Best Portable CD Player UK

Regardless of age, if you’re reading this article you most likely have a beautiful collection of CDs that are doing nothing but gathering dust in a closet or hidden in a box somewhere in the attic. Naturally, the fact that most of today’s music cannot be compared with what the previous generations experienced doesn’t help melancholics either.

Luckily for them – and for you and me -, portable CD players are still a thing and, thanks to technological advancements, they can now do more than just read CDs and play us amazing music from the 80s or 90s.

Here are the best ten products of this kind, as well as a comprehensive buying guide on how to buy the best portable CD player UK!

Best Portable CD Players

1. Oakcastle CD100 Personal Retro Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

The first entry on our list is a quite popular product from Oakcastle – it has almost one thousand ratings and is Amazon’s Choice in terms of personal CD players. The unit features ergonomic controls and has a built-in battery that can last up to 12 hours under continuous use.

On top of that, the anti-shock protection prevents the music from stopping in case of accidental bumps and such. It is advertised as a mini-CD player, thanks to its slim profile and delicate construction. For convenience, you can plug it into your car speaker, connect external speakers to it, connect it to a home music system, or even use Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Yes, that’s right – the product comes with built-in Bluetooth technology.

Last but not least, the product is compatible with CDs, CD-Rs, CD/RWs, HDCD, and MP3CDs. A nice pair of earphones and an AUX cable are included with your purchase.

2. Bush Jog Proof Portable CD Player – Silver

Next up, we have a portable CD player with a classy, silver finish. Once again, this product is one of Amazon’s Choice in its category or products. The unit sports a classic look, reminiscent of the good old days, so to speak.

It runs on 2 double-A batteries (not included with your purchase) and you can enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous playback. Reportedly, it is jog proof – meaning that the buttons won’t accidentally press and the case won’t open if you decide to take it for a run.

The manufacturer also includes a pair of earphones with every purchase. When it comes to size, the product is 14.8cm long and 14.6cm wide – it’s quite small for a portable CD player.

3. Groov-e Retro Personal CD Player with 20 Track Programmable Memory

It’s time to get groovy! The next entry on our list is available in four different colours, which are more than ideal for those that were 80s kids – bright blue, white, groovy red, and black.

Interestingly enough, the product comes with a 20-track programmable memory, meaning that you can select up to 20 favourite songs from your CD collection that you can permanently store on this portable CD player. On top of that, it supports CD, CD-R, as well as CD/RW. The buttons are ergonomic, ensuring that the player won’t accidentally skip your track.

Last but not least, the portable CD player comes with a bunch of handy functions, such as intro, repeat, and even search. For your convenience, the manufacturer included a pair of earphones with each purchase.

4. Portable CD Player Personal Compact Disc Player with LCD Display Stereo Headphones and USB Charging

Here’s another quite fancy unit, this time from Smartip. The portable CD player sports a white, granite-like finish – for a modern look. Let’s take a closer look at its features!

It comes with all of the features of a classic portable CD player, but enjoys key-lock, anti-shot, electronic skip protection, and 5 equalizer pre-sets as well. On top of that, the product has 5 playback modes and a large LCD display.

When it comes to the sound, it is reportedly based on noise cancellation technology, in order to ensure high-definition stereo sound. It can be powered by batteries or via USB. Last but not least, it’s compatible with WMA, CD, CD-RW, CD-R and supports AUX connections as well.

5. Denver DMP-390 Personal CD Player Discman with MP3 / Audio Book Support

Next up, we have a product from Denver – it is one of Amazon’s Choice and comes with quite enough positive ratings to make it a safe purchase. The portable CD player supports CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs.

In terms of functions, the player has an automatic resume function that resumes your track even if you completely stop the CD. On top of that, thanks to the 60-second-digital-read function, the player can prevent jog and playback interruption as it reads ahead on the disc.

The unit runs on two double-A batteries and comes equipped with a pair of bass-boost and stereo earphones. Overall, the product is a classic CD player that allows you to enjoy your CD collection in higher audio quality thanks to the build and earphones.

6. Portable CD Player, 1000mAh Personal Rechargeable MP3 CD Player

Our next entry comes with an interesting look – at least for portable CD players. It is a square unit with a crimson-red finish. Needless to say, the product is ideal for those who have an affinity for rock music and a collection of rock CDs.

Just as with the previous unit, this portable CD player features a headset connection, LCD display, the usual CD player functions, electronic skip protection, key lock, five equalized pre-sets, and five playback modes.  At the same time, it is compatible with a wide range of CD types and audio formats.

The exquisite look is reinforced by the buttons with a silver finish, and by the well-positioned inputs – double headphone jack and volume wheel. Overall, it is a classy product that can be the ideal gift for that one friend with a huge CD collection.

7. Bluetooth Portable Personal CD Player Walkman, Small Compact Disc

Here’s yet another classic, yet stylish entry – this portable CD player with Bluetooth sports a glossy black finish. It can reportedly last up to 12 hours under continuous use and has a bunch of useful functions.

For example, the unit is anti-shock and has a control lock available as well. This means that the ergonomic controls won’t be accidentally pressed while the CD player is in a backpack or in your pocket. Moreover, the portable CD player is equipped with Bluetooth technology, for increased convenience – it can be easily paired with modern Bluetooth ear/headphones.

The CD player has also been upgraded to modern standards – it features both CD play and TF card play, has five equalizer sound effects, and four repeat functions. It is compatible with most types of CDA formats and can be connected to a car audio system via an AUX cable.

8. Gueray CD Player Portable with Speaker & Headphones & 1400mAh Rechargeable Battery

This is the first unit on our top list with built-in dual speakers – for ultimate convenience and also portability, so to say. The speakers are located on the top side of the portable player, above the clear LCD display and the backlit control buttons. It’s also worth mentioning that the unit features a digital noise reduction chip in order to increase the sound quality of your CDs.

Moving on, the portable CD player is equipped with a built-in 1400mAh rechargeable battery – this translates to 7-hour continuous speaker use or over 10 hours of music via earphones. It can be charged with most modern devices – power banks, laptops, and PCs.

On top of that, you can also play music from a TF card with the help of this portable CD player. Naturally, as with all of the other entries, this product has a lot of handy functions (equalizer and such) and is compatible with most CD tyles and audio files.

9. Portable CD Player with Bluetooth Built-in HiFi Speakers

Towards the end of our list, we have more than just a portable CD player – it’s very close to being an actual boombox thanks to its build and functions. The product is a 5-in-1 multifunctional unit – it can work as a portable CD radio player, as a Bluetooth HiFi speaker, as a mini boombox, and as a USB flash drive player. On top of that, given that it supports all kinds of CDs, you can easily say that it can play any type of music!

The portable CD player has HiFi Bluetooth speakers that can connect to any type of smart device. Thanks to the LED display, you can easily see what’s currently happening with the CD player – if it plays via USB or Bluetooth and such. It also features a timer setting that allows to schedule a shutdown time.

Last but not least, the unit comes equipped with a handy desk stand, a wall-mount kit, a power adapted, a power USB cable, and a remote. As mentioned, you can literally turn this unit into a home or travel boombox!

10. Grouptronics GTCD-501 Stereo BoomBox Portable CD Player Radio with USB

The final entry on our list is nothing more and nothing less than an actual boombox CD player. It is a large portable CD player with speakers on each side, an antenna for radio, and with the player itself on top.

It can be powered via a mains cable or with the help of 4 size C batteries. Thanks to the 5 pre-set equalizer modes, you can enjoy amazing stereo quality to your liking. It’s enough to make your songs sound as if they were played live.

Naturally, since it’s a boombox, it is capable of playing FM radio and it also has USB, AUX, and CD compatibility. In terms of CD, it can play most types of CDs. Last but not least, it has a stylish LCD display with clear lettering, making it ideal for the elderly.

Best Portable CD Player – Buying Guide

Back in the good old days, portable CD players could be seen everywhere – in fact, you pretty much weren’t a teen if you didn’t have or wished for one. Nowadays, the story’s a bit different. All of those that want to have them don’t know where to find them and, most importantly, which model to choose.

After all, you wouldn’t want to spend money on an outdated product – which is why you have to look for some additional features when it comes to buying the best portable CD player UK!

Anti-Shock and Anti-Skid Features

These are the two most important features when it comes to convenience when using a portable CD player. If you had an older model, you know the struggle of it randomly changing tracks or switching off while in your pocket or backpack.

  • Anti-Shock – this feature protects mainly the sensitive LCD skin from any accidental hits but, in modern and more comprehensive models, the anti-shock feature can actively prevent CDs from being damaged if the kids portable CD player is dropped.
  • Anti-Skid – anti-skid, on the other hand, prevents the accidental press of buttons and tracks from being skipped, mainly. However, comprehensive anti-skid technology plays the CD in a smoother way that prevents and audio artefacts and keeps the audio quality in good shape, so to say.

Format Compatibility

There aren’t many CD formats out there, but it’s extremely important to buy a portable CD player that supports most of them. Even if you don’t have a large CD collection at the moment, you may soon fall in love with using a CD player and you might start shopping for collection CDs.

In this case, you should make sure that no matter the CD you buy, your portable CD player can play it. The most common types are CD, CD-R, CD/RW. When it comes to audio files, the common ones are MP3 and WAV.


Portable CD players are bulky for a reason. They protect the CD, as well as the circuitry under the hood, so to speak. This is why you don’t want to buy a player with a flimsy or thin carcass or one with an unsafe locking mechanism.

Luckily, most modern products are made using durable and sturdy ABS plastic or hardened plastic. Unless you drop it more than just a couple of times, the player should be just fine for the next couple of years.

Power Source

This is another important factor to consider when buying portable CD players. Since it’s 2021, many people don’t like to buy double- or triple-A batteries anymore. After all, most of today’s gadgets are powered by built-in Li-Ion batteries.

Still, this is not a luxury that all portable CD players can afford.

  • Batteries – the classic way of powering a portable player. Common batteries usually last around 6 hours under continuous use.
  • Li-Ion Batteries – these are the norm for today’s world. A simple 1000mAh battery can have you enjoy 10 hours of continuous use. High-end portable players can come with built-in rechargeable batteries of up to 2000mAh.
  • AC Adapter – in some cases, the player might come with a power cable that allows you to say goodbye to batteries. Naturally, this limits the portability of such a product significantly. If it doesn’t have a built-in speaker, such a feature shouldn’t be considered when buying the product.
  • USB – a USB port could be used to either directly power the unit or recharge its batteries. In any case, a USB port is more than just welcomed when it comes to any type of modern gadget.

Depending on the complexity of your portable CD player, you may want to have all types of power sources available, just to make sure that you won’t run out of beats when the party’s just getting started!

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, you can’t really check it when buying a product online. For this, you have to rely on brand reputation and reviews.

Luckily for you, most of the products on our top list were Amazon’s Choice and came with a lot of positive reviews as well. They can be trusted, especially in terms of sound quality.

However, don’t expect too much compared with your old portable CD player. Features and technologies may have come a long way, but the art of playing a CD is pretty much the same. For improved sound, the best things you can rely on are equalizer pre-sets and sound playing modes.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most important features of a portable CD player?

We think that the anti-skid and anti-shock functions are probably the ones that keep your player alive. Anti-shock prevents damage in case of accidental falls, while anti-skid prevents you from angrily pressing the buttons in case the player skips a track while in your pockets.

Q: What types of CDs fit into a portable CD player?

Common CD types will almost always fit in any portable CD player, especially CD, CD-R, and CD/RW. DVDs for example, might not fit – even though certain CD players might recognize them.

When it comes to audio file type, the most common and easily recognized type of file is MP3, followed by WAV.

Final Thoughts

Buying a portable CD player in 2021 is definitely not easy. First of all, some of us might not even have a device left to compare the quality of a brand-new one and the one we used back in the 00s. However, this shouldn’t be seen as an impediment!

Take a short look at our top list and you’ll most likely find the portable CD player of your dreams. If not, then you can rely on our comprehensive buying guide. We hope that the information there will help you make a wise and inspired decision!

In the end, it’s all about being able to listen to our favourite CDs once again. For this, you don’t need a very modern device, not even one that has Bluetooth – but this doesn’t mean that you should skip on a player that can be connected to your car or to your home audio system!

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