Best Rotisserie Oven UK

Rotisserie chicken bought from the grocery store is usually not the freshest nor the healthiest option available out there. Even though it’s more than just finger-licking good, you can never know what’s used in it’s making or how many hours/days the product spent there, waiting for you.

On the other hand, we also know that homemade rotisserie chicken just tastes differently – better! As such, why shouldn’t we step up our game and start making rotisserie chicken in the comfort of our kitchen?

Well, today’s article is dedicated to just that! In the following lines, we’ll help you find the best rotisserie oven UK that will fit your needs and necessities and will also provide you with the best-cooked chicken in your life!

Best Rotisserie Ovens

1. Quest 34020 Electric Rotisserie Grill / Cooks Kebabs, Skewers and Roasts

The first entry on our list is a fancy, classy electric rotisserie grill with quite a lot of positive ratings. Its look resembles the large rotisserie units that we see in fast-foods or such but comes in a countertop-ready size and design.

It has a capacity of 21L and runs on around 1500W of power. Thanks to this, the unit can help you cook medium-sized pieces of meat or up to 7 individual kebabs. For increased convenience and ease of use, the oven is equipped with a sliding glass door – makes meal inspection much easier.

Given its upright positioning, any fats from the meats or anything else will go down in the drip tray – in case you are not fond of meat swimming in fat. Among its interesting functions, we must mention the pre-heat timer feature, as well as the auto shut-off feature that will automatically close the door if it’s left open during the cooking process.

2. Lakeland Digital Multifunctional Mini Oven Silver with Rotisserie & Timer

For our second entry, we have a simple, common multifunctional mini oven with rotisserie. Even though it has a basic design, it comes with more than just a couple of positive reviews, making for a safe purchase!

The product is basically a mini oven that has included rotisserie and timer functions to make it more versatile. It comes equipped with a baking tray, wire rack, rotisserie fixing, tongs, handle, and crumb tray. Naturally, it has an integrated timer, as well as a handy internal light.

When it comes to other functions, the oven features eight different cooking functions – from the usual top, bottom, and so on, to yoghurt, warm, custom, and rotisserie modes. In terms of power, the unit runs on 1800W.

3. Pro Breeze 12L Air Fryer Oven 1800W with Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Digital Display

Next up, we have a different type of oven, in the form of an air fryer. As most of us already know, air fryers are the new big thing at the moment and, if you want to cook comprehensive and healthy meals, this is the tool you need in the kitchen.

The unit has a capacity of 12L and is equipped with a rotating fry basked, three cooking trays, as well as with a rotisserie skewer. As with all other air fryers, this particular unit will help you cook your favourite dishes while using 80% less oil. On top of that, the oven features a built-in dehydrator as well so that you can create your own healthy fruit snacks.

In terms of characteristics and functionality features, the product is equipped with a fancy digital display, 12 pre-set cooking modes, independent temperature control, multiple cooking timers, and a see-through window.

4. Geepas Mini Oven and Rotisserie, 42L – Electric Oven 2000W

For our next entry, we have a larger unit, even though still a rotisserie mini oven – this time with a clearer see-through glass window. The unit has a 42L capacity and, despite being a bit large, it is still designed as compact as possible in order to fit tiny spaces or take as little space as possible in your kitchen.

Naturally, it comes with a rotisserie function, as well as with the common, grill, roast, and bake functions. It runs on 2000W of power and has a wide range of cooking functions.

For increased convenience, the unit comes with a built-in 60-minute timer and with a handy shut-off bell. On top of that, you can also choose between 4 heating stages, as well as control temperature – up to 250 degrees Celsius.

5. Power Air Fryer Cooker – Chip Fryer, Portable Oven, Oil Free

Here’s another air fryer – and for good reason! If you want healthy meals with as little fat and oil used as possible, then you should prioritize an air fryer above any conventional ovens or pans. This product comes with plenty of positive ratings/reviews, so you might want to take a look at it!

Naturally, the product is not just an air fryer – it is also a rotisserie and a dehydrator, for a wide variety of dishes. This particular model comes with more capacity than other models in its range as well, making it ideal for families.

It comes with eight pre-set functions and with an LED control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and time, as well as determine a shut-off time. Last but not least, the unit is extremely easy to clean, thanks to its dishwasher-safe accessories.

6. Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation

For our next entry, we have an air frier from Daewoo, which is a reputable brand when it comes to electronics and household appliances. The unit’s build is compact, robust and it also features non-slip feet, just in case you might want to place it in a camper or van.

Obviously, the product is fully equipped for rotisserie cooking – it comes with a rotisserie basket, a rotisserie skewer, a rotisserie removal tool, a handy drip tray, as well as with three mesh baskets. It’s ready for any type of dish!

In terms of capacity, the unit can fit 12L of food – ideal for small- to medium-sized families. On top of that, it also features thermostatic control, for a much faster heating process. Its 90-200 degrees Celsius temperature range can be easily controlled with this function.

7. Fynllur Air Fryer 14.6L 1700W XL Oil Free Toaster Oven 16-in-1

Obviously, here’s another air fryer – but with an interesting look. If you have the common look of air fryers, then this one might be ideal for you, as it sports to look of an actual oven, thanks to its rough edges and control panel design.

This product comes with a 14.6L capacity, ideal for most families. Speaking of its control panel, it is an advanced touch menu through which you can easily control the 1700W of power that this unit is capable of putting to good use. In terms of temperatures, the fryer can be set to as high as 220 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, this is not just an air fryer – it can also be used as an oven, rotisserie, dehydrator, as well as toaster. On top of that, it comes with as many as 16 pre-set cooking functions, for extremely convenient and easy cooking.

8. LIVIVO 1600W 12L Digital Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven, Multi-Function

Next up, we have a 12L air fryer that’s using 1600W of power to provide you with a wide range of dishes and tasty rotisserie chicken. As with most air fryers out there, this one is also using cyclonic convection cooking – such a feature ensures faster cooking times when compared to traditional methods.

When it comes to accessories, the product comes with a wide basket, a rotisserie insert, as well as with spit roast forks – all of these can accommodate joints, a variety of large birds, as well as other meats.

Last but not least, the unit features a classy, stylish design that makes it suitable for most modern kitchens. Thanks to the silver finish on the front, it could be easily incorporated somewhere in the kitchen.

9. CalmDo Air Fryer, 12 Liters Tower Low Fat Oven, 18 Preset Programmes

Towards the end of our list, we have a seemingly more comprehensive air fryer from CalmDo. This unit comes with a lot of positive reviews and it is also reportedly quite large, being able to accommodate dishes for the entire family at once.

In terms of functions and features, the fryer comes with 18 cooking pre-sets, each individually available via their dedicated button. Speaking of buttons, they can be found on the LCD touchscreen that allows you to control everything from temperature to rotisserie function.

Moreover, the unit is equipped with a thermal-protective door that can be removed for easier cleaning. On top of that, the non-stick mesh included in the air fryer is also fully removable. These two elements are dishwasher safe while the unit’s interior can be easily wiped to clean.

10. Tower T17058 Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation

The last entry on our top list comes with a classic air fryer/mini-oven look. It features a bulky yet compact design and a very easy to use control menu – namely 3 knobs and 2 guiding lights; it can’t get easier than that!

Given that it is a large unit, the fryer comes with 22L of capacity – for larger chickens and for better rotisserie dishes. Moreover, cooking time is improved thank to the vortex technology the unit is equipped with – reportedly 30% faster cooking times.

Two of the knobs mentioned above allows you to adjust the timer and the temperature – up to 230 degrees Celsius and 60-minutes. When it comes to cooking options, you can enjoy up to five – rotisserie, bake, grill, fry, as well as dehydrator. Last but not least, the product comes with a handy 3-year warranty – 2 of these years are received upon registering the product online after your purchase.

Best Rotisserie Oven – Buying Guide

These were the best ten products currently available on the market – but chances are that you may not find the rotisserie oven fit for you. Therefore, we’ve also prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying such an appliance.

Why would you need a buying guide? Because, in most cases, people don’t want a simple rotisserie oven – they want a multifunctional appliance that they can use every day and for various dishes as well.

After all, you can’t eat rotisserie chicken every single day – even though some of us would love that! As such, here’s what you should take into account when buying the best rotisserie oven UK!

Types of Rotisserie Ovens

  • Small Rotisserie Oven – these ovens are ideal for small families or for kitchens that don’t have a lot of free space. It goes without saying that a large rotisserie oven takes more than just a bit of space and will become a nuisance if you try to fit it in a small kitchen. In this case, a small rotisserie oven is ideal – it can also work in campers and trucks.
  • Standard Rotisserie Oven – usually, standard ovens are about 15 inches wide and are ideal for vegetables, medium-sized meat pieces, and small chickens. They are often placed on the counter and are designed to endure regular/frequent use. On top of that, they also come with a lot of accessories for various type of rotisserie dishes and so on.
  • Vertical Rotisserie Oven – as you have noticed in our top list, vertical rotisserie ovens are not that common; in fact, they’re quite rare and difficult to come by. The main benefit of such a rotisserie oven is the fact that fats and oils can easily drain at the unit’s bottom, for a healthier dish. In the end, such ovens are extremely easy to clean and inspect, thanks to their 360-degree cooking range sans rotation and to the see-through window.

Naturally, there are commercial grade rotisserie ovens as well. They allow you too cook much larger pieces of more – or more pieces at the same time – and could be ideal for personal use if you have a really large family.

Given how easy a rotisserie oven can be cleaned, keeping a commercial one hidden in your home for family meetings and reunions could be of great help.

The Size of the Rotisserie Oven

Size is important as well – even standard ovens come in various sizes (they are often expressed in Litres). On top of that, keep in mind that size affects the costs of the oven directly.

  • As such, we have 12 to 16L rotisserie ovens that are reportedly ideal for small- to medium-sized families and can cook medium-sized chickens in them. These are also ideal for those that lack space in their kitchen.
  • Next up, we have 16 to around 20L in capacity, making for ovens perfect for medium-sized families and for regular use as well. A 20L air fryer would be the ideal choice for families that prefer more than just rotisserie and like to cook at home often.
  • Last but not least, we have 20L and beyond – up to around 42L, as with one of the models on our list. These are ideal for large families or for large portions of food. Also, such models are usually the perfect fit for large pizzas, as one of the major downsides of many rotisserie ovens or air fryers is the fact that they can’t fit larger pizzas unless cut.

Since size affects price, keep in mind to balance between the two and choose a rotisserie oven that can either cook only rotisserie chicken or one that can fulfil all of your culinary desires based on baking, grilling, and so on.

Additional Features

  • Temperature Control Settings – if you want an oven that can do more than just rotisserie chicken, then look for a product with comprehensive temperature settings – as well as for one that can go as high as 220 degrees Celsius.
  • Pre-Set Cooking Options – some people don’t like to waste time fine-tuning their oven. Such people need pre-set cooking options that prepare the oven for a desired type of dish. Certain rotisserie oven models come with as many as 18 different buttons for 18 different meals, whereas others come with as little as 3 knobs. Here, it depends on personal preference!
  • Detachable/Easy to Wash Accessories – given that you can cook many things in a rotisserie oven, it is important that its accessories and certain elements are detachable, to ensure an easy to clean unit. For example, certain models come with detachable doors and non-stick wire meshes – and these are also dishwasher safe.
  • Accessory Variety – speaking of accessories, if you buy an air fryer that you may use more than just as a rotisserie cooker, make sure the unit comes with plenty of additional accessories. For example, you could really need some skewers, cleaning brushes, wire mesh cages, cleaning brushes, or marinade injectors, to name a few.
  • Heating Technology – most modern air fryers and rotisserie ovens use convection heating technology – often named vortex or tornado – that reportedly decreases the required cooking time. Ovens with such a technology are pretty much a safe choice when it comes to rotisserie ovens and air fryers. On the other hand, a halogen oven with rotisserie could also be a good choice for those that want a more modern unit in their home.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can only chickens be cooked in a rotisserie oven?

No. In fact, any meat can be cooked in a rotisserie oven – and in rotisserie style. You can start by roasting chicken and then move on to duck, turkey, goose, guinea fowl, and so on. Naturally, your options expand when you buy a multifunctional air fryer.

Q: How does a rotisserie oven work?

Rotisserie ovens make use of convection heating and of rotating elements to roast/cook meat on all sides evenly. Vertical ovens, on the other hand, use the same technology but have heating elements all around the meat and so there’s no need to spin/rotate it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, a well-done rotisserie chicken can make an evening much, much better – especially if you’re surrounded by family, friends, or both. However, keep in mind that there’s always an extra option when it comes to such a dish, not only the classic convenience store rotisserie chicken.

At home, you have the chance to add whatever ingredients and spices that you want and roast it for as long as you want – for that crispy exterior and tender interior. On top of that, the best rotisserie oven UK will also aid you in more than just chicken-based meals!

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