Best Curry Sauce in a Jar

You can’t cook the perfect curry without the proper curry sauce in a jar – or, if we may say so, without the best curry sauce in a jar!

Sure, some of you may try to make their own curry sauce at home, but for those that don’t have the time – or mood – to do so, the market is open and has available hundreds of products that can fit their taste and preferences.

On top of that, there are some brands that really go over the top when it comes to the flavour, taste, and quality of the curry sauce overall. Some would say that, no matter how good your homemade sauce is, you still must try at least one of the best products on the market!

For this, we’ve prepared a top 10 list regarding the best curry sauce in a jar products, accompanied by a comprehensive buying guide that will help you pick the right thing for your taste buds!

Best Curry Sauce in a Jar

1. Mama Nagi’s Hot Tomato Curry Sauce – Low Calorie Ready to Use

The first entry on our list is a curry sauce in a jar from Mama Nagi’s. First of all, please bear in mind that this is a hot sauce. If your taste buds are sensitive, it would be best to avoid this particular type.

Moving on, this curry sauce reportedly comes with an authentic Indian taste, as it is made with real Indian ingredients and spices, as well as with real Goan flavours. The sauce itself is ready to use and only has to be stirred in the dish!

For an additional drop of health, this product is low calorie (18kcal/serving), Gluten free, sugar free, vegan, and salt free. It is 100% natural, with no additional preservatives or additives.

2. Sauce Shop – Special Makhani Cook-In Sauce – North Indian Style

Next up, we have a jar with an interesting design that houses a curry sauce made using Methi – fenugreek leaves – for a unique taste and Kashmiri chilli for mild, bearable heat.

The sauce is Gluten free and with no other artificial ingredients. It contains tomato puree, butter, cream, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, salt, and a couple of other 100% natural ingredients.

Naturally, as any curry sauce in a jar, the product is ready to use. On top of that, it is ideal for various dishes, such as cauliflower, chickpeas, paneer, lamb, and chicken and it is also the best curry sauce in a jar for beef. Reportedly, this is a must-try for every curry lover, even if this particular product is made in the UK.

3. Patak’s the Original Tikka Masala, 450g

Some of you may be familiar with this particular entry, as it is one of the well-known brands when it comes to curry sauce in a jar – especially the Tikka Masala recipe.

This Patak’s jar is full of curry sauce of medium spiciness – it holds 4 servings. The main characteristic of this sauce is its rich, creamy tomato texture which is crowned by subtle hints of coriander and cumin. It is the perfect curry sauce for those that want a more exotic taste to their dishes – more exotic than regular curry sauce, that is.

Due to the variety in terms of ingredients, it is advised to check the ingredients for any allergens (the sauce may also contain various other nuts). If you don’t know what brand of curry sauce in a jar to pick, starting with Patak’s is probably the best idea.

4. Knorr Curry Sauce Mix, 1kg

Even though it comes from Knorr, this is still a good choice when it comes to curry sauce. While this brand is known for its mainstream ingredients and spices, the reviews state that they’re good as curry sauce makers as well!

This particular product comes with no added MSG, for those that want to stay 100% healthy and can make up to 5L of curry sauce. As you may have noticed, this is a curry sauce mix and not your regular curry sauce in a jar.

However, this makes it ideal for easy storage and for long-term use. On top of that, it is also suitable for vegetarians. It’s the perfect product if you’re a curry sauce fan and don’t want to buy jars every week or so.

5. Holy Cow! Curry Sauces Selection Pack – 6 Different Curry Sauce Flavours

Let’s now move on to a more interesting entry, one that seems just the thing for curry sauce enthusiasts. The Holy Cow provides you, with the help of this pack, with six different curry sauce flavours of 250g each.

As such, you get the opportunity to enjoy Mughlai Korma, Delhi Tikka Masala, Kashmir Roganjosh, Mangalore Malabar, Madras Chettinad, and Goan Prawncurry sauce. All the packs contain vegetarian curry sauce which is also gluten free, nut free and contains no GMO.

At the same time, those that have just begun to explore the world of curry sauces can use this pack as an opportunity to find their favourite flavour!

6. Uncle Bens Korma Indian Cooking Curry Sauce – Bulk 2.23 kg

Here’s another classic brand for some of you – Uncle Bens. This curry sauce comes in a large jar of 2.23 kg, fit for 24 servings. That’s enough curry to last you through… at least one family gathering.

The flavour of this particular sauce is Korma, which comes with creamy coconut sauce and is seasoned with traditional Indian spices. Unlike the previous entry from Knorr, this curry sauce is ideal for both personal and catering use.

It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians as well. On top of that, as most curry sauces in a jar, it is ready to use straight from the jar, with no additional cooking required.

Last but not least, no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours were used in the making of this curry sauce.

7. Patak’s Original Jalfrezi Sauce, 450g

For our second entry from Patak’s, we’re taking a look at the Jalfrezi curry sauce recipe. Just like the previous type, this one comes with medium heat and in a 450g jar, ready for 4 servings.

What’s different? Well, the Jalfrezi is known for being made from sweet pepper & tomato sauce paired with coriander and coconut. Those not familiar with curry sauce flavours may find this combination unusual but, when it comes to curry sauce, you can’t really know how good it is until you taste it!

Naturally, since it comes from a well-known and reputed brand, this is a safe choice for any type of curry sauce lover!

8. Uncle Bens Korma Indian Curry Cooking Sauce Jar 450g

Next up, we have the smaller version of the other entry from Uncle Bens, this time in a 450g jar, which is ideal for about 4 servings. It comes with the same characteristics and features, if we may say so, as the previous Korma entry.

In short, it is suitable for vegetarians and doesn’t come with any artificial preservatives, flavours, or colourants. It is just as nutritious as it is natural!

On top of that, if you’re trying curry sauce in a jar for the first time, the label of this particular product also comes with an easy to cook and very handy recipe. After all, what’s the best way to try curry sauce if not in the way recommended by the brand!

9. Knorr Patak’s Jalfrezi Ready to Use Sauce, 2.2 Litre

Knorr and Patak’s have come together to create a 2.2L jar full of delicious Jalfrezi curry sauce. This type of sauce combines peppers, coconut, and onions for a unique Indian taste.

On top of that, the spices used in the making provide the sauce with a medium to hot taste, ideal for those that like their curry sauce to have a bit of a sting when eaten.

Naturally, this particular sauce is gluten and lactose free – making it suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Last but not least, take the size of the jar into account – 2.2L are enough for around 20 or more servings. It’s recommended to have such a jar in your house, for unexpected gatherings, parties, and visits.

10. Bay’s Kitchen Thai Massaman Stir-in Sauce 260g (pack 0f 6)

The last entry on our list comes right from Bay’s Kitchen! Let’s see what this new brand has in store for all curry sauce lovers!

In terms of recipe/flavour, this is a Thai Massaman curry sauce, a recipe that has been seen on our list only once so far. This is a creamy and fragrant flavour that is mildly spiced – perfect for those that hate both too soft and too hot curry sauces.

Moreover, it is a sauce designed for every type of eater, as it is gluten free, vegan, has low FODMAP, and is IBS friendly as well. Almost anyone can enjoy the deliciousness of this curry sauce!

It can be used as a simple curry sauce or as a cooking ingredient for more complex dishes and such. The jar is of 1.5kg – around 18 servings.

Best Curry Sauce in a Jar – Buying Guide

When someone starts talking about curry sauces, some of you already know that the upcoming conversation is going to be an extremely long and tedious one. Why?

Well, as you’ve seen above, curry sauces come in a multitude of variations, tastes, flavours, and spiciness levels. If you’re a picky person, then choosing the best curry sauce in a jarwon’t be an easy task for your – not for your friends or family that have accompanied you to the store (or wait for you to make an online order).

If you don’t know much about curry sauce and want to learn more, here’s a comprehensive buying guide that will help you buy not only the best curry sauce but the one that will be the perfect fit for your taste buds!

Types of Curry Sauces

If we are to take into account British variations, there are five different types of curry sauce in total. The best part is that they come from different cultures and, therefore, each of them will be more than just different than the others.

  • Indian Curry Sauce – obviously, this is the original taste of curry. Flavours like Jalfrezi, Vindaloo, and Korma come from India and are best made with Indian spices and ingredients. The main reason why they are so popular is the fact that they come in veggie variations as well. These sauces are fit for lovers of coriander, turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala – and for those that like their curry spicy!
  • Thai Curry Sauce – Thai sauces, on the other hand, come with delicate and exquisite flavours. They are known for their creamy texture and often use of coconut milk. What makes them unique are ingredients like garlic, lemongrass, and ginger. On top of that, Thai curry sauces are a blessing for those that don’t have enough free time on their hands, mainly because their flavour is known to be hard to recreate at home.
  • Chinese Curry Sauces – Chinese sauces, on the other hand, are known for being hot, full of flavour and, most importantly, easy to make at home. This is probably why you won’t see many Chinese flavours on the market. Their trademark is, without a doubt, the hot and sour combination of flavours.
  • Japanese Curry Sauces – when it comes to Japanese sauces, they are known for being full of texture and for their compatibility with both veggies and meat. These sauces are thick and can’t be usually recreated at home – most of the time, they work the best with chicken or breaded pork.
  • Chip Chop Curry Sauce in a Jar – this is the British variant that we mentioned above. British curry and curry sauces are often referred to as fruity chip chop style and usually come accompanied by a golden colour and deep-fried potatoes.

How Much Heat Can You Handle?

Curry sauces made using original recipes, especially Indian and Chinese ones, are more than just hot. Before buying, you must determine how much heat you can actually handle!

Since curry sauces use the same words/terms to define spiciness/heat (almost always), it’ll be easy for you to choose your favourite. For example, mild and medium sauces come with just a bit of hotness that will make your taste buds dance – but not dance like in Western movies if you know what we mean.

Hot and very hot labels, on the other hand, should not be taken lightly! Even a simple, hot sauce can take your tongue one notch higher and make you deplete the milk reserve of your fridge.

Before jumping into hot sauces, experiment a bit with the mild ones, as they might be enough, even for spice enthusiasts.

Curry Sauce in a Jar vs. Pastes/Kits

We decided to talk about curry sauces in a jar because they are fit for all kinds of people, regardless of how much free time they have on their hands. Despite being ready to use straight from the jar, they come with the same flavour and ingredients as the curry you eat in most restaurants.

On top of that, while there are pastes and kits, they may not be as satisfactory as jar sauces, depending on the brand. After all, you don’t want to waste your time with a paste only to find out that it tastes horrible.

This is why our main recommendation would be curry sauces in a jar: they are tasty, easy to prepare, and can satisfy the entire family without having to spend too much time cooking!

Dietary Requirements

Naturally, when looking to buy the best curry sauce in a jar, you have to take into account your dietary requirements as well. Luckily for you, most of the products available on the market are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, non-GMO, and free of MSG.

In short, you are not restricted to unknown brands and curry sauces of poor quality, as even the most reputed brands did their best to make a curry sauce in a jar fit for all taste buds.

However, when you’re looking for something more special, take a look at the ingredient list to make sure that an ingredient that you want to stay away from is not included there.

Jar Size

Last but not least, you have to consider the jar size. As you’ve noticed, curry sauces in a jar come in jars that can fit from as little as 4 servings and up to 24 servings.

If you rarely find yourself cooking curry, then a 4-servings jar should be enough – even for you and for your significant other. But if you have visitors and want to be always ready to prepare curry for everybody, larger jars – from 1kg up – are recommended.

Naturally, if you’re not a regular curry eater, avoid large jars as they might spoil soon after they’re opened.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I store the curry sauce in a jar after opening it?

Curry sauces in a jar are not meant to be stored. That’s pretty much it! They are meant for almost immediate cooking and consumption though this varies from brand to brand.

Most brands, however, recommend you to cook the curry sauce with veggies or meat and then store it in the fridge, as usual. Others come with clear instructions like: “keep refrigerated and use within maximum 3 days”.

Q: How can I make curry sauce in a jar taste better?

Some might not like the taste of curry sauce in a jar at all. In this case, they can rely on a simple trick to make it taste a bit better. All you have to do is add the veggies/meat and sauce in a pan, then stir fry a teaspoon of ginger, one of garlic, and a tablespoon of oil for around 30 seconds.

For the grand finale, add chopped medium-sized onion and fry the mixture for 10 minutes. For even more taste, you can also use curry powder/paste.

Final Thoughts

Not all curry sauces are made equal – some are made in a jar and ready for immediate and on-the-run use! If you don’t like to follow overly-complicated recipes but still want to enjoy some authentic curry sauce, then our top 10 list will help you find the best one for you!

In case that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t leave before you read our comprehensive buying guide. It will help you make the right call when buying such a product and, ultimately, make you bring home the best curry sauce in a jar!

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