Best Nasal Hair Trimmer UK

Nobody likes nose hairs – to say the least about this very inconvenient situation. However, there’s something worse than having a couple of pesky hairs adorning your nose – what? Namely, trying to remove them by any other means besides using a proper nasal hair trimmer.

Some try with scissors or with manual trimmers and often end up injuring themselves or spending more than enough time trying to trim two to three string of hair. This is why, if you want this ordeal to be over in just a couple of minutes, you need the best nasal hair trimmer UK!

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll present you with ten of the best products of this kind, as well as a detailed buying guide afterwards. Let’s begin!

Best Nasal Hair Trimmers

1. Panasonic ER-GN30 Wet and Dry Electric Nose, Ear and Facial Hair Trimmer for Men

The first entry on our list is probably one of the best nasal hair trimmers on the market, as it comes from Panasonic, a very reputed brand, and has over 20k positive reviews as well. If its features suit your preferences, you really can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Its most impressive feature is the dual-edge blade that cuts hairs all around the trimmer, not only those on the sides, as regular nasal hair trimmers do. Thanks to this characteristic, the product can be used to cut single hairs or to engage in detailing work, so to say.

Last but not least, the nasal hair trimmer is equipped with the Vortex cleaning system which cleans the product and rinses the hairs out without you having to remove its head. On top of that, it can also be used when wet, as it is 100% waterproof.

2. Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – Professional Painless Eyebrow and Facial Hair Trimmer

Next up, we have a nasal hair trimmer from FITFORT – once again, this product comes with plenty of positive reviews and it is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to nose hair trimmers for men. It comes with a clean design, not too many buttons, and a black-silver finish.

The product is made out of high-quality Stainless steel, ensuring a resistant and durable device. On top of that, it is also cordless for better ease-of-use. It has only a single button, making for the simplest nose hair trimming experience ever!

Just as our previous entry, this one comes with dual-edge spinning blades as well – these allow the device to cut nose hairs from all around the tip of the product. Naturally, the product is waterproof and features an easy-cleansing design – it can be washed under a stream of water or even under the shower.

3. BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer

For our next entry, we have a product with a classy, silver-finish look. We’re still in the range of products, so to speak, that comes with a lot of positive reviews and are backed by Amazon itself as well. The perfect choice for you might be this very product!

To provide you with increased convenience, the device comes equipped with three interchangeable heads, as it can trim more than nasal hair – one head is for nose/ear hair, one for eyebrows, and one for moustache/sideburns. In short, you can take care of your entire face with a single product.

Obviously, the product is washable and, to increase ease of use, comes with a single button. It trims any unwanted hair in a hygienic matter, is extremely safe to use, and comes with a 3-year warranty as well!

4. Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper, Professional Pain-free Eyebrow and Visual Hair Trimmer

Here is another device made of high-quality Stainless steel. This means that the product is long-lasting and can also be easily washed under the shower or a stream of water. On top of that, thanks to the dual-edge spinning blades, the trimmer is ideal for beard, nose, eyebrows, and ears hairs as well!

Speaking of the dual-edge blades, they are powered by a 6500-rpm motor that provides the device with high speeds and, paired with the sharp cuts, trims hair fast, easy, clean, and without any residues left behind.

Last but not least, the nasal hair trimmer is a cordless device and runs on a 1 double-A battery. Reportedly, the battery can last for more than 6 months if the product is used regularly and no more than 5 minutes at a time. It’s also very lightweight and portable!

5. Schon Premium Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Nose, Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer

Our fifth entry is a product from Schon with almost 20k user reviews – which are mostly positive. The device is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to personal trimmers for men. Let’s see what this nasal trimmer comes with!

First of all, it is equipped with rechargeable batteries that don’t need to be replaced. Naturally, the package includes a plug that fits UK outlets as well. Moving on, this product is a 3-in-1 trimmer that can be used for any hairs growing around your face – ears, nose, sideburns, and facial hair.

Naturally, being a high-quality product, the trimmer is made of Stainless steel – both blades and body. Thanks to its build, you can easily clean it under the tap with a single stream of water. The trimmer also comes with a trimming adjustment as well as a safety cap for the head.

6. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer – Professional USB Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer

Next up, we have a more comprehensive entry from Cleanfly. This particular product comes with three quite large head attachments, as well as with a neat little brush so that you can clean the trimmer easier.

The product can be recharged via a common USB cable, thanks to its powerful built-in battery. Moreover, it features a single button, making it extremely easy to use the trimmer – regardless of age.

Naturally, the head is equipped with dual-edge spinning blades that cut all hairs around them, while the other 3 attachments can be used to trim your beard, ear hair, eyebrows, and any facial hairs. If you have to wake up early in the morning and fear that this product might be too noisy, keep in mind that it comes with a mute noise reduction system, for silent operation.

7. Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – Liberex Painless Eyebrow and Facial Trimmer

This particular product comes available in two colours that are ideal for a woman’s self-care kit, so to speak. However, this doesn’t mean that you can force your husband to get rid of his nose or ear hairs – even if he’ll have to use this pink trimmer!

The product is made of Stainless steel and it is also cordless, making for a durable and portable nasal hair trimmer. As with most other modern trimmers, it features a single button, for increased convenience and ease of use.

Naturally, the tip of the trimmer is equipped with dual-edge spinning blades. These are able to quickly remove the hairs from all around the tip, not only from the sides. For further assistance, the product features an LED guiding light as well. When it comes to washing, just remove the trimmer head and place it under a stream of water.

8. Philips Nose Hair Trimmer, Series 5000 Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer

Towards the end of our list, we have a well-designed product from Philips – as you might know, this is a reputed brand when it comes to household devices and appliances. You can’t go wrong with a purchase of one of their products!

On top of that, this is a very comprehensive and equipped, if we may say so, product. It comes with a fancy body, 5 head attachments, a Philips battery, as well as a storage pouch.

Unlike all of the previous entries, this product features a dual-sided hair cutter with as many as 16 different cutting slots, making it highly efficient when it comes to cutting stray or naughty hairs. Naturally, the trimmer can be easily cleaned in the sink or under the shower.

9. GroomEase by Wahl Ear and Nose Trimmer

This product comes from GroomEase and is also one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to nasal hair trimmers. With quite enough positive reviews, it can make a great addition to your travel bag, mainly because it comes with a slim profile and a very portable design.

Operating this trimmer requires a single double-A battery and the press of a single button – that turns on or off the product. Thanks to the design of the head, the trimmer can be used for nose, ear, and eyebrow hairs. However, it may not be ideal for extremely hairy noses, as the blades point upwards and there’s no cut action sideways.

On the other hand, the blades are very easy to clean as they have to be rinsed only. Ultimately, this is a very easy-to-use product that should be in your travel bag at all times!

10. Chooling Manual Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

The final entry on our top list is a very interesting device/gadget and could be sought after by many men that want a vintage grooming set in their home. This product is a manual nose and ear hair trimmer – it requires no batteries and works by pressing the two small handles on each side of the trimmer.

Naturally, the best part about the trimmer is that it’s made of premium brushed Stainless steel, for a forever-silver and polished look. The lack of circuitry and batteries makes the product extremely easy to clean. Moreover, it is reportedly extremely sharp and can take care of any hairs in an instant!

According to customer reviews, the main benefit of this trimmer is that it doesn’t operate based on a pulling system – meaning that both men and women won’t have to deal with the pain of pulled-out hairs during nose trimming sessions.

Best Nasal Hair Trimmer – Buying Guide

What makes a nasal hair trimmer good? Well, it’s certainly not the classy design nor the ease of use – even though an easy-to-use trimmer is ideal for seniors that don’t like to find their way around a lot of buttons.

In the end, only a couple of things make a trimmer really good and of top-notch quality. Luckily, we’ve decided to share some of those secrets with you! As such, in the following lines, you’ll find a detailed buying guide on how to get your hands on the best nasal hair trimmer UK!

Things to Consider when Buying a Nasal Hair Trimmer

Trimmer Head Type

There are three different types of heads when it comes to nasal trimmers. Here, we don’t refer to attachments, but to the main heads themselves, those that house the blades that help you cut the hair.

  • Rotary Trimmer Head – this type of head is very common and used in most of the products on our top list. It features a small tip that has a series of blades around it which, when powered, spin and cut the hair. Rotary heads are often of medium length, meaning that you can’t easily hurt the inside of your nose with them. The most popular types of rotary heads are those featuring dual-edge razor blades that cover a better range in terms of hair trimming.
  • Foil Guard Trimmer Head – this type of head is very similar to a foil guard razor that most of us have used at least once in their life. Despite this seemingly counterintuitive design, nose hairs can be easily trimmed with such a trimmer as the blades are located sideways. On top of that, foil guard blades are often located under the guard as well, for increased protection.
  • Side Action Trimmer – last but not least, a side action trimmer is ideal for those that want more than just a nasal hair trimmer. Side action trimmers are good enough to get you rid of the majority of nose hairs but are not as efficient as trimmers designed especially for the nose or ears.

Overall, we’d recommend a rotary trimmer head. It’s not only the most popular and common on the market at the moment but it’s also the best in the business, so to say – it makes for quite cheap products as well.

Electric vs Battery Powered

Nasal hair trimmers should be both convenient and powerful enough to take care of pesky hairs. Because of this, choosing between an electric or battery-powered model can be quite difficult – but not impossible!

If you want an easy-to-use model that you can rely on in the mornings, while you’re in a hurry, then we recommend a battery-powered unit. Such units are also very handy if you plan to take the trimmer with you on holiday. Naturally, battery-powered models should come with rechargeable batteries.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind plugging the product in, then an electric model should be enough for you. However, keep in mind that a cable can make it difficult to trim certain hairs, depending on the location of your socket and the length of the cord.

Ease of Cleaning

A nasal hair trimmer shouldn’t be hard to clean – at all! In fact, if the product that you buy is not at least partially waterproof, you should start looking for another model.

All comprehensive trimmers are fully water- and dustproof. If their main body is not waterproof, then they should at least come with a removable trimmer head that can be easily cleaned under the shower or in the sink.

In short, one or two streams of water should be enough to fully clean your trimmer or at least its blades.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, we recommend avoiding trimmers with more than one button. You’re not buying a trimmer for haircuts or anything like that, but a simple nasal hair trimmer that might also be used for ears or beards.

Therefore, everything you need is a conveniently placed on/off button that is also water- and debris-proof, obviously!

Nasal Hair Trimmer Size

Bulky trimmers are not recommended as they don’t allow for comfortable positioning when trimming your nose hairs. The last thing you want is a trimmer that is not comfortable to use – or maybe doesn’t even manage to fit in your nose.

Because of this, we recommend only trimmers with slim profiles, just like the ones mentioned on our top list. If a product is too bulky, then it’s either of poor-quality or comes with too much power for a simple nasal hair trimmer.

Additional Attachments

Certain nasal hair trimmers can be equipped with additional attachments in order to make them able to cut beard, eyebrow, and ear hair as well. Keep in mind that, since the main use of a nasal hair trimmer is detailing and single-string trimming, the same applies when attachments are added.

As such, eyebrow and beard attachments on a nasal hair trimmer will make it easier for you to contour the mentioned areas of your face and engage in detail work that can’t be achieved with a regular electric shaver, for example.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is trimming your nose hairs a good thing to do?

As you’ve probably noticed, most of the products above come with short tips/heads. This is because nasal hair trimmers are meant to trim only the hairs that stuck out of your nose and not the ones that cannot be seen. Some of you may know that nasal hair does come with benefits – health benefits included – and we wouldn’t recommend anyone try to remove all of the hairs in their nose; just the visible ones!

Q: What are the best features for a travel/portable nasal hair trimmer?

A portable/travel nasal hair trimmer should be, first of all, powered by a decent Li-Ion battery, if possible, or by a rechargeable battery. Then, the recharging should be done via a USB port to avoid dealing with plugs/sockets from different countries. Last but not least, we recommend a product with a slim profile that might as well fit in your pocket!

Final Thoughts

Trimming your nose hairs is more than just an aesthetic thing. While the hairs deep in your nostrils come with health benefits, those that stick out can have an impact on breathing and, in some cases, can even have germs stick to them – or, in a safe scenario, bread crumbs from various food.

Luckily, all issues can be easily solved if you buy and rely on the best nasal hair trimmer UK! Just peruse our top list or read our buying guide and you’ll be ready to welcome a new member to your grooming kit!

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