Best Low Profile Trolley Jack

When your car needs repairs that you can do on your own, in the comfort and safety of your own garage, there’s usually one thing that you’re missing – namely, a trolley jack. Such tools are extremely helpful when it comes to fixing various vehicle issues and they are efficient in terms of saving money as well.

However, professional trolley jacks are big, bulky, and could barely fit in a garage – not to mention that most models are fully electric as well and don’t fit low-profile vehicle either. Therefore, for do-it-yourself car repairs, you need the best low profile trolley jack UK out there – commonly referred to as a floor jack.

Without any further ado, let’s see the best ten products in this category that are currently available, after which we’ll dive into a comprehensive and detailed buying guide!

Best Low Profile Trolley Jacks

1. Liftmaster Low Profile 2.5 Ton Jack

The first entry on our list comes from liftmaster, which is a reputed brand when it comes to low profile trolley jacks. On top of that, the product in question has enough positive reviews to make for an easy and inspired purchase.

As advertised, the jack has a lifting capacity of up to 5000lb, which is roughly 2.5 tonne. When it comes to the lifting range, it is 85-365mm – making it quite versatile for DIY car repairs.

Naturally, the trolley jack has a very slim profile and can be easily fit in a car’s trunk/boot without taking too much space. If you want the accurate dimensions, they are 565mmx219mmx145mm. The saddle is 56mm and the total weight of the product is 15kg.

2. Sealey 2500LE 2.5 Tonne Low Entry Trolley Jack

Next up, we have a bulkier product from Sealey, as it weighs 34.7kg. Unlike our previous entry, this one is not ideal for in-trunk storage as it may be too heavy, depending on how many other things you have in your car.

This trolley jack comes with a length of 215mm, a width of 700mm, and a height of 38mm – hence the low profile characteristic. As with most floor trolley jacks, this product can lift vehicles up to 2.5 tonnes in weight. The minimum saddle height is 85mm.

Judging by the looks and materials used, this is a premium low profile trolley jack. Given that it comes with several positive reviews and a 5-star rating on Amazon, it is most likely a safe purchase.

3. ParkerBrand 2.5 Ton Low Profile Trolley Garage Jack

For our next low profile trolley jack, we have a product from ParkerBrand – it has quite enough positive reviews to be considered by potential buyers.

Obviously, this one has a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes as well, which is pretty much the norm for low profile trolley jack. When it comes to the min-max heights – the lowest the product can go is 80mm and the highest is 508mm.

Moreover, the item is also equipped with a bypass valve, which provides the jack with overload protection – for increased safety. Last but not least, the handle of the product is fitted with a soft grip for more comfortable use.

4. Draper 31481 Low Profile Quick Lift Trolley Jack, 2 Tonne Capacity

Now we’re taking a look at a product that is Amazon’s Choice when it comes to low profile jacks. On top of that, it has more than enough positive reviews, as well as a decent rating. This trolley jack is, once again, of premium quality thanks to the materials used and sturdy build.

Just the same as the previous entry on our list, this trolley jack uses a twin-piston system to ensure a quicker and easier lift, so to speak. Moreover, thanks to its design, it is a better fit for reduced clearance vehicles – it also features an extra-large cushioned saddle.

When it comes to the handle, it has a knurled design for better grip. In order to prevent overloading and keeps things safe and clean, the product features a safety valve as well.

5. Sealey 1020LEHV 2tonne Low Entry Short Chassis Trolley Jack

Here we have another entry from Sealey – yet another high-quality product with a decent number of positive reviews, making for a safe purchase. This time, however, we see a slightly different design, as the main handle of the item is located in the middle of the chassis, as opposed to the handles located at the end.

The minimum and maximum saddle height of this trolley jack are 85mm, respectively 385mm – it could be higher, but it’s good enough for a floor jack. To compensate for this, the chassis comes with a length of 563mm.

Speaking of the chassis, it features a heavy-duty build and is equipped with strengthening flanges across the top edge of the product. This provides the unit with additional torsional rigidity when put under load, so to speak.

6. Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Naturally, this is another entry from liftmaster, the brand we mentioned as being reputable when it comes to this particular type of products. This one can lift cars/vehicles of up to 3 tonnes. When it comes to lifting range, the minimum is 75mm and the maximum is 500mm – making it an ultra low profile trolley jack!

As with most medium-range trolley jacks, this one comes with a bit of weight, so to say, standing at 34.5kg. However, it features a dual pump system that makes it easier to lift heavy cars – therefore, it needs to be heavier.

The handle of this product is made out of steel and is also knurled, for a better grip when operating the trolley jack. Of course, the saddle features a foam bumper that can prevent any potential vehicle damage. On top of that, the jack has a strengthened rubber pad as well, for increased protection and to avoid friction.

7. Shoze 3 Ton Floor Jack Heavy Duty Steel 70MM Ultra Low Profile

For our next entry, we have a 3 ton low profile long reach trolley jack from Shoze – this one sports a bright red colour, which probably makes it ideal for sports cars, right?

The product is a hydraulic trolley, made of durable and long-lasting materials. Thanks to its sturdy build, it can lift both cars and some of the lighter vans out there. Moreover, its saddle included a convenient rubber pad and a bumper that can prevent slips and enhance vehicle protection.

When it comes to lifting height, it is of maximum 508mm. Due to the caster wheels, this trolley jack is extremely easy to use and manoeuvre. Being a heavy-duty item, it features a safety valve as well.

8. Feidak Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Heavy Duty 2 Ton Low Profile

Speaking of really low profile units, here we have a low profile trolley jack with case from Feidak – which seems slim enough to fit in your car without causing any issues. But let’s take a closer look!

The product has a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes and can lift most medium-sized vehicles. To assist the operator, the trolley jack comes with a long-piece handle that makes it easier to operate the tool. On top of that, you can also rely on a fast lift foot pedal to quickly lift the chassis of the vehicle.

When it comes to the chassis of the tool, it is naturally a heavy-duty one and is equipped with flanges as well. Moreover, it features a heavy-duty hydraulic pump as well, for a stronger trolley jack. Last but not least, the product has a handy storage box included upon purchase!

9. Youyijia 3 Tonne Trolley Jack 68 x 16cm Low Profile Trolley Jack

Towards the end of our top list, we have a 3-tonne low profile trolley jack with a lot of features – ready to lift your car and help you properly fix it!

The product in question is a hydraulic trolley with a heavy-duty iron build, for increased resistance and durability. It also comes equipped with a telescopic removable handle that can make storing this item a lot easier.

Naturally, as with most heavy-duty trolley jacks, this one features a dual pump system as well – which ensures a faster lifting action. The saddle and handle have a bumper pad on them to prevent any damage from being done to the vehicle. The wheels are ball bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheel which ensure ease-of-use and manoeuvrability!

10. Hilka 82820010 2 Tonne Low Profile Trolley Jack

The final product on our top list is a low profile trolley jack from Hilka. Due to its build/construction, it can lift vehicles of up to 2 tonne and is ideal for low access vehicles. On top of that, it is equipped with swivel casters which make this product easier to operate, transport, and store.

When it comes to build materials, the entire trolley jack is made of steel – making for a heavy-duty item that is capable of taking a lot of pressure. Its lifting range is 85mm minimum and 330mm maximum.

It weighs only 11kg, which makes it one of the three lightest products on our list – alongside the first 15kg entry and another entry of only 9.5kg. Therefore, this product can be easily stored in the trunk/boot of your car without any issue whatsoever.

Best Low Profile Trolley Jack – Buying Guide

You have to be extremely careful when buying a trolley jack! The last thing you want to happen when you get home is to realize that the minimum height of the trolley jack is higher than your vehicle’s clearance.

Naturally, when something like this happens, using the trolley jack will only cause damage to your vehicle and so on. This is why you need the best low profile trolley jack if you want to work on your low-clearance vehicle or on your sports car!

If you’re not sure which product you should buy, take a look at the following buying guide – it holds all the secrets when it comes to low profile trolley jacks!

The Main Benefits of a Trolley Jack Low Profile

Unlike jack stands, low profile trolley jacks can be used to get vehicles in more comfortable positions or a variety of minor, DIY jobs. Naturally, unlike bottle jacks or drive-up ramps, floor jacks have the great advantage of being portable and allowing you to repair your car on the go.

  • Very Stable – despite their size, low profile trolley jacks actually lift up the vehicle in several points, therefore doing a great job at keeping them in place. Even though small, they are considered highly stable and secure.
  • Very Easy to Use – low profile trolley jacks come with a very user-friendly design and literally anyone can learn how to properly use such a tool. On top of that, the pump systems make it easy to lift heavy vehicles and, at the same time, they are also easy to store or keep in your car.
  • Very Reliable – it is well-known that high-quality low profile trolley jacks are built in such a way that they can last for several years before their final lift. The same thing can’t be said about drive-up ramps or bottle jacks, which are known to fail easier and early on.

In short, if you know your way around a car and would like to stop paying for minor issues in professional service, you should buy a low profile trolley jack.

Types of Low Profile Trolley Jacks

When it comes to type, we refer to the material they’re made of. Naturally, build material is very important for this particular tool, especially given that some of them are able to lift vehicles of up to three tonnes.

Basically, you have to be certain that the trolley jack you buy is capable of sustaining the weight of your car without experiencing any sort of damage.

  • Steel Trolley Jacks – steel makes for sturdy, solid, and resilient jacks. On the other hand, this material also makes for heavy tools – such as the 30kg+ ones we have mentioned above. However, this is still the to-go option for many people as steel is cheaper than aluminium, making for cheap trolley jacks. The only downside of a steel jack is its weight – you’ll most likely want to keep it out of your car.
  • Aluminium Trolley Jacks – naturally, aluminium is more expensive than the previous material and is also less durable. Aluminium jacks are known to break under constant, repeated stress – experts state that such tools will last only about 6 months if used almost weekly. Obviously, people still buy these due to their high portability – they can weigh half of their steel counterparts. As such, you can get a 10kg aluminium jack to store in your car and use only for emergencies.
  • Hybrid Trolley Jacks – when it comes to this type, steel is used for the parts of the trolley jack that will directly support the weight of the vehicle. All the other parts are made out of aluminium to keep the jack’s weight at a minimum. Hybrid trolley jacks are ideal for both garage and on-the-run use – but they’re not really better than full-steel or full-aluminium jacks. It would be better if you bought a steel unit for use only within the garage and an aluminium one for portable use.

The choice here depends on personal preference and on whether you want to use the jack only in a garage or would like to store it in your care, for emergency vehicle assistance, so to say.

Weight Capacity

All the jacks on our top list come with a weight capacity between 2 and 3 tonnes. Two-tonne jacks are often recommended for lighter, smaller vehicles, such as sports cars, while those beyond 2.5 tonnes are ideal for most vehicle types out there.

Naturally, if you have a van or an SUV, you should get a trolley jack with a weight capacity of around 3 tonnes or more. It is always better to get informed regarding the weight of your car. However, you don’t have to worry about buying a trolley jack unfit for your vehicle.

If the vehicle’s weight is above the jack’s weight capacity, its hydraulic system will simply not activate.

Minimum and Maximum Height Range

You should pay attention to this particular feature, as it can make or break a good trolley jack.

The minimum height range of the trolley refers to the height of the tool when it’s not being used – and is also the lowest the tool can go. If this height is bigger than the distance between the ground and your car, then it won’t fit your vehicle and you won’t be able to use it.

Most jacks have a minimum height range of under 100m, which is ideal for most cars – but not for sports cars; so, take that into account.

When it comes to maximum height, this can range between 300 and 500mm. But what’s the best? Well, this depends on the job that you have to do! However, we recommend a jack with a maximum height range of around 500mm, as this is mode than enough for any type of issue.

Naturally, if you want to change the off-road tires on an SUV, then you’ll clearly need more than 500mm!

The Size of the Saddle

Last but not least, you have to take a good look at the saddle size. It determines how much of the jack comes in direct contact with your car. Obviously, a bigger contact surface results in better stability.

On the other hand, saddles that are too large might not be a good fit when it comes to uncommon chassis – so, it is recommended to check before choosing a certain jack.

Overall, if you want to lift the vehicle higher, then a larger saddle is recommended.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to buy the best low profile trolley jack?

To get yourself the best low profile trolley jack, you have to buy one that can hold the weight of your vehicle, can fit perfectly under your chassis, and has the ideal maximum height for the work that you might want to perform on your vehicle.

Q: What are low profile trolley jacks used for?

Low profile jacks are often used for emergency work on the go, due to their minimal weight and increased portability. However, this doesn’t apply to all trolley jacks.

Therefore, low profile trolley jacks are ideal for personal use in one’s garage and for DIY car work.

Final Thoughts

Low profile trolley jacks are the answer when you ask yourself how you could repair that vintage car that’s been sitting in your garage for almost twenty years – especially if it’s a low-profile vehicle.

Naturally, low profile jacks are much more versatile than that. Thanks to a common maximum height of 500mm, they can be used on all types of vehicles and, due to their lightweight build, can be easily carried around and used for emergencies.

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