Best Makeup Mirror with Lights UK

Believe it or not, we all need makeup mirrors in our life. Women need them to carefully put makeup on or take care of their face, while men use them to often inspect their eyebrows, their wrinkles and, in isolated cases, to take care of their skin/face as well.

In short, everybody could use a makeup mirror with lights in their life – especially if they have a job where they have to shine daily. Actors, makeup artists, as well as office workers and so on, will definitely put such a product to good use!

As such, in the following lines, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about buying the best makeup mirror with lights UK!

Best Makeup Mirror with Lights

1. H&S Makeup Mirror with Light/LED Light Up Mirror/ Vanity Mirror

The first entry on our list is a makeup mirror with a simple design – one big piece of rectangular glass mounted on a black stand. Pretty standard, right? Well, let’s see what else it can do.

First of all, the product is 180-degree adjustable and, for your convenience, comes with a detachable spot mirror that is capable of up to 10x magnification. It comes with a total of 16 LEDs that are powered by 4 double-A batteries. The mirror doesn’t have any cords or such.

The LEDs can be switched on via a touch sensor switch located on the front bottom of the mirror, while an on/off switch determines whether the LEDs can receive power or not. In terms of dimensions, the mirror is 27cm high and 17 cm wide.

2. Nestling Makeup Mirror with LED Lights, 21 LED Lights Vanity Cosmetic Mirror with Touch Screen

Next up, we have one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to vanity mirrors. The product has almost three thousand ratings as well, making for a safe and easy purchase. When it comes to materials and construction, the tri-folded mirror is made of premium ABS with UV coating, for a scratch-resistant product.

The central mirror features 21 bright LED lights that can be controlled via a handy touch sensor located down at the bottom. Moreover, the brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted by pressing long the sensor. The left mirror side is split in two – the upper provides 2x magnification and the bottom one 3x magnification. The right side is a simple mirror, with no LEDs. For 10x magnification, the product comes with a detachable spot mirror included.

Last but not least, the mirror can rotate at 180-degree and, on top of that, each mirror can also be detached from the stand for portable use. In terms of power, you can use either 4 triple-A batteries or a USB cable.

3. BESTOPE Makeup Mirror 1x/2x/3x Magnification Vanity Mirror with 21 LED Lights

Here is another tri-fold design makeup mirror with LED lights, this time from BESTOPE. As with most products on our top lists, the item is one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to dressing table mirrors. It comes with a clean finish and a white, classy stand.

The case of the mirror is made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring a long life for the product. Since it features a tri-fold design, the left mirror is split in two to offer two grades of magnification – 2x on top and 3x on the bottom.

In terms of the LEDs, there are 21 of them and they are built-in the central mirror, along the sides. They can be switched on or off via a handy sensor switch located on the central mirror. On top of that, the lights can be dimmed as well, according to your needs and preferences.

4. Magnifying Makeup Mirror Pink with Lights 3 Color Lighting Touch Screen Dimming

For our next entry, we have a rather simple-looking mirror that comes with a pink stand. This makes it ideal for a teenager’s room or for rooms with bright and coloured decorations.

As with many other makeup mirrors with lights, this one comes with a touch sensor located on the bottom of the mirror. With it, you can turn the lights on and off, as well as adjust their brightness. On top of that, since this product comes with a built-in battery, the button will also indicate the battery charge status.

Unlike most light mirrors, instead of singular LEDs, this product comes with a ring light around the mirror. Moreover, it is also rotatable at 180-degrees, for increased convenience and ease of use. In terms of portability, the unit can be folded.

5. WEILY Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror 1x/2x/3x Magnification Trifold

Next up, we have another tri-fold design professional makeup mirror with lights. This particular product is once again Amazon’s Choice in its category of products and it comes with more than four thousand ratings. It is clearly one of the liked products on the platform.

Reportedly, the product features an upgraded soft natural lighting system – it doesn’t use singular LEDs across the sides, but a strip of light that goes around the central mirror’s edges.

Naturally, as with most mirrors, you have 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification available with this one as well. On top of that, the brightness can be adjusted via a long press of the on/off touch sensor located on the central mirror. The product can rotate at 180 degrees and has a tri-fold design.

6. EASEHOLD Makeup Mirror Rechargeable Lighted Vanity 3 Color Modes

This entry is quite similar to our previous one – it features a stand in the same design, a round mirror edged by a continuous strip of LEDs, but also comes with a detachable 10x spot mirror.

Unlike the other mirrors on our top list, this one comes with a rather interesting feature – namely, it has 3 convertible light colours with adjustable brightness as well. The LEDs can be changed to emit warm, white, and natural lights, depending on your needs.

On top of that, the product also comes equipped with a rechargeable 2000mAh built-in battery that is ready for around 10 hours of continuous use. A recharging cable is included. Its structure is made of 2 detachable parts that make this fancy mirror highly portable and ideal for travellers.

7. Waneway Hollywood Mirror with Lights for Makeup Dressing Table

Our next entry is a big makeup mirror with lights that’s ideal for your makeup table – mainly because it weighs almost 3kg and is anything but portable. In terms of size, the mirror is 47.5 cm high and 36.5 cm wide. These dimensions make the product perfect as the centrepiece on a makeup table.

The product is equipped with 12 large LED bulbs that emit a warm light of 4000K temperature. However, their temperature can be adjusted to emit 6000k temperature as well. You can control the LEDs via a smart touch control sensor – the latter also allows you to adjust the brightness.

With a solid metal frame and base, the product is sturdy enough to resist eventual hits and will certainly not topple over in case of an earthquake. The LEDs are of high-quality, reportedly lasting up to 50,000 hours. In short, you don’t need to worry about replacing the bulbs.

8. Fancii LED Makeup Mirror with 3 Light Settings, Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror

This is a fancy entry from Fancii – the brand name does justice to this particular makeup mirror, as it comes with a stylish base and sports an all-white design. On top of that, the product is equipped with the tru-glow light system which lets you choose from 3 light temperatures (daylight, warm, and neutral).

The rechargeable batteries that come included are eco-friendly and can reportedly last up to 13 hours in continuous use. They power an LED strip of light that goes around the edges of the central mirror.

We said central because the product has a tri-fold design. The left side mirrors offer 5x and 7x magnification, while the right-side mirror is 1x, for viewing at different angles. Moreover, the mirror can be rotated at 360-degrees, for full convenience and ease of use.

9. Jordan & Judy Makeup Mirror Touch Screen Vanity Mirror with LED

Towards the end of our list, we have a classy portable makeup mirror with lights with a minimalist design, ready to take as little space as possible in your home. It is equipped with 33 highly-bright LED lights positioned on the edges of the mirror. Their brightness can be adjusted via the touch screen sensor, as per usual.

The mirror comes with a built-in 1200mAh battery that can last up to 250 minutes under continuous use. Since it has a rather simple design – namely, the mirror supports its own weight and is backed by a simple fixture -, it allows only 30-degree and 100-degree angles of adjustment.

However, the lack of a dedicated stand/tripod makes it ideal as a travel mirror. It can be easily folded and put into a handbag – it’s only 26.16 cm tall and 17.27 cm wide; it weighs 480 grams.

10. X-Large Light Makeup Mirror with 22 LEDs, 10x/5x/3x/1x Magnification

The final entry on our top list is a makeup artist mirror with lights from Mirrorvana, which is also one of Amazon’s Choice in its range of product and comes with more than two thousand positive reviews. Given its complexity and stylish design, it can easily be just the product you were looking for.

It features a tri-fold design, with the right mirror being half the width of the central one and the left part formed out of three smaller mirrors, each with its own magnifying power – 3x, 5x, and 10x. The central mirror comes with 22 individual LEDs across the sides.

Controlling this mirror is easy, as everything from turning the LEDs on and off and adjusting the brightness is done via a handy touch sensor button located at the bottom of the central mirror.

Best Makeup Mirror with Lights – Buying Guide

As you can see, buying the best makeup mirror with lights UK is not that easy. There’s more to such a product that the ability to reflect and illuminate your face while applying makeup or shaving.

A couple of wrong steps can leave you with an ordinary mirror as it didn’t come with a power plug or included batteries. To avoid something like that and ensure a safe purchase, here are some of the things that you need to know when buying a makeup mirror with lights!

Types of Makeup Mirrors with Lights

  • Wall-Mounted Mirrors – even though quite rare, wall makeup mirrors with lights are usually much larger and can be used to check your outfit as well. These are not preferred as only makeup tables since you have to stand while using them.
  • Travel Mirrors – on the other hand, travel mirrors are often small and don’t come with a comprehensive stand/base. However, travel makeup mirrors with lights come with built-in batteries or dedicated USB ports that makes them highly convenient.
  • Tabletop Mirrors – last but not least, the tabletop version is more than just ideal for people that want a makeup mirror with lights for their vanity table or bedroom dresser. They come with just the right size and features to accommodate everyone – usually with dual power options as well.

For home use, we’d recommend relying on tabletop makeup mirrors with lights and avoid investing in wall-mounted mirrors. Why? Because they’re often too large to be used as makeup mirrors and the addition of LEDs doesn’t help the overall décor of a home.

The Size of the Makeup Mirror with Lights

Usually, when people choose a makeup mirror, they don’t pay too much attention to its size – after all, if it’s big enough for them to clearly see their face, that’s enough!

However, when it comes to mirrors with lights, you have to take into account the fact that a mirror surface that’s too small paired with powerful, bright LEDs will prevent you from clearly seeing your face.

As such, small makeup mirrors with lights shouldn’t be on your list. The smallest you can choose should be at least 25 cm tall in order to ensure that the lights don’t affect the quality of the reflection, so to speak.

The Weight of the Makeup Mirror with Lights

Naturally, weight is also important – and something you should check before buying such a product! While conventional mirrors are light and portable, mirrors with lights can be as heavy as 3kg if they have a metal frame or stand.

If, for example, you want to buy a makeup mirror with lights for your daughters, then a large, metal mirror won’t be the best choice. For a light mirror with a slim profile, we recommend products with cases made of ABS plastic.

On top of that, take into account built-in batteries, as well as batteries that you may have to add to make the mirror work. These add to the overall weight of the product – making USB makeup mirrors with lights much more convenient.

Magnification Capabilities

When applying makeup or contouring your beard, you will most likely need some magnification powers at the tip of your fingers, so to speak. If you want a multi-functional makeup mirror with lights, then we highly recommend a model that features separate mirrors with various magnification ranges.

  • Tri-Fold Designs – besides the central and right mirrors that are usually 1x, tri-fold designs come with around 2 or three magnification mirrors on the left side. Usually, they are 2x and 3x, but certain mirrors offer 3x and 7x. The only downside is that these magnification mirrors usually can’t be detached from tri-fold models.
  • Detachable Spot Mirror – luckily, a wide range of products comes with detachable spot mirrors. These are basically separate round mirrors with various magnification ranges. They can have a single side mirrored or both sides, each with its own magnification power.

Depending on what kind of work you need to do, you may choose a mirror with magnification as high as x10. If you’re a makeup artist, for example, you might want to opt for a mirror with at least three comprehensive magnification ranges (2x, 5x, and 10x).

Lighting Features and Ease-of-Use

The most important feature of a makeup mirror with lights is, obviously, the lighting system. Here’s what you have to pay attention to in terms of lights:

  • LEDs – almost any form or shape of LED is good as long as it’s powerful enough. It doesn’t matter if the LEDs are placed individually on the mirror or if they’re arranged in the form of a strip and so on. The only superior lighting type would be a ring light – but, once again, it depends on the type of LEDs used.
  • Adjustable Brightness – since LEDs can be quite powerful and you’ll use your mirror mostly during the day, you’ll want a model with adjustable brightness. This allows you to simulate daylight conditions and don’t go over the top with certain makeup while also keeping details in check.
  • Colour Modes – as you know, one can have morning, day, evening, and night makeup on. Because of this, different colour modes could be helpful to a makeup artist. Given that night makeup is heavily influenced by a certain light, it wouldn’t make sense to create it under daylight conditions.
  • Touch Sensor Button – luckily, most mirrors with lights come with a sensor button located on the main mirror. It is often used to turn the lights on and off and to adjust the brightness as well.
  • Power Options – for increased convenience and maybe even portability, we recommend makeup mirrors with lights that can be powered by either USB or a power cable. Rechargeable built-in batteries are also a good option, but avoid those that work with double- or triple-A batteries, as powerful LEDs can drain them quite fast.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advantage of a makeup mirror with lights?

The best makeup mirror with lights UK will allow for easier makeup sessions as you won’t have to worry about the lighting. Often, in-house light bulbs and such are not powerful enough to reach the mirror or your face. In this case, you operate below daylight conditions, so to speak. A lit-up face provides the best environment for makeup.

Q: Why choose a makeup mirror with lights instead of a vanity desk with lights?

Vanities are certainly beautiful and stylish. However, they come with large mirrors that need powerful LED lights in order to operate. On top of that, they usually come with a power cable only, meaning that the power bill will go higher and higher with every use of the mirror. Naturally, a makeup vanity mirror with lights is also harder to replace/fix.

Final Thoughts

 This is everything you need to know to buy the best makeup mirror with lights!

If none of the ten products mentioned by us satisfies your needs – maybe you want something with a more stylish look or with more powerful LEDs -, then our buying guide will surely teach you how to buy the perfect mirror for you, your spouse, your children, and your home!

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