on your wrist while running so to say, especially if it’s not made of moisture-free materials.

For the best experience, we recommend an armband or a waistband as they’re known as the superior product when it comes to effectively holding items without affecting the way we run.

Q: Can I wash my running phone holder?

We highly recommend you to read the care instructions that should be provided with every product of this kind. Some phone holders have impressive water-resistance properties that might get damaged if you wash the product.

However, most of them can be washed – but make sure if they should be washed by hand or if you can freely toss them in the washing machine.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, something as simple as a running phone holder can become quite intricate and, ultimately, very difficult to buy if you don’t know what you need or you’re unsure which type of holder will fit you the best.

Luckily, you have our top list, as well as buying guide to help you make a wise and inspired decision regarding the best running phone holder UK! If none of the ten products satisfies you, keep in mind to briefly check the buying guide as well – as it can contain some very helpful insight!

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