Best Electric Shoes Dryer UK

Shoe odour can be a huge cause of social embarrassment. Not only that, but it also puts your health and hygiene at risk. If your shoes get wet and remain damp for a long time, it becomes the thriving ground for bacteria, germs, and moulds. As a result, your feet tend to stink, leading to nail fungus, itchiness, and athlete’s foot. To avoid these unpleasant circumstances, you need to pay a little more attention to your shoe hygiene.

If you spend a considerable amount of time in your shoes, it’s quite natural for them to get wet with sweat. And if you’re an athlete or a professional skier, your shoes undoubtedly get wet, from time to time. Now, how do you dry shoes without ruining the inner linings? A good electric shoe dryer is all you need to address this problem.

Below in this article, we have listed down the top electric shoe dryers available in the UK. So, let’s take a look!

Top 10 Best electric shoe dryers

1. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Glove, Boot & Shoe Dryer

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Glove Boot & Shoe Dryer

The first electric shoe dryer that we have found out for you is the Heavy Duty Glove, Boot & Shoe Dryer from the house of MaxxDry. This has the capacity to dry two pairs of footwear or gloves in just an hour. If you feel irritated by wet gloves and soggy boots, this dryer is an amazing choice. It keeps your hands and feet comfortable and ensures quick drying. You can be a ski-lover or a sportsperson, this electric shoe dryer is a must-have.

The 105 degrees F temperature destroys germs and bacteria, keeping them clean and dry. Sogginess leads to foul odour, and slowly the smell spreads across your feet too. It definitely sounds gross, but you can always prevent such mishaps by opting for hygienic methods. This electric shoe dryer will force air into the shoes, and as a result, sweat, water or anything else that is causing moisture, will get eliminated from your footwear.

It has been designed in a specific method, to make sure the interiors remain unharmed. This model comes with two separate extensions that make it the best boot for a bigger pairs. You can switch between the heat and no heat options. Thanks to the 6 feet long power cord, you can easily dry your shoes even when the power plug is far away.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Maintains shoe hygiene
Easy to use
Fast drying[/i2pros][i2cons]Needs to be used with caution[/i2cons][/i2pc]

2. Huanxin Shoe Dryer, Boot Dryer & Glove Dryer

Next up, let’s check out the electric shoe dryer from the house of Huanxin. This is a wall-mounted model, so storage is not a problem. Thanks to its efficient design, it works like a shoe drying rack. You can use this dryer for drying 6 pairs at once. The combination shoe dryer and boot dryer eliminates all the moisture from your shoe, keeping it fresh and dry. Using it is very easy, which is often important when you are looking for the best boot dryer. You have to turn on the switch and let it do its job for a few hours. After that, your shoes will be completely dry and ready to wear. Ideally, it takes around 4 hours.

This is energy-saving and it has been designed keeping in mind your safety. There is no risk of burns. Unlike most other products available in the market, this is less noisy. Owing to its innovative design, you can utilize this for hanging different types, whether it’s a rain boot, snow boot or something else. When you’re not using it for shoes, you can also hang your coat, hats, gloves, etc. It is easily removable from the wall, and a perfect fit for domestic use.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Works as a shoe rack for drying
Safe design
Less noisy[/i2pros][i2cons]Takes a long time to dry (3-4 hours)[/i2cons][/i2pc]

3. Shoefresh Shoe Deodorizer & Shoe Dryer Electric

On number 3, we have the Shoefresh Shoe Deodorizer & Electric Shoe Dryer. This premium-looking dryer can only dry shoes. There are two processes involved– first, the shoe is cleaned for 5 minutes, by implementing the Active OxygenTM technology. After that, they are dried for 20 minutes.

The best part is, it’s a multifunctional electric shoe dryer. Besides shoes, you can also use it for drying your boots, helmets and everything else. If you often deal with soggy and smelly shoes, this versatile shoe and boot dryer is a hygienic method to clean them effectively, without creating any mess. While most of the products take several hours, this dryer dries your footwear in just 25 minutes.

The shoe and boot dryer has a holder attached to it. All you have to do is place them there, and turn the switch on. The process is simple and fast and keeps your feet free from the prey of bacteria and germs.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Fast operation (25 minutes)
Can be used as a shoe dryer, boot dryer and to dry other accessories
Simple to use[/i2pros][i2cons]Cannot be used for more than a pair at a single time[/i2cons][/i2pc]

4. HomeYoo Electric Shoe Dryer Shoes Heater Warmer

The Electric Boot Dryer from HomeYoo is the next on our list. This comes with an efficient design, allowing you to expand the brackets to dry the interiors of your shoe. It maintains the optimum standards of hygiene and presents you with clean and dry shoes within a short span of time. It is made of ABS plastic, ensuring durability. It can endure high temperatures without giving you a hard time.

Once you finish drying your shoes, you can fold the dryer smaller, and store it anywhere you like. This is a feature that puts it at a higher pedestal in terms of usability and design. It has an auto power-off technology. However, to maintain your safety, don’t forget to unplug the device after you have finished your work.

If you need to clean the boot dryer, wait for a while before it cools down. Turn off the plug, and use a damp cloth to clean the shoe dryer. However, you cannot use any detergent or liquid cleaner for this purpose.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Auto turn-off technology, so you don’t need to worry about power consumption
Foldable and easy to store
Maintains hygiene[/i2pros][i2cons]The body is made of plastic, which means it may not be as good quality as other shoe dryers[/i2cons][/i2pc]

5. Caredy Electric Shoe Dryer

The Electric Shoe Dryer from Caredy is another you can take a look at. This works as a shoe holder, used for drying two pairs of wet shoes at a time. Thanks to the constant temperature design, they will be evenly dried. The temperature it provides is around 45 to 55 degrees. Made with quality aluminium, this dryer is durable and highly useful for domestic purposes. Anyone can use shoe warmers like this.

The dryer is lightweight, and you can carry it along with you with ease if needed.

The growth of fungus and bacteria lead to odour in your shoes, which is definitely not hygienic. It keeps them free from moisture, ensuring that your feet are comfy and clean. This dryer offers low energy consumption, and it’s safe for daily use. It offers a stable performance for a long time, so it’s a worthy investment for your shoe hygiene.

The electric shoe dryer with a 1-year warranty, along with a 30-day return policy. You can use this shoe dryer for your gloves, rain and leather boots, and other types of shoes.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Constant heating and drying
Low energy consumption
Comes with a 1-year warranty[/i2pros][i2cons]Could be sturdier[/i2cons][/i2pc]

6. RSR Sports Shoe Dryer 

The RSR Sports Shoes Dryer is the 6th item on our list. This premium looking dryer can be used for sterilising your shoes. When your feet remain trapped in moisture, it can lead to severe health hazards, putting your hygiene in question. To avoid such situations, investing in a quality electric shoe dryer is a must.

This one makes use of ultraviolet rays to dry your boots, training shoes, and so on. Issues such as athlete’s foot and fungus in the feet can be avoided if you make use of this shoe dryer. Thanks to the beautiful design, the dryer is sure to last for a long time.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]This electric shoe dryer uses UV light to dry shoes
Beautiful and functional design
Keeps your feet clean and sanitized[/i2pros][i2cons]Not applicable for all types of shoes; this one is designed mainly for trainers and sports shoes[/i2cons][/i2pc]

7. Electric Shoes Dryer Portable Boot Dryer 

The 7th one on our list is this Portable Electric Shoe Dryer. This dryer uses UV light to keep your shoes dry and fresh. The drier keeps your shoes deodorized, keeping odour at bay. It also provides your shoes with warmth, providing a cosy sensation every time you slip into them.

The violet lamp keeps away bacteria, keeping your feet safe from fungus and other such conditions. Made from ABS plastic, this portable shoe dryer is compact in size. You can also carry it with you while travelling. Besides using it at home on a regular basis, the quality of the design means this one can be a great fit for professional fishermen, ski-lovers, sportsmen, etc.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]This shoe dryer is easy to use
Compact in size
Portable[/i2pros][i2cons]The material is plastic, though it is still good quality[/i2cons][/i2pc]

8. Zerodis USB Shoes Dryer

On number 8, let’s take a look at the USB Shoe Dryer from Zerodis. When you’re working or travelling, your shoes must be comfortable and clean. If you don’t pay enough attention to show hygiene, it becomes tricky to prevent bacterial growth. That’s why the USB Shoe Dryer from Zerodis is here to make your life a bit easier. You can use this compact dryer to clean your shoes and prevent the proliferation of germs and bacteria that cause odour.

This USB shoe dryer has a sturdy structure that testifies to its durability. It offers a surface temperature of 60 degrees, allowing an even drying of your footwear. You can choose your own time frame, and also opt for auto turn-off for more convenience. This small-sized model is very easy to carry along compared to other shoe dryers, especially when you’re travelling. You can use it for drying your rain boots, leather boots and other items.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Even heating setting
Prevents the growth of odour inducing bacteria
Auto turn-off[/i2pros][i2cons]The material used in the dryer could have been better[/i2cons][/i2pc]

9. THERMIC T48-0200-001 Thermal dryer for shoes + gloves

The final item on our list is the THERMIC Thermal shoe dryer. This one is equally effective to be used for shoes as well as gloves. This compact model is easy to use, and you can adjust the length to your convenience.

It offers silent operation and dries up your footwear in no time. This one is a one-size-fits-all dryer, so you can use it for boots of different types, whether it is a Wellington boot, snow boot, ski boots, or anything else.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Easy to use
Suitable for footwear of different sizes
Can be used for drying gloves[/i2pros][i2cons]The body is made of plastic, which doesn’t look particularly attractive[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Best Electric Shoes Dryer UK: Buying Guide 

Now that you are going to buy an electric shoe dryer, here are a few factors that you can keep in mind.

Drying Time

Before buying a dryer, don’t forget to check how long it takes to dry your shoes and gloves, or whatever footwear. As you can see from the list, the time ranges between 25 minutes to up to several hours.

How Many Shoes Can It Hold?

There are shoe dryers and boot dryers that can hold only a single pair, and then there are ones that can easily fit multiple pairs at one go. Depending on which kind of dryer you are looking for, you have to make a selection.

Is It Noisy?

Shoe dryers are often too noisy, and it can be quite disturbing. Although it’s not possible to find a completely silent dryer, you can always choose one that is considerably less noisy. So, this is something you need to consider.

Auto Turn-off

Auto turn off is a feature that you must look out for in a shoe dryer. It ensures safety, so there’s no risk of burning your shoes if you forget to turn off the switch on the dryer.


The shoe dryers we have mentioned above do not belong to any big brands, but in terms of usability and performance, they are highly efficient.

Can You Use It for Anything Else?

Your ideal choice should be a dryer that can be used on multiple items, apart from shoes. So pick a dryer that you can use for drying your wet shoes, leather shoes, winter boots, travel shoes and gloves, hats,

Final Thoughts

To help you out in finding the right dryer, we have listed the best shoe dryers you can find in the UK. In our consideration, we have picked the 3 leading choices from the above list.

Best Overall

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Glove, Boot & Shoe Dryer

You can use this dryer for multiple purposes, apart from only drying your shoes. It comes with a sturdy model that lasts long and provides relentless value by maintaining your hygiene.

Best Multifunctional

Zerodis USB Shoes Dryer

You can use this shoe dryer for more than just shoes. It offers even heating of your shoes, gloves, etc., without causing any harm to the linings. It also has the auto turn-off function to ensure optimum safety.

Best Value

Caredy Electric Shoe Dryer

With this product, you get backing of 1 year, and also a 30-day return window, in case you’re not happy with the product. With this product, you get access to even heating. The product consumes low energy, and it’s highly safe for use.

Now it’s your time to pick one– so go on, and make your purchase!

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