Best Room to Room Intercom System UK

A room to room intercom system will, first and foremost, prevent yelling from occurring in your home. Moreover, if you have a home with multiple floors, then such a system may even end up saving you a lot of time – after all, you won’t have to constantly climb the stairs to tell your kids that dinner’s ready!

Intercom systems are, clearly, ideal for large houses and come with a wide range of applications. For example, a room to room system can be easily connected to a front door intercom, making answering the door a lot easier – and cooler, if you ask us!

As such, in the following lines, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about eight of the best products on the market, as well as show you what to take into account when buying the best room to room intercom system UK!

Best Room to Room Intercom Systems

1. Intercoms Wireless for Home – GLCON Long Range 1 Mile Wireless Intercom System

The first entry on our list is a pack of four separate intercoms that communicate with each other via wireless technology. Reportedly, you can send and receive messages using this product over a range of 1 mile.

Moreover, there are ten channels available, as well as 3 secret digital codes for increased safety and security when communicating with your peers. In terms of functions, the intercoms can monitor, group, talk, and call – just what you’d need in an office.

When it comes to power options, the units are powered only via a USB cable, making the unit compatible with power banks and maybe even laptops – however, the pack does come with 4 wall chargers included.

2. Elikliv Dual-Way Counter Intercom Window Intercom System Counter Intercom

Next up, we have a more classic intercom system – it’s also one of those models used to communicate through a secured glass window, mainly used in banks and counters with windows.

The product is advertised as a dual-way intercommunication and audio record device. You can freely talk with the person on the other end, without having to press any buttons. Recording is also available.

It uses a high-quality microphone for natural and clear sound. On top of that, thanks to the built-in advanced microcomputer, there’s no noise or interruptions as well. The product features an aluminium alloy shell – both the main unit and the external speaker feature a silver finish. Last but not least, it’s very easy to use thanks to the 2 knobs and 1 button operation.

3. Wireless Intercom System Hosmart ½ Mile Long Range 10-Channel Security

For the following entry, we have a pair of 3 intercom stations with a fancy design and very easy to read buttons. Unlike the first entry, the text on the black buttons is white, being extremely easy to read.

The product comes from a reputable brand – as such, the intercom system is certified by ROSH, CE, and FCC. It has a range of ½ miles and comes equipped with 10 secured channels – ideal for an intercom system. Each unit can monitor, talk with other units, or initiate a group call.

Moreover, thanks to the technology and components used, the product comes with crystal clear sound and ensures highly-secure digital communication. On top of that, the intercom system can be connected to a doorbell system or to walkie talkies.

4. Wireless Intercom System Hosmart ½ Mile Long Range 7-Channel Security

Next up, we have another entry from Hosmart, which is quite similar to the previous one above – the main difference is that this pack includes only 2 intercom stations. The system has the same ½ mile range and comes equipped with 7 secured channels.

When it comes to functions, each station can monitor, talk, engage in VOX, and make group calls – they can also function individually if needed. Thanks to anti-interference technology, you can enjoy crystal clear sound when talking with someone else.

Just as with the unit above, doorbell systems, as well as walkie talkies, can be connected to this intercom system. It can be powered by a 5V 1A power bank, for increased portability and ease of use.

5. Eagle 2 Station Intercom with Call Chime

Here is a simple, fancy-looking system from Eagle – the pack contains two white, compact units. The most interesting feature of this pair is the call chime that lets you know whenever someone is attempting to contact you via the intercom.

Thanks to their convenient design, the two units can be easily mounted on a wall. They are wired and function based on a master/slave system. The connection is made via a wire but power is provided to the two units via four C cell batteries – make sure to have some ready for the intercom station.

Given how they work, the two units are ideal for offices and secretaries. The product allows for easy communication between two rooms or a main room and a lobby. ON top of that, the price is more than just accessible as well.

6. Dual Way Window Intercom System, Security Window Counter Interphone Zero-Touch

Here we have another system ideal for counters, banks, security windows, and such. However, this time, instead of a silver unit, we have an all-black product with a robust external speaker.

The product features dual-way voice communications technology – this enables automatic control of the intercom system. Basically, the unit is able to recognize audio signals and turn on the communications with no button input.

With a power output of 5W, the product can emit loud and clear sound, with high voice resolution. Naturally, it can also record and, if needed, mute communications. It is equipped with noise-free and anti-interference technology, for convenience and ease of use.

7. UHPPOTE Dual-Way Anti-Interference Noise-Free Bank Office Store Station Window Microphone

This is another unit designed for counters or for rooms that are separated via a glass window. The pack consists of the main unit with a microphone and speaker and an external speaker. The product is powered via an included power cable.

The unit features an aluminium alloy shell, making the product ideal for daily use, as it can endure some wear and tear. Then, thanks to an advanced microcomputer, the unit can provide users with a clear and loud voice, for a better experience.

Last but not least, the product is extremely easy to use and set up. You only need to plug it in and then press the power button. The two additional knobs are used to adjust the indoor and outdoor volume.

8. Two Way Intercom Doorphone, Wired Telephone Style Villa Home Office

The last entry on our top list is perfect for duplex homes or houses with more than one floor. This intercom system comes in the form of two wall-mounted cell phones that make communication a lot easier. On top of that, thanks to their minimalist design, you can install them yourself, without needing a professional or such.

In terms of features and characteristics, the phone can operate over a distance of 200m. Reportedly, the signal is incredibly strong in the advised range of use. Even though it is a wired unit, it reportedly consumes no energy when it is not actively used. As such, this makes for a great energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product.

The pair weighs less than 1kg and, given its design and features, can be used almost anywhere. You can install it in warehouses, offices, homes, duplex houses, hotels, and so on. There’s no limit, thanks to the compact design!

Best Room to Room Intercom System – Buying Guide

Room to room intercom systems can be very complex. While the simpler ones allow for communication between individuals, more complex models can set up group calls or can even monitor another intercom unit for as long as 24 hours.

With so many features and characteristics, choosing the ideal intercom system for your home or office can be quite difficult. Luckily, we’ve prepared the best buying guide to cover just that!

Types of Intercom Systems

  • Wireless – such units operate with the help of wireless technology and don’t need wires between them. However, each individual intercom may still need a wired form of power – such as a power bank. Systems like this are ideal for homes and offices where wiring is not possible.
  • Wired – even though wireless is new, convenient technology, wired systems are still preferred. It is so because they can’t be easily interfered with, thus ensuring maximum security and privacy. Wireless units do come with secured channels, but a wired connection is much better when it comes to security. This is why most office intercom systems are wired.
  • Video – video intercom systems do exist, but they’re often designed for entry points in a home or a yard. However, keep in mind that a basic intercom system could be paired with a video one, in case you may want to make answering the door easier.
  • Apartment – apartment intercom systems connect the entire building with a main unit on the bottom floor. This allows visitors to call a certain user and the latter can open the door for them. Such units are often on-demand only and can’t be bought online.
  • Two-Way Radios – these are basically intercom stations that contain only two stations. In most cases, they operate based on a master/slave system, meaning that one of the units has more control in terms of communications.
  • Security – this type of intercom system is used in official buildings, offices, banks, and so on. Usually, there’s a main unit and an external speaker – or a secondary unit with fewer control options. A security intercom system can also come in the form of units with secured channels, protected by secret digital codes, used mostly in offices.

Number of Channels

If you buy an intercom system with more than two stations, then you might want to make sure that it has multiple channels as well. Why? Well, because more separate channels allow you to make private, one-on-one calls with certain other recipients.

For example, if you set up a system in each room of your home and you want to talk to your spouse, you wouldn’t want to disturb each and every station holder. Multiple channels allow you to contact directly who you need.

For residential use, 3 to 7 channels are enough – while offices may need around 10 or even more, depending on the number of employees.

Operation Range

One of the systems we showcased above came with a 200m effective range of operation. 200m are more than enough for a home and might do the trick for a small office building – however, keep in mind that, most of the time, the advertised range implies the lack of obstructions.

For example, if you want to set up the intercom system on different floors, ceilings and furniture may play a bit role when it comes to the product’s actual operation range.

Overall, if you want to communicate across different floors, then you need a powerful, long-range system. On the other hand, communications on the same level don’t need a comprehensive unit in terms of range.

Connectivity Options

Naturally, you can find more complex and modern systems out there, such as the ones that are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. High-end intercom systems will even allow you to play music and control other devices within your home.

However, most of the time, high-end intercom systems are already smart home units and are rarely used for their intercom features. Nonetheless, take such features into account as they may change your final decision.

Keep in mind that intercom systems with multiple connectivity options might be easier to hack or simply less secure overall. If you want the system for your office, you might want to skip on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Additional Intercom Features

  • Mounting Options – unless your unit fits perfectly on a desk, you might want to look into a system that can be mounted on walls. These are highly sought after by owners of large homes as they can be conveniently placed in the entrance lobby and communicate with the entire house from there.
  • Automatic Control – this feature is important if you want to use the intercom system without pressing any buttons. It’s ideal for people with busy hands or for those that work in retail and could enjoy a voice-activated intercom unit.
  • Recording Feature – naturally, this feature is essential for secretaries as they can save messages for the people that need to hear them, so to speak. A recording feature can come in very hand if you don’t want to take notes when someone’s talking to you or would want to be remembered something in the future, for example.
  • Digital Secret Codes – intercom systems with multiple channels should always come with a couple of digital secret codes that can lock a single channel only for those people that know the codes. This allows for private meetings and for enhanced security when discussing delicate matters.
  • Compatibility – when it comes to compatibility, we refer to how easy the intercom system can be connected to or paired with an external doorbell intercom, for example, or with a pair of walkie talkies. Comprehensive intercom systems could very easily help you keep an eye on your children that are playing in the backyard in a treehouse – from the comfort of your office.
  • Volume Setting – obviously, those working in retail, banks, or behind counters could use a volume setting. In most cases, they come across extremely loud clients that need to be toned down. In other cases, such a feature just makes sure that you’re being heard by the other person.
  • Noise and Interference – you’ll definitely want a system that is noise- and interference-free. Unfortunately, you can’t test these units on the go, as they’ll act differently once mounted in the desired positions. The best thing you can do is check for products with multiple quality and safety ratings, as with some of the products above. If the manufacturer guarantees a crystal-clear sound but the final product doesn’t feature it, you can easily apply for a return.

Intercom systems can come with several additional features, but you should keep an eye mainly on the ones above, as they can be very helpful, depending on the scenario.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many stations should I get for a home?

When buying an intercom system for home/residential use, we recommend one that comes with at least 3 stations. One will be placed in the living room, one in the children’s room, and one in the master bedroom. If there’s a second floor with multiple rooms, then one unit can be placed in the hallway.

This positioning will allow for full home coverage – and will ensure that, if the intercom turns on, everybody will hear it.

Q: How does the monitor function of an intercom system work?

The monitor function allows one single station to connect to all the other ones in the home – usually for a certain period of time. For example, the station located downstairs, near the entrance, can send and receive messages from all the other units thanks to the monitor function.

On other models, this function allows for continuous audio input from a selected station into the main station – hence the name monitoring.

Final Thoughts

 As you can see, room to room intercom systems are not as simple as one might think. They can get quite complex, depending on the manufacturer and their main purposes. While a conventional system is ready to receive and send messages live, high-end units can do so much more – like monitor certain station, record, mute, call, set up group calls, and so on.

However, you can easily buy the best room to room intercom system UK if you follow your top list or if you take a closer look at our comprehensive buying guide. There, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying such a product, for both personal and office use.

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