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It would be an impossible feat to imagine how much you love your baby. Whether you’re new to parenthood, or you have experience, only you can understand the joy that comes from holding your baby and simply staring with a pleasant smile on your face. That being said, you also know that there are times where you’ll need a break from holding that little bundle of joy.

Since you’re reading this, you may have done some research about playpens for your baby. From there you’ve learned about baby jumperoos and how much of an asset they are to parents. Now you want to make a purchase, and there’s an overwhelming range of baby jumpers to pick from.

Don’t worry. We have successfully narrowed down your options to 10 best jumperoo in the UK. But before we dive into that list, here’s a short overview of what a jumperoo does and why you need it.

Top 10 Best Jumperoos

1. Fisher-Price Spacesaver Jumperoo Rainforest Friends

If you have a baby that loves to kick his foot and is generally energetic, this baby jumper is a good option for you. It has an average arrangement of toys that light up with movement and music that fascinates your baby.

If you’re also particular about space in your home, the Fisher-price space saver jumperoo is good for you. It is easily compressible when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about moving it from one place to another in times of vacation and travelling. All you need for this space saver jumperoo is a nice bag that it can fit into, since it doesn’t come with one, and you’re good to go. It is also the best small jumperoo you’re likely to find in any market, in terms of weight.


  • · Product dimension: 17.5 x 58.4 x 59.7cm
  • · Product weight: 1.04kg
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: 25 pounds
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Material: Plastic and fabric

2. Fisher-Price Colour Climbers Jumperoo

Your baby will enjoy bouncing around in this very comfortable and colourful jumperoo. It is assorted with different animal toys, and if you’re lucky, the seat might also be in the form of a cuddly teddy bear. With this baby jumperoo, you’ll be confident enough to leave your baby for a few minutes and let them play with the music and toys.

The Fisher-price colour climbers jumperoo is also heavy compared to a lot of other ones the market has to offer. This doesn’t have to be a disadvantage since it means you can rely on the playpen to keep your baby upright without any possibility of toppling over. That’s a pretty good feature if you ask me.

Below is a list of important features to keep in mind before purchasing this baby jumper.


  • · Product dimension: 88 x 88 x 88 cm
  • · Product weight: 8kg
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: Not specified, 5 months and above.
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Material: Metal frame

3. Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo, White

Here’s another animal-themed jumperoo for your baby. The combination of tiny brightly coloured animals with music and lights will surely give you some minutes of rest. If you sense that your baby has some separation anxiety, this is the best baby jumperoo in the market for you. It is captivating and will encourage your baby to get involved with the display of nature surrounding them.


  • · Product dimension: 20 x 62 x 57.12 cm
  • · Product weight: 7.96kg
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: 25 pounds
  • · Material: Metal and plastic

4. Fisher-Price K7198 Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-price K7198 jumperoo is a durable product that you can use for all your babies, as long as you store it with care. It is suitable for at age 5 months, and above. The music volume (lowest volume) could be considered too loud at first, but once you see your baby’s reaction to it, you’ll be thrilled it was made that way.

As long as your baby stays fascinated, the jumperoo is doing exactly what it was made for.


  • · Product dimension: 81.28 x 94 x 81.28 cm
  • · Product weight: 7.3kg
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: 12kg
  • · Material: Steel frame, plastic and metal

5. Red Kite Baby Go Round Jump Around, Peppermint Trail

This 100% polyester jumperoo is the best jumperoo in the UK for older and calmer babies. Due to the design, small babies would find themselves stuck in between toys occasionally, and while this might not harm them, it defeats the purpose of a baby jumper. Your baby should be free to pull on toys as they want and turn around if the seats accommodate that kind of movement. So, if you’re a little late to the baby bouncer market and your baby is closer to 6 months, this is the best baby jumper for you.


  • · Product dimension: 71 x 59 x 65 cm
  • · Product weight: 4.5kg
  • · Manufacturer: Red Kite Baby
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: Not specified, 6 months old and above
  • · Material: Polyester

6. Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper Packed with 13 Activities, Fun Lights and Sounds

Engaging is the right term for this Disney Sea of Activities baby activity jumper. Your baby will have access to different sea animals and related activities to explore. The colour and assortment of toys on this playpen is sure to give off a tranquil feeling.

If you’ve noticed an interest in the sea in your baby, this is the best small jumperoo you can get to entice your baby. It is comfortable and the seat spins and rotates 360 degrees, and will give your baby the support he or she needs to have boundless fun.


  • · Product dimension: 77.5 x 86.6 x 62.2
  • · Product weight: 3.78kg
  • · Manufacturer: Disney
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: 11 kg (6 months old and above).
  • · Material: Polyester

7. Fisher-Price Roarin Rainforest Jumperoo, New-Born Baby Activity Centre with Music and Lights

This jumperoo is sturdy and supportive. It keeps your baby engaged as expected, the seat spins and allows free movement of the limbs as they grow older, thanks to the adjustable height settings. If you’re looking for a space saver baby jumper, this is not a good option for you. It is also considerably heavier than most, but you’ll get the value for your money as your baby falls more in love with it every day.


  • · Product dimension: 19 x 61 x 59.5 cm
  • · Product weight: 8kg
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: Not specified, 5 months old and above
  • · Material: Steel frame, plastic.

8. Fisher-Price Astro Kitty SpaceSaver Jumperoo Infant Activity Center

Space lovers! This is the best baby jumper you’ll find anywhere. Every feature and design was added with your baby in mind. The arrangement, the settings, the colour, everything is just amazing. After using this jumperoo, your baby is very likely to grow up with a great sense of coordination and control. You can’t possibly say no to that.


  • · Product dimension: 79 x 72 x 80 cm;
  • · Product weight: 5.72kg
  • · Manufacturer: Fisher-price
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: Not specified, 4 months old and above.
  • · Material: Plastic

9. Baby Einstein™ Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper™ Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies

For entertainment and education, the Baby Einstein jumperoo is here for your baby. It has customized settings that let you pick the music, and language you want your baby to learn to count in. There are also some animals like a cute frog and a tiny bird that your baby can bounce around as they listen to the toy sing or teach or both.


  • · Product dimension: 77.47 x 83.82 x 73.66 cm
  • · Product weight: 4.11 kg
  • · Manufacturer: Baby Einstein
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: 25 pounds
  • · Material: Plastic

10. Baby Jumperoo Bouncer Swing Chair (Blue)

If you love music, you’ll enjoy this jumperoo as much as your baby. It has a keyboard that allows babies to mix sounds and create their own unique music. You can make this more entertaining by sitting with them and mixing the music. I know you’re supposed to be resting when your baby is placed here, but I bet you’re smiling at the thought of creating unique sound and memory with your baby. Go for it, it’s worth every minute.


  • · Product dimension: 70 x 59 x 17.5 cm
  • · Product weight: 5.72 kg
  • · Manufacturer: EastSun
  • · Material: ABS Plastic
  • · Maximum weight recommendation: Not indicated; 6 months and above.

Overview of the jumperoo

It is a stationary playpen with a table-like structure full of toys and activities. These toys have lights and sounds that keep your little one busy. The term jumperoo is used interchangeably with “exersaucer”, “jumper” and “bouncer”. They are very similar in function with the only difference being that the jumperoo allows your baby to “jump” in place while an exersaucer doesn’t.

Why do you need a baby jumper for your little one?

First, there’s the pure exhaustion from the whole parenting routine that makes you want to crash for a few minutes. Then, there’s the need to attend to other activities like taking care of your older children or doing some simple chores like laundry. There’s always a possibility that your babies will choose those times to be awake and bubbly. This is the point where you start considering an activity centre like a jumperoo or exersaucer, something that provides toys and activities that can entertain your baby and give you the break your body desperately craves.

You would agree with me that investing in an item like a baby jumper would be worth it, for your health and your sanity. There’s also the fact that you’ll give your baby a chance to develop some skill, such as their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as they explore the toys and activities on their baby jumper.

Without further dwelling, let’s explore your options from our optimized list of the best baby jumpers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I introduce my baby to a jumperoo?

Some people would be tempted to give you a specific age that your baby should start using a baby jumper. I don’t want to do that because developmental rate varies significantly in every baby. The most important thing to watch out for is your baby’s control over his or her neck movement. If they can stay long enough without you supporting their necks, then it’s time to get that child a baby jumper. If not, regardless of age, don’t risk it. Safety first.

When do I stop using a jumperoo?

I think your baby is in the best position to answer this. Again, like many baby toys, the age varies based on development. Some families use a jumperoo till the baby is well past a year old while others don’t. If your baby likes it, and you don’t notice any hindrance to movement by the jumperoo, then you should keep using it until you feel it’s unnecessary.

This also depends on the design of the jumperoo. All of the best baby bouncers are height adjustable, even offering three different heights or more. This means they can accommodate the growth of your baby. Some even go further to allow walking and slight running as you make adjustments to the height. Bottom line is, stop using a baby jumper or activity jumper when your baby starts complaining at the sight of their baby jumper, regardless of age. And make sure you stop using it when you feel your little one has outgrown it; this is usually indicated by the maximum baby weight recommendation.

Are there any disadvantages to using a baby jumper?

Yes. No baby toys are 100% perfect and baby jumpers are no different. There are a few, but they only really become a problem when you use a baby jumper for too long per day. Some of them are:

  • · Poor posturing like in the case of improper neck balance or feet hanging off the floor.
  • · Poor standing position and sense of balance.
  • · Reduced interaction with, and exploration of the environment.

You can prevent these from happening by being conscious of how long your baby is on the jumperoo. You can also make sure you have the good habit to communicate with your baby even with the loud music and engaging toys and activities; name the animals, repeat the numbers, him the song, etc.

What factors Should I consider before choosing the best baby jumper?

1. Baby size

As you may have noticed, each manufacturer and model has weight recommendation and/ or age ranges for their product. This means that there’s no one size fits all to a jumperoo. You need to consider baby weight, size and age, all together. Your baby could have a perfect weight but still have a small stature, so keep this in mind before making a purchase.

2. Baby energy

I don’t have to tell you that the enthusiasm of babies varies greatly. If you’re not a first-time parent, you might have noticed that in your own babies. Some jumpers are made with wheels and some that aren’t. If your baby is highly energetic, you should consider getting those with wheels. These keep your baby safe while giving them enough freedom to move as they stay engaged with the toys provided.

3. Preferences

Okay, this might sound a bit weird, but here’s what I mean. Your baby should be at least 4 months old before you even consider putting them in a baby walker or jumper. At this age, they should have significant control of their necks, so leaving them in a jumperoo to attend to other things wouldn’t be too risky. At this age also, you might have noticed as their mum or dad, a certain pattern to the kinds of toys and activities that get them excited. So, if your baby giggles at the sight of water bodies, then you should pick a jumperoo that is sea-themed, or at least very close to nature.

This way, your child would stay longer playing with the toys, their brains would register things more easily, and of course, you’ll get longer breaks for yourself. Many have music, lights and sounds, which can be annoying for you, as their mum, but can be engaging for baby. In the same vein, if your baby bursts to tears at the sight of animals, then it’s a great idea to buy a plain design with no creature to discomfort your baby. Remember, the whole point of this item is to entertain your baby and give you some minutes off.

4. Your budget

This is also an important part of your decision. It shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor though when choosing a baby jumper. You may find that your best choices for your child are way past your budget. For instance, baby jumpers with music, lights and sounds are more expensive than baby jumpers without. This is most likely an indicator that you should increase your budget. Whatever baby jumper or baby walker you choose to buy, it should be able to capture your baby’s attention for as long as possible, exhaust them enough to make them take a nap, and give you time to relax.

Precautionary measures for using baby jumpers

The most prominent benefit of a jumperoo or an exersaucer is to give you space. Enough space to relax and accomplish other tasks set out for you. It is usually very tempting to get one of these activity centres and leave your baby to “have fun.” Don’t do that until you’re a 100% certain that the baby jumper is safe.

Rest assured, no jumperoo or activity jumper is created without your baby’s safety in mind. But nobody has the responsibility of ensuring your baby’s safety like you do.

  • Don’t leave your precious little one in a baby jumperoo unsupervised.
  • If you’re just starting with a baby jumperoo, it’s not yet time to rest. You have to test your baby’s comfort first. Lift them at intervals, say 15 minutes, to see if there are any inconveniences for your little one
  • Check the baby jumperoo for loose toys that could fall off and cause damages. Some toys are detachable but still firm, those don’t count. Some others are loose enough to be detached by your babies. This could be dangerous especially if they gave tiny parts that can be chewed and swallowed.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s feet and how far off the floor it is. Leaving your baby suspended in the air for a long duration could be strenuous. Try supporting them with a pillow or piece of fabric as the case may be.
  • Be careful with wheeled jumperoos. Don’t put your super energetic baby in a wheeled jumperoo in an open space.
  • Don’t leave your baby on the jumperoo for too long. Place them on the floor to play with the toys and activities on the jumper. This will not only encourage them to crawl, but also teach them that there are other forms of movement apart from jumping.
  • Check the instructions manual for further specific precautions to follow, like things such as the baby weight and whether it has machine washable parts or not.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll both be fine.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason this simple yet effective toy, a baby jumper, has been labelled, “the ring of neglect” or “the circle of neglect”, and some other variations. It works, both for you as a parent and your little one. With any of these best baby jumpers for baby, you can allow that precious little one to own their own gym, exercising their bones, as well as flex their brain muscles while practising their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

We hope this detailed research on the best baby jumperoos available in the UK has taken you a step further in your decision-making process. 

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