Best Luggage Scales UK

Travel enthusiasts are often not concerned with airport procedures, limits, and requirements, so to say. By this, we mean that some of them might forget about the luggage weight limit that every airport and airline impose. However, this is not something only travel enthusiasts should worry about.

For example, a single holiday must be well-thought if you want to avoid having to remove some items from your luggage. You may depart with luggage within the weight limit but, depending on how many souvenirs you purchase, you might return with a much heavier suitcase. This is the job for the best luggage scales UK!

Let’s take a closer look and find out which item/product is suited for travel enthusiasts and for the occasional holiday!

Best Luggage Scales

1. FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale Digital Travel Scale Suitcase Scales

The first entry on our top list is a fancy red luggage scale. Keep in mind that most of the following entries will pretty much share the same design, as it is the most portable and convenient when it comes to luggage scales.

In short, the product is basically a handle which has the digital scale technology built-in and has a strap attached to the middle, to which you can attach the items that you want to weigh.

This particular scale can hold up to 50kg of luggage and reportedly has a very small deviation – no more than 0.01kg. Moreover, it also features four kinds of units – kg, ounce, lb, and g -, as well as an auto-lock function. The product weighs only 90 grams!

2. Rolson Tools 60671 Luggage Scales, 32 kg

For our next entry, we have a scale with a different design – a classic one, if you may, with a scale dial that features a good-old red pin to show the weight. Just like the previous entry, this one has a strap located on the bottom, meant to hold in place any items or luggage that you might want to test.

In terms of features and abilities, the product can weight luggage and cases of up to 32kg – it should be enough, given that the limit of most airports is 20-25kg. Naturally, it features a lightweight and compact design and it the buckle strap allows you to store the scale securely on your backpack and such.

3. HANWELL 50kg/110lb Digital Luggage Scale with 4 Units

This time, we’re taking a look at a different, yet interesting design. This luggage scale features an electronic display and it’s made mainly of ABS – the handle of the scale is built-in, under the electronic display. For the hook, Stainless steel was used.

The product has a capacity of 50kg and reportedly a deviation of maximum 10g. When it comes to the display, it is easy to read and, thanks to the handy buttons, you can switch it to display up to four different weighting units.

Moreover, as most comprehensive luggage scales on the market, this one comes with a tare and data-lock function as well, for easier weight reading. The scale with turn off automatically after 120 seconds of inactivity.

4. Travelite ACCESSOIRES Kofferwaage

Our next entry comes from Travelite and is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to hand scales digital luggage. It is a digital item and is mainly made out of ABS. We can’t say much when it comes to features as it features only one button – the on/off button.

In terms of weight, it can hold up to 40kg and has a deviation of maximum 100 grams. The electronic display can show the weight in both kg and lb, for universal usage. Naturally, it is very easy to use and also comes in different colours.

5. Hyindoor Portable Luggage Scale 50kg Electronic Digital Suitcase

The following entry looks like a more sophisticated one, thanks to the backlit display and to the hook and handle that are made of Stainless steel. It can support up to 50kg and can weigh anything that’s above 10g.

Naturally, as most electronic luggage scales, this one comes with four different weighting units as well, for ease of use. This feature can be enjoyed – as well as the scale used – with the help of two 1.5 triple-A batteries that you have to buy separately.

When it comes to build and design, the product is wear-resistant and the centrepiece is made of ABS.

6. Duronic Digital Luggage Scales (white) LS1008W

The next entry is a luggage scale from Duronic, which is accompanied by a multitude of positive reviews – it is one of the best luggage scales currently available on the market. Let’s see what it can do!

Before weighing your item, you can choose between 3 different weighting units – kilograms, stones, or pounds. The items’ main handle is made of sturdy metal which shelters the electronic scale, while the strap is connected to the handle via steel components as well.

Obviously, as it features the same highly convenient and portable design, the scale is ergonomic and very easy to use. It features a single button – the on/off one – and it can weigh items of up to 50kg.

7. Salter Luggage Scale – Portable Digital Scales for Baggage

Next up, we have a fancy-looking luggage scale from Salter. It comes with a neat, all-black look that makes it look like a simple additional handle rather than a digital scale.

The casing of the product is made of ABS, while the buckle is a tough-webbed strap with a side release system as well. Reportedly, it is highly durable and will not fail you too soon.

Moving on to the scale itself, the digital display is located on top of the handle and so is the main button of the product. The scale can weigh items of up to 40kg and, last but not least, the item comes with a 5-year warranty.

8. Etekcity Digital Luggage Scales, Travel Scales for Suitcases and Bags

Here we have yet another digital luggage scales with a common design, this time from Etekcity and with a metal build as well. This particular product can weight items of up to 50kg and, quite surprising, it can also display the room temperature, in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The handle is made of durable ABS plastic which is also coated in rubber, for an ergonomic and easy to use design. The buckle strap is connected to the handle via resistant metal elements.

Moreover, the scale comes with an automatic hold function, as well as an automatic switch-off function after two minutes of inactivity. The product has, overall, a lightweight and compact design.

9. Premier Housewares Mechanical Luggage Scale with Tape Measure

Towards the end of our list, we have another classic-looking luggage scale – which seems to fit more in a kitchen than on your way to the airport, so to say. It features a modern design, with a steel handle that has a rubber cover, a steel hook, and a large centrepiece onto which the needle dial is placed.

Moreover, for increased convenience and number of applications, the scale is also equipped with a 1 metre measuring tape, locating right next to the hook.

When it comes to power, the scale can hold items of up to 38kg, which is more than ideal for most luggage. The downside is that the scale itself weighs 1.5kg, so it’s not the ideal item to bring with you on holiday.

10. DIGIFLEX Digital Hanging Weighing Scales for Fishing Luggage Suitcase Parcel

The last entry on our list is a scale that you might have seen once or two before finding our top list. Even though its design is not a common one, this scale is known by some as one of the best on the market, thanks to its reliability and ease of use.

When it comes to characteristics, its central unit is made of sturdy ABS plastic, while the top and the bottom feature steel elements – a steel ring on top and a hook on the bottom.

Last but not least, the scale can weigh items of up to 40kg – and can determine the weight of items heavier than 20 grams. The unit will turn itself off after 90 seconds of inactivity.

Best Luggage Scale – Buying Guide

All in all, luggage scales are rather easy to buy. You just have to check their weighing limit, the potential deviation, and their design. However, many times, people get surprised with a luggage scale that is either too heavy or too inaccurate for their particular task.

One too many times we’ve heard people leaving their home with luggage under the airport’s weight limit – determined by their personal scale -, only to find out, at the airport, that their luggage is over the weight limit. In short, buying the best luggage scales UK will help you avoid hefty airport fees – for around under ten pounds!

Let’s see what you should keep in mind when buying this type of product!

Design and Build

First and foremost, a scale that will be mainly used for your luggage, airport trips, and holidays must be compact and take as little space as possible in your backpack. We’ve had a couple of entries that were above 1kg in weight, meaning that they’re not quite practical if you want to take them with you, on the plane.

However, if they’re more accurate, you can still rely on them right before leaving home. Then, you’ll keep a more compact, lightweight unit to use on the go. Speaking of lightweight units, they have to be quite small and not intrusive, so to say, at all. It should be very easy for you to find a place for your luggage scale – or, even better, simply drop it in a backpack with no worries.

Weight Capacity

Naturally, weight capacity is the most important thing in a luggage scale – as it also depends on what else you want to use it for. A compact scale will usually be able to weigh up to around 40-50kg. This, in most cases, is more than enough for airline luggage.

Obviously, scales with a capacity under 25kg are not recommended as usually, airlines set their limits within the 20-24kg. If you want to use the scale for more than luggage weighing, then we recommend one with a 40-50kg capacity, as they’re often highly versatile and can be quite compact as well.

Scale Deviation and Accuracy

Deviation refers to the margin of error that the scale is capable of, so to speak. Most brands and manufacturers claim deviations of a maximum of 100g. However, when tested by buyers, some scales showed deviations of as much as 0.5kg – which may be a deal-breaker in an airport, so to say.

The rule of thumb here would be to read both the product characteristics, as well as the reviews. They can provide you with great insight into the deviation and accuracy of the scale.

Last but not least, if you have a more accurate scale at home, you can use it to compare its accuracy to the one of the new luggage scales.

Weighting Units

Depending on where you live and what you want to weigh, you might want to buy luggage weighing scales that come with more than just one weighting unit. Regular scales can show you the weight in kilograms – by regular we often mean non-electronic scales, aided by a pin and a dial.

Electronic scales, on the other hand, will most likely provide you with at least three different weighting units – usually kilograms, pounds, and stones. The choice is simple – pick whatever you’re comfortable reading.


When it comes to durability, scales should be made of either strong ABS plastic or metal – Stainless-steel is commonly used. While the casing of the main scale unit may be of simple plastic, certain inner components should be made out of steel.

Naturally, we refer to the hook and the handle – if they’re present. If you buy a scale that features a buckle strap, make sure that it is connected to the main unit of the scale via steel elements and not plastic or flimsy ones.

Overall, if a scale can weigh items of up to 50kg, make sure it can actually hold 50kg in its hook or strap if needed.

Classic vs. Electronic

First of all, classic weighing scales for luggage are often bulky, heavy, and they provide you with one weighting unit. Needless to say, they are often not fit to be brought with you on holiday. However, thanks to their build and reliable design, they’re known as being more accurate than electronic scales.

Speaking of electronic, these are pretty much the peak when it comes to luggage scales. They are small, lightweight, convenient and accurate enough to make you avoid a luggage fee at the airport.

The only downside could be a potential flimsy build/design that would damage the scale upon using it for the first time. But if you’re buying from a reputed brand, you shouldn’t come across any major issues.

Additional Features

  • Backlit LCD Display – most cheap luggage scales come with a simple LCD display, while others feature a backlit display. If you have trouble reading the values/data, then you should opt for a backlit model.
  • Auto-Lock Function – you wouldn’t want to struggle to read the weight of a 25kg luggage, right? Well, this is why an auto-lock function is important. After it reaches a certain weight and senses no more variations, the scales will automatically lock the current value on the screen and keep it there for around 5 to 10 seconds so that you can easily put the luggage down and read the scales.
  • Tare Function – this is a great function for when you want to determine the weight of your luggage overall when adding additional items to it. Moreover, you can also subtract the weight of the luggage case itself so that you can find out the weight of your belongings as well. It can come in handy!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the battery of an electronic luggage scale last?

Under medium usage, the batteries of an electronic luggage scale can last 1 to 3 years. However, there’s something you have to do to keep them in great condition until your next use. To avoid battery damage, it is highly recommended removing the batteries between uses or use the plastic strip they come equipped with in order to block the contact between the batteries and the electronic parts.

Q: Can a luggage scale be taken through airport security?

Yes, you can freely take your scale with you through security in your carry-on bag – unless you have a model that includes a Swiss knife as well, of course. But keep in mind that spare batteries, especially if they’re made of lithium, are not allowed. The only ones you can bring are the ones already installed in your luggage scales.

Q: What is the ideal weight for a holiday luggage scale?

If you want to take the luggage scales with you on all of your holidays, then we recommend one with a weight of maximum 2-300 grams. Anything beyond that gets too close to 500g, which could very well be replaced by a souvenir or an item.

In short, the lighter the better!

Final Thoughts

In the end, luggage scales might seem like an easy purchase. However, if you want a product that interferes with the planning of your trip and with the weight of your luggage as little as possible, then you need to look into several items before making a purchase.

But if you want to buy the best luggage scales UK, then our top list and buying guide should be more than just enough to help you buy the ideal product for you. If you don’t find what you need on our list, remember to keep a close eye on the recommendations mentioned in our buying guide!

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