Best LED Flood Lights UK

The right alternative to traditional halogen bulbs is the best LED Flood Lights in the UK. They are offering power-saving home and industrial security lighting solution to millions of its users that protect your home from intruders. However, as the market is flooded with these LED flood lights, it’s difficult for a buyer to find the high quality outdoor led flood lights.

Due to these difficulties, it is critical to find some quality reviews about them before making any purchase. Therefore, we have a detailed buying guide and honest product reviews of the outdoor led flood lights for you. So without any further delay, let’s explore this comprehensive buying guide.

Here are the Best LED Flood Lights in the UK:

Best LED Flood Lights

1. LOFTer 30W Outdoor LED Flood Light

LOFTer is well known for its impressive lighting solution, and this 30W Outdoor LED Flood Light is no exception. This LED flood light is the perfect security solution for your home, Patio, Backyard, Front Yard, Garage, or office security.

The flood light is not only brighter but also offers a power saving range of 30W. No more to worry about security of your home or any intruder. The light is so intense and has a blinding spotlight that no intruder would even dare to come inside.

The LOFTer comes with a powerful 38LED flood light that has the capability to produce and output of 2400lumen and offers a 120-degree wide beam spread. This wide beam is large enough to provide a large coverage for the areas around your home or office. Moreover, the latest LED technology is durable compared to the old flood lighting solutions. The maintenance cost and repairing cost would be close to none with these LED flood lights.

These LED flood lights come with solid die-casting Aluminium alloy, IP65 weatherproof rating, and a premium quality glass that make them waterproof. They can work in any weather conditions and offer great flood light even during rain in the areas they are placed. The Fin-type heat sink provides an excellent cooling solution to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs.

The light comes in a compact design, and it’s easy to install. The adjustable bracket offers a great facility as you can adjust the direction easily.

Finally, if you are looking for a powerful but power-saving LED flood light, LOFTer 30W Outdoor LED Flood Light is made for you. Go for it, and you would never regret your choice.

2. Lepro 50W LED Floodlight Outdoor

Another best exterior LED flood lights on our list is the powerful Lepro 50W LED Flood light. Extremely powerful 50W LEDs are going to offer a massive daylight lighting solution.

Unlike traditional lighting solutions, these LED floodlights are mighty and at the same time, power-saving. The Lepro 50W LED flood light would offer a flood light equal to 350W traditional incandescent light bulb. It is a huge difference in terms of power consumption, and it would save about 85% of your electricity cost compared to the incandescent light bulb.

The optical glass is tempered fine-grained and offers a powerful yet softer lighting solution. This feature makes it eye-friendly for its users and other people out there. However, the light would be so much intense that your garden might look as its daylight out there. The range of these LED products around 50 feet, which is quite impressive.

Heat dissipation is a problem with plenty of LED floodlights. The excessive heat generated by those LED floodlights leads to a shorter life of LEDs. However, this LED floodlight’s ultra-thin body offers an excellent heat dissipation and ultimately leads to a durable lighting solution. It is a great pro of these LED floodlights.

The die-cast Aluminium casing and tempered glass offer an excellent waterproofing solution for these LED floodlights. It would work correctly even during heavy rain, and you don’t need to worry anymore.

Overall, if you want to have a high power yet cost-saving LED floodlight, the Lepro 50W LED Floodlight is made for you. Save energy and enjoy high-quality floodlight.

3. MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor 20W

If you need something more than just an LED floodlight, MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor 20W will be the right choice for you. These are not just a standard LED floodlight but LED flood lights with sensor.

The incredibly sensitive sensors offer great automation and security solution. You can set the time for the light to turn on or off according to your need. The sensors are robust and can detect motion up to the 12-meter distance. If the PIR sensor detects any motion within this range, the floodlight would immediately turn on. It is a great security feature for your home or office.

These exterior led wall lights offer power saving solution and come in a compact design. The power consumption of these products is 20W, and it would provide you with lighting equal to a traditional 100W halogen bulb in halogen floodlights. They can brighten up to up to 1800lm and at the same time saves 80% of electricity.

The floodlight comes with a cooling solution and has an Aluminum fin heat sink. The cooling solution adds further to life to these floodlights and makes them more durable. These LED floodlights have excellent resistance capabilities and do not burn out with a sudden hike of voltage.

The internal buckle of the floodlight offers a great waterproofing solution to the sensor and the floodlight itself. So you don’t need to worry about its working in the rain.

In conclusion, these LED floodlights offer a great range of specifications at a fair range of price. So you can choose them as your next security solution.

4. MustWin 30W LED Floodlight

Another powerful LED floodlight on our list that comes with three motion sensor modes and great features is the MustWin 30W LED Floodlight. This LED floodlight is suitable for garage, shed, and garden.

These LED floodlights are offering three modes of operation as TIME, SENS and LUX mode. The Time mode would help you adjust the lighting time of the floodlight. The SENS mode offers to customize the sensitivity settings according to your needs. You can change the motion detector as horizontal or vertical according to your requirement. However, remember that the sensor range is 2 meter. The LUX mode would help you adjust lighting strength.

The installation is relatively easy; thick metal bracket would help you fix it quickly, and it won’t require any further adjustments after the installation. Its design is compact; the heat dissipation is impressive. The cooling feature of these floodlights is powerful and would give you a durable lighting solution.

The IP65 waterproof rating is an excellent waterproofing feature, and the light would function normally even during rain. The tempered glass of these LED floodlights is strong enough to fight strong winds and rainy season.

These LED floodlights come with a 120-degree wide beam angle range for the beam. The sensor of the floodlight offers 180° horizontal and a 90° vertical range. These floodlights are going to light up your garden like never before.

Finally, if you were searching for a modern LED floodlight solution with wide-angle functionality range and sensor, this LED floodlight is for you.


5. LED Floodlight Outdoor 50W, 4500 Lumen LED Work Light

The 5th best flood lights LED on our list is the LED Floodlight Outdoor 50W by Dersoy store. The powerful 50W LEDs are powerful enough to produce a high-end beam of light and illuminate your garden area.

The floodlight comes with 72 lamp beads to provide daylight white light colour at night. The floodlight is easy to install and is plug and play LED floodlight. The frame of the light is made of solid die-cast Aluminium that is corrosion resistant and is durable. The lamp is covered with a high-quality glass that offers excellent impact floodlight. You will get an average of 80% savings in power consumption but enjoy the same lighting or even more than traditional halogen floodlights.

These floodlights are offering a compact and sleek design with a stable bracket. The light can be adjusted at a beam angle of 180 degrees from upside down. As with the other floodlights mentioned here, the cable is only 1.5 meters long. However, you can attach another extension cable if needed.

The floodlight comes with moisture-free, dust-free, and waterproof features and can bear any weather or seasonal changes. The installation of these floodlights is seamlessly easy and can be installed to give three screws. You can use it in your garage, garden, office, or any industrial setup.

Overall, this powerful 50W LED floodlight can be a friend to help you maintain superior security around your home or office. It would also save some money for you in terms of electricity costs.

6. Mobri 15W LED Floodlight with RGB

If you are looking for a medium and compact size LED floodlight, then this LED Floodlight by Mobri is for you. Although the power of these LED floodlights is just 15W, they are great to use outdoor and indoor. The floodlight is made keeping in mind the needs of the customers of both choices.

These are dimmable led products, and you can adjust the colour temperature from 2800K to 6500K. The dimmable light function is unique to these LED floodlights, and the RGB functionality is another plus point.

The RGB lighting function comes with a wide range of 120 different colours, and you can easily adjust them using the IR remote control. Furthermore, there are four modes, including FLASH, STROBE, FADE, and SMOOTH mode. Due to these peculiar features, Mobri is leading the game.

These LED floodlights are waterproof and come with an IP66 rating. You can use it indoor and outdoor without worrying about the weather or moisture issue. The RGB lighting can add a beautiful charm to your Barbeque party or stage setting for other functions.

The floodlights have excellent cooling capacity and won’t heat up even after long hours of usage. It would further add to the life of these LED floodlights and make them durable. The installation is also relatively easy.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a floodlight with some beautifying features, these RGB LED floodlights are made for you.

7. VOLADOR 3000 Lumen Security Lights

VOLADOR 3000 Lumen Security Lights are the best floodlights in the UK with their dual-head spotlight feature. These are not only products but have the security camera installed along with LED lights.

It is the most enhanced version of any security flood light out there on the market. Besides providing spot light facility, getting a monitoring solution would be a definite distinction over traditional spotlight solutions.

These LED products also offer enhanced motion sensing detectors. The sensors can detect any motion and then take pictures, record video, and send a notification upon detecting any movement. These floodlights can be a great addition to your security equipment.

The advanced 2 million high-definition resolution camera would record any abnormal activity at night and alert you immediately. It also offers wireless support and memory card support of up to 64GB. Furthermore, two-way voice calls are also supported.

Finally, these security lights are a great security solution for your home or office. So we are recommending without any doubt in how energy efficient they are.

8. STASUN LED Security Light, 2000lm, 20W

STASUN LED Security Light offers an upgraded PIR Sensor and provides an excellent floodlight solution for homes and other industrial setups. If you are looking for an enhanced security solution, it will be the ultimate recommendation for you.

The motion sensor is powerful enough to detect any movement at a distance of around 12 meters. So you don’t need to worry any further and to waste money on low-quality sensor spotlights.

The floodlights come with dual LED heads generating high-quality spotlight with the latest anti-dazzle technology. These LED floodlights are powerful enough to cause illumination equal to a 140W incandescent bulb. It would also save you about 80% in terms of electricity consumption.

These floodlights come with three modes, and you can adjust the modes according to your requirements. If you want to run it 24 hours, then you need to activate the All-Day Auto Mode. However, Nighttime Auto Mode can be activated for only night usage. The third mode is the constant mode, and the light would be on always.

They are offering a 2-year product warranty so no need to worry about quality assurance. Finally, if you want to have a reliable security solution with robust motion sensors, these LED floodlights are for you.

9. LEDUS LED Flood Light 180W

The second last on our list is the powerful and impressive LEDUS LED Flood Light. This LED floodlight is the mighty one on our list and has the power of 180W.

If you are looking for a massive lighting and security solution, these robust LED floodlights are made for you. They have the power to produce 5000k of natural white light. It is huge, and it is impressive.

These spotlights come with the latest IP68 waterproofing module and offer great weather and waterproof LED spotlight solution.

The installation of these spotlights is relatively easy, and you can also adjust the angle of light without any hassle. The spotlight angle can move around at 330 degrees side to side. They claim these items lifespan would be 30,000 hours and you might never need to replace them.

In conclusion, if you have a huge garden or want to cover an industrial setup, these LED floodlights can be the best choice for you on the market. Go grab yours!

10. Solar Light Outdoor, Security Light

Finally, as the name suggests, these are solar-powered LED floodlights and are best in power-saving. The dual-LED heads are also useful in providing enhanced security solution.

Each of the head contains 11 LED lamps, and combined; they offer a great spotlight. As said earlier, they are solar-powered and are environment friendly. There will be no cost for electricity.

They also have motion sensors and can detect motion up from 2-5 meters. You can use it in your backyard, garden, or parking lot.

They are also offering 12 months product warranty so you would be tension-free from that headache.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an affordable and energy-saving floodlight solution, the Solar Light Outdoor, Security Light by CNSUNWAY LIGHTING is the best option for you.

Best LED Flood Lights: Buying Guide

If you are still unsure about making the right choice, this buying guide about LED floodlights will make things easy for you. It would be best if you looked for the following factors:

Location of the Flood Light

Location matters a lot when you are buying an LED floodlight. You should carefully analyze how you would place the light and what type of floodlight would be suitable to cover that area.

Beam Angle

Beam angle also matters when you are selecting any spotlight for your garden or backyard. Either you need a focused beam spotlight at a particular spot or a wider angle floodlight to cover a large area. It is recommended to decide it before making any purchase.

Detection angle

If planned to buy a sensor-based LED flood light, you should consider the sensors’ detection angle. Some sensors only detect motion when someone or something is in front of them. However, for enhanced security, you would need varying detection angle sensors. So look for the motion sensor’s specs first and go for the deal.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have some questions in mind, these FAQs would help you out.

What wattage LED flood light do I need?

It all depends on your coverage area. However, the standard range can be between 30W to 80W for most of the users.

Our LED floodlights any good?

The answer is straightforward is simple, damn good! They are the best innovations and are highly efficient as compared to traditional Incandescent Light Bulbs. So no doubt, they are the best.

Can I leave LED lights on all night?

Yes! However, it depends on the quality of the manufacturers. We have tried our best to come up with the best-LED Floodlights in the UK, and you can choose any of them without any problem. You can leave them on all night.

Can LED floodlights catch fire?

It was the case with old traditional bulbs but not with LED floodlights. So don’t worry about it.


In conclusion, we have made our best effort to bring out the best LED Flood Lights option in the UK for you. We hope that you will find this buying guide helpful and would your desired LED floodlight.

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