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With every passing day, technology keeps seeking new ways to make our lives better, and worse. You’d agree with me that the intention of an invention or innovation is not always the only thing they’re used for. Think of the most positive technological invention, and I’ll tell you something horrible it has been used for.

Since you’re here, there’s a big chance that you have different kinds of cards that follow you around every day; credit cards, debit cards, access cards, etc. These cards have been improved to make things easy for you, but that also makes them vulnerable to “smart thieves”. Imagine having a fun weekend with your family or friends and suddenly you get a notification that a huge amount of money has been deducted from your account. How terrible that would be, right?

Well, these things happen. And all the thieves need is to be a few meters close to you and they have access to all your cards. Now, you can prevent yourself from being a victim of this kind of theft by using an RFID blocking wallet. And we have made things easy for you by selecting the 10 best RFID wallets in the UK and educating you on how real this issue is.

Read on to learn more.

What does RFID mean?

The RFID in RFID blocking technology stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Some credit cards have been designed for the better convenience of its users. An RFID chip is added to the card to enable you to scan the card and make payments quickly and efficiently. That means if you’ve never had to wait in line at the ATM to withdraw some cash before you pay for something, there’s a very good chance that you need to be protected. Of course, not all cards have this feature, but you know what they say, better safe than sorry.

An RFID blocking wallet is a safe place for your cards. Without it, it’s very easy for anyone to walk up to you, scan the chip, steal the most important details, and make a functional clone of your credit card. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I wouldn’t want some stranger to have access to my hard-earned money, especially when I can do something about it.

This list has been created for you. They all perform the same function with a few differences in the designs and weight. Take a careful look at the features, and protect yourself from fraud.

1. STEALTH Wallet RFID Card Holders – Smart Minimalist NFC Blocking Pop Up Wallets with Gift Box – Slim Lightweight Metal Credit Cards Holder & Contactless Protector (Silver Aluminum with Black Leather)

Stealth wallet is a faux leather premium designed RFID blocking technology wallet for you. It is slim, authentic, classy, and super cool to own. All essential and additional features are there for your convenience. There’s the necessary space to hold your travelling and spending cards securely. There’s also the amazing pop-up feature that gives you easy access to those cards whenever you need them.

Stealth wallet is a lightweight product that comes in different colours and designs, offering the same level of security and sense of sophistication. It is also a perfect idea for a gift because of its stylish packaging. On the downside is the fact that you can’t use it to hold cash and coin change, so it’s only suitable for those that naturally prefer their cards and money in separate wallets.


  • Product dimension: 9.5 x 6.2 x 0.9 centimeters
  • Product weight: 49 grams
  • Manufacturer: Stealth wallet
  • Material: Aluminum and faux leather

2. Wallets Mens RFID Blocking with Money Clip, Bi-fold Slim Genuine Leather Men Wallet with Coin Pocket, Credit Card Slots, ID Window. Minimalist Mini Wallet for Gents Men with Gift Box – Black & Orange

This is a handcrafted, laboratory certified full-grain leather RFID blocking wallet. It has multiple card slots, a money clip made from stainless steel that’ll latch on to your cash and prevent it from falling out, and it is slim and comfortable on any pocket of your choice. It is an affordable and highly recommended gift for friends and family (male especially) that will appreciate the gesture.

It is important to note that the only amount of cash and change you’ll be able to hold with this wallet will be something that can help in times of emergencies, maybe. So, if you’re buying for someone that loves to hold wads of cash or you love to have wads of cash, you would need to get another wallet and not this slim RFID blocking option for that while you let this do its job.


  • Product dimension: 12.8 x 10.2 x 2.4 centimeters
  • Product weight: 141 grams
  • Manufacturer: Wilbest
  • Material: Metal alloy and leather

3. TEEHON® Wallets Mens RFID Blocking Genuine Leather with 12 Credit Card Holders, Coin Pocket, 2 Banknote Compartments, ID Window, Bifold Vertical Wallet for Men with Gift Box- Black and Orange

If you’re in search of an elegant, advanced and stylish wallet that is suitable for any occasion; at home or abroad; corporate or casual, this will be a good fit for you. Asides from performing its most important job of safeguarding your cards, it will give you a look of respected class, and you’ll have people commenting on the absolute beauty of it.

TEEHON wallet is also very spacious, so you can fit it in all your cards and as much cash as you want it to carry with no problem at all. If you’re not a fan of bulky wallets, the structure of these RFID wallets might not be an ideal option for you so you should consider slimmer designs.


  • Product dimension: 12.5 x 10 x 1.5 centimeters
  • Product weight: 140 grams
  • Manufacturer: TEEHON
  • Material: Leather

4. TRAVANDO Mens Wallet Slim with Coin Pocket Dublin – RFID Blocking – Durable Bifold – Card Holder with ID Window (Black)

The Travando men’s RFID wallet comes in a trifold design that offers you enough space to store valuables to your satisfaction. It is neither too small nor too big, and it fits well into your pockets. No matter how many cards you think you have, this wallet will secure them for you. Just be ready to deal with the bulkiness that follows.


  • Product dimension: 12.7 x 9.4 x 2.2 centimeters
  • Product weight: 60 grams
  • Manufacturer: TRAVANDO
  • Material: faux leather

5. Savisto RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves | 20 Pack of Contactless Card Protection Holders for Identity Theft Protection – Ideal for Debit and Credit Cards, ID & Key Cards – Silver

This is an ultrathin cardholder and protector. It is a very functional and portable alternative to full-size RFID wallets for men, it is called an RFID scanner blocking card sleeve. It is customized to allow individual cards to fit into it securely, and it can slide in and out of your wallet as you want. It comes in a pack of 20 or more independent sleeves, so you have enough to go around the house if you’re buying for the family.

If you think you already have the perfect wallet for your valuables, and all you need is an RFID protection device for your cards, then you should give this a try.


  • Product dimension: 10 x 8 x 1 centimeters
  • Product weight: 40 grams
  • Manufacturer: Savisto
  • Material: plastic and metallic foil

6. AKIELO RFID Blocking Card Holder with Money Clip and Gift Box – Minimalist Mens Card Wallet and Contactless Credit Card Protector (Alpha Collection)

With a conventional wallet, you risk having your credit card information stolen from you within a short time. This wallet solves that problem for you. With it, your card details are secure and your peace of mind is intact. It comes in different designs and colours, so you get to pick which one suits your style.

With the AKIELO wallet, you are getting exactly what you pay for.


  • Product dimension: 10.4 x 6.6 x 0.82 cm
  • Product weight: 64 grams
  • Manufacturer: AKIELO
  • Material: Aluminium

7. Hibate Men Leather Wallet RFID Blocking Men’s Wallets Credit Card Holder Coin Pocket Purse, One_Size, A_brown

Here’s a perfect enclosure for all your cards that need to be RFID protected. Credit, passports, driver’s license cards, etc, all fit into this wallet. Unlike some of the best RFID wallets, it is actually suitable for men or women regardless of what it says in its name, and of course, depending on your preferences. The holdings are very firm so they don’t fall off; this might pose a problem to anyone with joint pains on the hand. Apart from this, the wallet is in pretty good shape for use.


  • Product dimension: 11.99 x 9.19 x 3 centimeters
  • Product weight: 100 grams
  • Manufacturer: Hibate
  • Material: Leather

8. Wallets Mens Slim, Card Holder, RFID Blocking Wallet Leather, Trifold Wallets for Men with Zip Coin Pocket, 1 Banknote Compartment, 6 Card Slots, ID Window, Elastic Strap with Gift Box (Black)

If you’re here in search of a thoughtful gift for an important man in your life, your search has come to an end with this wallet. This is an RFID slim wallet that is handmade, traditional, and completely compact. It is very convenient to carry around even with multiple pieces of plastic, wads of cash, and plenty of coin change. It is one of the best RFID wallets for the man in your life. You get this as a gift for that special guy, and you’ll light up his face every time he makes use of it.


  • Product dimension:  9 x 7 x 1.5 centimeters
  • Product weight: 47.4 grams
  • Manufacturer: DODENSHA
  • Material: Carbon fiber

9. ZNAP Credit Card Holder Wallet with Money Clip – Aluminium Wallet with Coin Case – RFID Blocking – Slim Wallet Carbon – Up to 8-12 Cards – Men’s Card Wallet- Thin Clip Wallet – RFID Card Holder

ZNAP credit card holder is a European certified wallet that surely protects your cards from skimming theft. It looks portable and not as bulky as other RFID wallets and classy with its shiny carbon colour and metal fastening. It comes with a coin case that is easily removable if you don’t need it. It is the perfect size for holding everything.


  • Product dimension: 8.8 x 6.3 x 1.8 centimetres
  • Product weight: 46 grams
  • Manufacturer: Slimpuro
  • Material: Aluminium

10. TRAVANDO ® Wallet Mens with Money Clip „London“ RFID Blocking Slim Wallet | Credit Card Holder | Travel Wallet | Minimalist Mini Wallet Bifold for Men with Gift Box

This is a classy and high-quality RFID security slim wallet. If you value sophistication as much as you value security and privacy, this wallet will fit perfectly well into your wardrobe collection and your lifestyle. It was designed to hold cards and cash, and even coins. It is a German tested and certified RFID blocking wallet that not only protects your identity but also keeps you organized.

You might think because of its many pockets, it will tend to bulge out your pocket, like other chunky RFID wallets. You couldn’t be more wrong. It was made to be skim, and it does remain slim and comfortable no matter how many you decide to store in it.


  • Product dimension: 11.5 x 8 x 1.5 centimeters
  • Product weight: 59 grams
  • Manufacturer: TRAVANDO
  • Material: Premium faux leather

Best RFID wallet UK – Buyer’s Guide

How does an RFID blocking wallet work?

The RFID chip on your cards (and when I say cards, I mean every card you have, because honestly, you can never be too careful) function using radio waves and electromagnetic fields to communicate. They have tags that contain all the necessary and important information about the owner. An RFID reader or scanner function the same way. All that is required is close contact between the reader and chip, and the information on that tag is forever copied. This is generally termed “RFID skimming theft.”

This is what an anti RFID wallet stands to prevent. It is constructed as a Faraday cage with a material that interferes with radio waves. That means with this wallet, your cards are safe from tech-savvy thieves lurking around.

Do I need an RFID blocking wallet?

Maybe not. The fact is, not all cards are made with RFID chips attached to them. And the possibility of being a victim of this kind of theft is pretty slim. But let me ask you this: would you rather take the chances and get ripped off by some criminal? Or would you rather spend a few pounds and give yourself some peace of mind?

I’m sure you picked peace of mind over chance. I mean, we’re not talking just money here, in case you have millions to spare. You risk being a victim of identity theft and other related atrocities that anyone can afford with your personal details.

Does it have to be a fancy wallet? How about the homemade protective methods?

There’s always a DIY alternative to every scenario you can think of, but you’ve got to agree with me, some things are not worth it. Some people have come up with homemade materials to protect your cards from RFID skimming theft. They include tin foil, duct tape, and aluminum foil.

 First of all, there’s absolutely no proof that these “life hacks” actually work. And let’s just assume for a split second that it works, what exactly is the plan here? You wrap up your cards in tin foil and every time you need it, you start unwrapping? It’s not convenient. It is not attractive, and it is definitely not worth it.

It is in your best interest to get laboratory tested and certified wallets that will save you from unnecessary financial and legal issues in the future.

Things to look out for when buying an ant RFID wallet

RFID wallets are certainly for your protection, and they’re not made to be an inconvenience to you. But they are still wallets. So, you can have preferences in terms of style and quality. Here are some common things to look out for:

1. Material: RFID card wallets are made from different kinds and combinations of materials. There’s usually metal (aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, etc.) and additional materials like leather and carbon fiber to make it functional and classy at the same time.

2. Simplicity: Don’t just pick the first design that pops out at you. A wallet is something that follows you to a lot of places. You should be careful to pick something that fits well into casual and formal occasions. For men, a plain solid color is usually the perfect choice.

3. Weight: Due to the presence of different kinds of premium and synthetic metals used to construct the Faraday cage, the weight of these wallets will differ. Remember it’s not meant to be an inconvenience, so if it’s heavy and you don’t think you can handle it, move on to the next product. For this property, you should also consider where your wallet lives. If you keep your wallet in your back pocket or front pocket, or waistband, you definitely want something that won’t pull you down. If you’re not a fan of wallets in pockets, and you have other means of carrying it around, then the weight might not be much of a problem.

4. Style: A wallet is an accessory as well as a storage unit for cards. This implies that it must be stylish, regardless of the kind of material it was designed with, it just has to fit somehow into your general fashion sense. Apart from that, you should consider it’s versatility. There are some that have several pockets within that gives you some sense of organization as you place different kinds of cards in separate compartments. Some take it a step further by providing a money clip for you, and then there are the methods of folding (bifold or trifold). Check for your preferences before you make a final selection. Your style still matters.

5. Purpose: Yes, a wallet is generally used for storing cards and cash, but that’s not usually the case for everyone. Some people have different wallets for their cash and their cards. If you fall in this category, then you only need a slim RFID card wallet to protect your cards. If you’re one that stores everything in one place, an RFID slim wallet would not serve you well, so check for something with more space to fit in your valuables.

6. Gender: A bit unexpected, I know, but what if you’re buying it as a gift for a friend? You would want to get something they would appreciate and actually make use of. There is such a thing as a RFID men’s wallet, and some for women too. Keep in mind that style is important. Most RFID blocking wallets will fit in for any gender, while some will be more inclined to the male gender since they’re the ones that mostly use wallets.

7. Government standard: RFID skimming theft is a security issue. Therefore, it is very likely that the government has set some standards as to what qualifies as protective for your valuables. This is where laboratory testing and confirmation comes in. Be sure to make inquiries and confirm that you’re getting the best quality product for yourself.

8. Price: There’s a wallet out there for every man’s budget. You should have a set amount of money that you think is worth investing in a wallet before you start scanning through options. This will make your decision faster for you. It is also important to note that wallets of higher prices are not necessarily of the best quality. However, don’t focus on cheap products, see your RFID blocking wallet as a long-term investment that will serve you for many years to come.

Benefits of investing in an RFID blocking wallet

There is one major benefit to this investment: Protection. Protection goes deeper than your bank account. It covers your name, your social security number, your address, your place of work, your license registration number; your entire identity!

Other benefits will depend on the manufacturer and the design of the product. It will include durability, safety, slim and undetectable, corrosion-resistant, etc.


Now that you understand the basics of RFID chips, how they work, how thieves can skim your information within seconds, and how you can remain protected by an RFID protection wallet, you’re one step ahead of the fraudsters. Don’t forget to scroll back up to the 10 best RFID wallets in the UK, and get yourself one that suits your style while keeping thieves away.

Stay protected always.

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