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Laminators are the best friends of our most important documents, pictures, and even works of art. If any of these is particularly sensible or susceptible to the occasional coffee spill, for example, then a laminator is a must in your home or small business office or if you work as a teacher (for flash cards etc.)

Moreover, laminators should be used on any document/art that you want to avoid being smudged or left fingerprints on. That’s when you need to laminate. A white diploma or certificate, for example, will remain white for eternity if you laminate it and have a protective layer between curious fingers and the laminating sheets of paper.

Therefore, let us talk more about this kind of product – particularly about the best laminators in the UK! In the following lines, you’ll find a list of our top ten best laminators on the market, as well as a detailed buying guide, in case you’d like something different.

Let’s begin!

Best Laminators

1. Rexel Style A4 Home and Office Laminator

The first entry on our list of the best laminators is the Rexel Style laminator, ready to beautify your desk with its elegant, pearl white design.

It is ideal for A4 laminating and offers fast warm up in only for minutes, making the product ideal for laminating on the run, so to say. In terms of pouch thickness, it supports anything up to 125 microns.

Among its features, the best laminator comes equipped with a handy release lever that can be used to either remove or realign jammed pouches. On top of that, there is a setting for cold seal and self-adhesive pouches as well.

2. Toyuugo Laminator Machine, Portable A4 Thermal Laminating Machine with Hot and Cold Settings

The second entry is a roll laminator (we’ll talk more about this in the buying guide section) from Toyuugo that features both hot and cold options.

This means that you can laminate your paper in two ways, according to the pouches you prefer or have available. Under heat settings, the product heats up in 3 minutes only.

In terms of compatibility, the laminator fits pouches as thick as 160 microns and up to 250 microns. When it comes to paper size, you can laminate anything up to A4 size. You don’t need to worry about jams either, as the product has an ABS anti-jam button that can clear jammed or wrapped pouches with one single button press.

3. Laminator A4, Laminator Machine with Thermal and Cold Settings

This black laminator is the perfect fit for dark-coloured themed desks or offices. On top of that, it also has a bunch of helpful features for anyone looking to get into the arts and crafts field.

For example, this laminator can also trim paper and round corners – ideal for any work, school, or personal project. The pouches that it can laminate can be as big as 21×29.7 centimetres.

It can fit photo-size, letter-, legal-, and business-card- and credit card size papers, and it comes with two laminating settings. You can choose between the thermoplastic mode that warms up in 3 minutes or the cold setting.

4. 7 in 1 Blusmart Laminator Set, A4, Trimmer, Corner Rounder

This Blusmart laminator comes equipped with everything one may need for a busy home, office, or school project list. As you can see mentioned, it’s a 7 in 1 pack that provides you, besides the laminator, a corner rounded, hole punch, paper trimmer, 20 pouches, 10 photo frames, and 3 book rings as well.

The laminator can be prepared and warmed-up in three to five minutes and is capable of speeds up to 250mm/min. Naturally, there are two modes available – hot and cold. The product is compatible with A4 paper size and with 160-250microns pouch size.

Last but not least, an ABS button is there to help you unstuck paper, pouches, and take care of any paper jam you may face!

5. Blusmart A3 Laminator with 25 Laminating Pouches

Time for another 7 in 1 laminator pack from Blusmart! This one comes equipped with all the extras mentioned above but can do a bit more in terms of laminating.

It can fit paper up to A3 in size and works with laminating pouches of up to 250 microns in size. It is ideal for people that have to deal with larger documents or artwork.

Naturally, such a laminator is a must for every student that has to handle complex school projects and such. The A3 size compatibility, as well as the 25 included laminating pouches, are more than just helpful.

The product comes with a 12-month warranty.

6. Fellowes L125 Home Laminator, 80-125 Micron

Our next entry is a pouch laminator with a clean, simple look. But let’s see what’s under the hood!

First of all, it’s an A4 laminator, but A3 models are also available if you need one for larger documents. The product is compatible with laminator pouches of up to 125 microns in thickness and takes only 4 minutes to heat up.

How fast is it? It can reportedly laminate an entire A4 sheet in one minute – best A4 laminator in terms of speed. On top of that, the laminator is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature that will cut the power to the laminator after 30 mins of inactivity.

The product package includes 10 free laminator pouches to get you started with your laminating experience!

7. Texet (LMA4-V) A4 Laminator, Black

This Texet Lma4-v laminator is ready for minimal to moderate personal home use, as it can fit lamination film of only up to 160 microns. However, it can fit every paper size up to A4. It is ideal for the occasional document or photo that you may need laminated.

The Lma4-v warms-up in just 5 minutes and gets ready to work in approximately five minutes. In terms of laminating speed, it can reportedly laminate 30 centimetres of paper per minute.

There’s only one button on the LMA4-V laminator, namely a rocker switch that can be turned either On or Off. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

8. TOPELEK A4 Laminator, 5 in 1 Thermal Laminating Machine

TOPELEK provides us with this 5 in 1 roller laminating machine that looks ready for any type of work. This is mainly due to its very short warm-up time of only 90 seconds. If you forgot to laminate an important document, you have plenty of time to do so even if you’re about to leave for work.

In order to be able to laminate an A4 paper with a laminating pouch, the product takes only 45s, while A5 paper is readily laminated in only 20 seconds!

The product also features two laminating systems – hot and cold -, for every type of document or pouch. For arts and crafts, you will find it easy to use the included paper trimmer, corner rounder, and 10 photo frames.

It can fit pouches of up to 125 microns in thickness and also has a jam release button that can be easily and effectively used.

9. Fellowes Calibre A4 Small Office Laminator 80-125 Micron

This entry is probably the fastest-warming laminating machine on our list – it can get ready to work in merely 60 seconds! That’s more than enough for one more lamination before turning in your project or school work!

In terms of pouches, the manufacturer recommends them to be of up to 125 microns in thickness. Moreover, their pouches also come with sensors that prevent the laminator from jamming. Ordinary pouches from various stores will not have such a sensor.

To avoid any potential minor burns, the laminator is equipped with Heat Guard technology that keeps the most-touched parts of the product heat-free. Moreover, thanks to the InstaHeat and HotSwap features, you can laminate items in less than 30 seconds and consecutively as well!

10. ABOX A4 Laminator, Pixseal II Laminator Machine with Jam Release Function

The last entry on our list is this professional ABOX A4 laminator that is equipped and ready for the toughest office or school work – it is probably the best laminator for teachers out there! Flash cards are easy to make.

It is a 3 in 1 pack, including laminating machine, paper cutter and corner rounder – ideal for crafts as well. The product has a neat pre-heat function that will get the laminator warm and cosy in around 2 to 3 minutes. The progress bar on the laminator will let you know when it’s ready to use.

For the lamination of multiple documents or photos, the product features an automatic feeding plate. This feature also ensures that paper is fed straight into the laminator. Naturally, the laminating machine has two operating modes, hot and cold – for any type of document.

Best Laminator – Buying Guide

These were ten of the best laminators that you can currently find on the market. In order to fit more audiences, so to speak, we made sure to include laminator machines ideal for arts and crafts, for teachers, moderate home use, as well as intense office use.

In short, you will most likely find the laminator of your heart in our list above!

However, if you’d prefer something else but don’t have too much knowledge in terms of laminators, we’re here to help! Here’s exactly what to consider when looking for the best home laminator UK!

Types of Laminators

When it comes to the types of best laminators, you can choose between the common pouch laminators or the roll laminators. Usually, pouch laminators operate under heat while roll laminators make use of adhesive pouches.

Pouch Laminators

The main ingredient used when laminating an item with this type of machine is a laminating pouch. It opens up like a folder in which you place the document you want to laminate.

Then, the laminator heats up and melts the glue on the pouches, sealing the document within. Pouches are known as quite affordable and versatile, as they come in various thicknesses and sizes.

Roll Laminators

Even though roll laminators are known for their cold-laminating, they can also laminate via heat, similarly to a thermal laminator, as you’ve seen in some of the products mentioned above. This type of product is also ideal for those that have to laminate a considerate number of items.

Unlike pouch laminators, these roll models are easier and more convenient to use. Moreover, they can also fit larger paper sizes, such as signs and posters, great for teachers.

Due to the fact that they can laminate all types of documents, regardless of sensitivity, roll laminators are the best choice for crowded offices or households.

Laminator Size

After you decide what type of laminator you need, you must also determine the size of the machine as well. Think ahead and consider the possibility of A3 lamination, for example.

The most common laminator size is the A4 one, fit for laminating A4, A5, and A6 paper or items.

Then, A3 laminators are often required in offices that handle bigger documents/papers. They can laminate everything from A3 to A6, as well as smaller items such as business cards. An A3 product is often considered as the best laminator for schools, due to its versatility and wide range of applications.

The last on the list are the A2 laminators. They are the to-go choice for the industries that deal with posters and signs and perfect for teachers and office workers too.

Essential Things to Consider

Let’s now take a look at other important things that you have to consider beside type and size. Paying attention to the following will help you make a wise purchase!

Frequency of Use

For occasional use, entry-level models are the best laminators (meaning a usage frequency of a couple of times per month). If you want a laminator that you can use a couple of times a week and last you some time, then you’ll need to increase your budget a bit. Last but not least, daily use required heavy-duty laminators from reputable brands that can take tens of documents a day.

Pouch Size

Even the best pouch laminator will not come with an endless supply of pouches. You’ll have to buy your own and, therefore, must know which are the best fit for your laminator type, as well as paper size.

Pouch Thickness

Depending on how often you’ll use the laminated items, you may need thicker or thinner pouches. Diplomas hanged on the wall, for example, can be laminated with 80-micron pouches. Restaurant menus used daily, on the other hand, should be laminated with 250-micron pouches for increased durability.

Pouch Finish

For arts and crafts projects, you can also choose pouches with certain finishes. The most common is the gloss one, for a professional look. Matte finishes are also available for menus and items that have to be easy to read.

Roller Number

If you decided over a roll laminator, consider the number of rollers as well. The more rollers within the machine, the better the lamination quality. More rollers also decrease the risk of jamming.

Safety Features

Certain features, such as the Heat Guard mentioned above keep most of the laminator safe to touch, making it ideal for children. You may want to consider this if the entire family will use the product or teachers will be letting their students use it and you want the best home laminator possible!

Productivity Features

Other features such as Hot Swap or Auto Sense will automatically adjust the laminator’s settings upon reading the pouch’s thickness. Product with such features may be better for those that don’t want to constantly meddle with the laminator’s settings.

Warm-Up Time

Obviously, depending on your budget, you’ll want a laminator that heats up quickly, especially teachers who have a limited time for each class. A 60-second warm-up product will also consume less energy than a 5-minute warm-up one. However, even the best home laminator machine on the market will usually heat up in around 2-3 minutes.

Jam Management

Every laminator that you consider buying should come with an ABS button. This button allows you to remove documents from within the laminator quickly and easily before they are damaged due to a jam or tear. Teachers will want to pay special attention to this feature.

Additional Features

Things like Auto Shut-Off or Sleep Mode are helpful for continuous use and for busy home office or businesses. Make sure to also check the power cord’s length, as most products come with rather short cords that may force you to place them elsewhere than planned.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Laminator emits a burned plastic smell at first use – should I return it?

When powered and used for the first time, the heating elements within the laminator may emit a burned plastic smell when coming in contact with the plastic pouches or films. However, this will not damage the pouches nor the documents.

Moreover, this smell will be completely gone by the second or third use. Only return the item if the problem persists.

Q: Are pouch and cold laminators the only type out there?

There is also one type called a thermal laminator that work similarly to pouch ones. Instead of pouches, they use long thermal films between which the paper is placed – the laminator heats the sides, melts the glue, and seals the document.

However, they are meant for industrial use only as the thermal film is purchased only in bulk and, if needed, has to be cut manually, unlike pouches.

Q: What’s the ideal laminator for moderate home and office use?

For moderate home and office use, we’d recommend a laminator that can fit at least A3-sized paper and documents. You can laminate everything you need from business cards, IDs, common A4 documents, including larger documents when needed.

Unless you have to occasionally deal with much larger items, the best A3 laminator on the market is ideal for personal use.

Final Thoughts

Laminators are used mainly by office employees and individuals engages in arts and crafts. However, one laminator can rarely fit both of those purposes. For example, the best office laminator that skips on the paper trimmer and round cutter will not be enough for artsy projects.

At the same time, a laminator that can fit only small documents, such as postcards and such, won’t fit a diploma or A4 document.

Last but not least, pouch thickness is essential! If you want delicate laminate touches to your documents, then you must ensure that the laminator can work with the thinnest pouches on the market!

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