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Cats are no doubt beautiful creatures; independent, feline, and even cute. They are also vicious and quite annoying, especially when they make a mess in your garden, your lawns or on your porch. Sometimes it’s the neighbour’s cat, and you can easily blame them for it. Other times, it’s either a strange cat or your cat that is being a nuisance. You could always chase them off anytime you see them around, but how long can you do that for?

Cat deterrents, also called cat repellents are meant to be a harmless approach to keep cats away from your home entirely if you’re not a cat person; or from specific places within the building, if you own your cat. There are sprays (odourless and repelling ones), spike mats, motion detector sensors, electronic ultrasonic devices, and many other versions. So which deterrent do you pick and how certain are that it’ll work?

We’ve taken out the stress of going through thousands of products by selecting what we believe is the 10 best cat deterrent in the UK. The list is a combination of different kinds of deterrent so you still have to choose, but only from a shortlist of the absolute best.

Best Cat Detterents

1. Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent (2 set)

This Pestbye Ultrasonic, motion sensor repellent will stop cats from coming to your home, but as well as cats, it will also target other unwanted animals, such as dogs, foxes and other pests. It is safe and humane and will not harm cats. Therefore, you are unlikely to upset cat owners. The sound waves are easy to adjust to either a high frequency or low frequency, whatever you think works best, so you have the opportunity to try different frequencies and see which is the most effective. The irritating noise produced is a proven cat and fox deterrent, so say bye to annoying pests around you.


  • Product weight: 0.01 pounds
  • Manufacturer: PestBye
  • Power source: Battery
  • Type: Ultrasonic

2. ASSCA Cat Repellent

The ASSCA cat deterrent is a motion-activated ultrasonic sound device that keeps both cats and foxes away. It is suitable for different locations like the farm, garden and even in parks. It operates effectively in all weather conditions and can be left running for a long period. It is solar-powered so you don’t have to worry about running out of energy unless of course, the sun refuses to shine.


  • Product weight: 320 grams
  • Manufacturer: ASSCA
  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Type: Ultrasonic

3. Kohree Cat Scat Mat with Spikes, 2m x 0.3m Cat Dog Animal Spikes Repellent Deterrent Mat

If your most prominent cat issue is related to digging, scratching and tearing of valuables, then this deterrent will serve you well. Its spikes and the entire body is made of plastic and polypropylene; they’ll only tickle the cats and make noises that’ll surely scare them off.

If you want an effect that lasts longer, you might need to cover a large area with the mat. If not, cats will figure out how to move around it and get to wherever they want.


  • Product weight: 430 grams
  • Manufacturer: Kohree
  • Type: Mat

4. Karlsten Cat Repellent Anti Fouling spray

This is a preventive and effective organic spray that promises to provide you with a cat-free environment. When sprinkled over 2 weeks, it would’ve masked previous odours left by the cats, and eventually stop them from visiting your home.


  • Product weight: 540grams
  • Manufacturer: E&G
  • Type: Spray

5. Karlsten Cat Repellent Anti Fouling Granules

This repellent is in a different form compared to others previously discussed. The granules are sprinkled in strategic areas; places that you’re certain the cat visits. It does a good job of masking any marked territory, therefore leaving the cat to find a new place to do its business.


  • Product weight: 650 grams
  • Manufacturer: E&G
  • Type: Granules

6. C&G Pets Urine Stop Spray for Cat and Dog Repellent

With this product, you can confidently say bye to having cats pee around your garden, flower beds or lawn. And it’s not just cats, dogs too walk away from the scent of this spray. It is an effective spray that might require frequent use for stubborn cats. It smells nice to humans, so you don’t have to worry about getting irritated yourself.

To get the best out of this product, ensure to shake well before usage so all ingredients can function together. Get ready to take that new bad habit from your cat, and prevent unwanted gifts from animals that don’t belong to you.


  • Product weight: 580 grams
  • Manufacturer: C&G
  • Type: Spray

7. INTEY Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

This is a solar-powered cat scarer that offers you an alternative means of charging in case the sun decides to take some time off. It uses sound waves to irritate and chase cats and foxes away from your surroundings. It is also multifunctional; it doesn’t have to be used at home alone. You can set the sensitivity and frequency to different settings, such as high frequency if you are outdoors. You can take it camping or on a vacation trip, and it’ll still function the same way. It’s very easy to install, so moving it around wouldn’t be much of a problem.


  • Product weight: 870 grams
  • Manufacturer: INTEY
  • Power source: Solar
  • Type: Ultrasonic cat deterrent

8. Avid Parade 3 Face 360 Degrees Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

You’re here to solve your cat problem, and this ultrasonic deterrent will do just for you, and then it’ll solve the problem of other unwanted animals on your property too. If you have a farm with lots of crops that need to be protected from any harm whatsoever, this product is an ideal option for you.


  • Product weight: 510 grams
  • Manufacturer: Avid Parade
  • Power source: Solar powered and rechargeable batteries
  • Type: Ultrasonic cat deterrent

9. Cat Deterrent Spray, Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray

Asides doing their business in unpleasant locations, cats are also known for scratching furniture and clothes and chewing on some plants in the garden or your flower beds. This cat spray deterrent is a perfect solution for that. It ultimately trains your cat on what not to scratch around the house. How convenient is that, right? All you should do is spray it on selected places and watch your cats keep their claws and teeth away from those places.


  • Product weight: 170 grams
  • Manufacturer: Petsvv
  • Type: spray

10. PestBye® Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer & Repellent

This Pestbye jet spray is a motion detector water spray that covers any range of land, whether it’s your garden or some other part of your property you set it to. You have to connect the Pestbye Jet Spray to a water source, such as a garden hose and make sure the battery within is functioning. Once its sensor is activated, it automatically sprays water and scares the cat away.


  • Product weight: 489.88 grams
  • Manufacturer: PestBye
  • Power source: battery powered
  • Type: Water spray

Best Cat Deterrent UK – Buying Guide

Why You Need a Cat Deterrent

Cats are gorgeous and adored pets. Anyone with a garden or a lawn must have been subjected to the unpleasantness that these creatures are capable of, at some point. They cause a variety of problems when left unchecked by cat owners if they happen to have one. Some of the common nuisance that you’ll be avoiding with a cat garden deterrent include:


This is easily the most common and biggest issue that cats cause. First of all, it’s a horrible sight to be greeted with, and then it’s even worse if you happen to find your foot in it. Then, the odour can be nauseating especially if it’s your cat that did his business inside the apartment. And then, unlike most animals’ faeces, it is completely toxic. Your plants are at the risk of dying when they come in contact with it because it ruins the soil nutrients and reduces fertility.

Tip: As annoying as it may be, the easiest way to deter cats temporarily when they do their business in your garden is to clean it out. If you don’t, they’ll keep coming back and eventually label that location as their toilets.

Scratching, destroying and tearing:

Doing their business in unpleasant places is sadly not the only issue posed by cats. They tend to destroy things also, maybe not intentionally, but still. Cats love to dig; put them in a garden and watch them dig around in pleasure. This is bad for your garden; they could dig up beautiful flowers that took you time to grow, or ruin a garden you recently tended to. Cats also love to scratch; it’s in their nature. Imagine stepping out for a few hours only to come back and see that your cat had a scratching party on your cushion; that would suck.


Have you ever seen or heard cats fighting? You should know it’s a very messy and noisy encounter. They growl and whine, knocking things over as they chase each other around and trying to mark territory. This almost always happens at night, and if you’re a light sleeper, then know that you won’t be getting a wink throughout that fight.

This is only a brief description of the nuisance that cats can be. A cat repellent will help you reduce these things from happening. Here are some reasons you want a cat scarer around you:

1. You can’t always be around to scare them away: You’ve got better things to do. Even if you manage to find the time to sit and wait for cats, chances are you’ll get frustrated by the ordeal. And if you don’t get frustrated, by some miracle, it’s still not a permanent solution. A cat repellent will give you a long-term solution.

2. Your properties matter: You spent a decent amount of money on the furniture installed artistically in your home. You’ve also given a significant part of your time to creating that beautiful garden, watering the plants and removing weeds. You don’t want to do all that only for a cat to ruin it under hours.

3. It could be dangerous not to own one: Maybe you don’t own a cat because you’re allergic. In this case, not having a cat deterrent installed in your home could lead to serious medical conditions. Also, cats carry parasites which when transferred to humans can lead to muscle pain and some irritable respiratory conditions. And there are the faeces that are toxic to plants, and can also harm children if they happen to play around the garden.

4. Cat deterrents are mostly multifunctional: Ultrasonic cat repellent or cat spray deterrent are both capable of repelling other unwanted animals like dogs and rodents. You’ll be killing more than two birds with one stone here. That’s a pretty good bargain.

How many types of cat repellents and cat scarers are there?

Cat deterrents exist in a lot of forms, it’s almost difficult to keep up with all the new additions to the market. They can be classified based on their sources of power (battery operated or electricity) or based on the way they function. Let’s take a look at some types based on the way they function, as given in the specifications for selected products above

1. Sound wave repellents: Also known ultrasonic cat scarers. These kinds of deterrents use high pitched ultrasonic sound waves that scare cats away from using your garden when they get close enough within the detection range for the sensor to detect movement; the detection range is usually about a metre or two in distance. They are either powered by batteries or they fall in the category of solar cat scarer. They need to be inserted using a ground stake in a location that the cat is likely to walk through, if not, they won’t work. Also, if it’s solar cat scarer, you’ll need to place it where it’ll have access to the sun.

2. Sprays: These are usually in liquid or aerosol form. They are designed to repel cats by taste, odour, or both. They are also made in different concentration levels for indoor and outdoor use, with the outdoor version being more concentrated than the one used indoors. Keep in mind that cat spray deterrent can be harmful to your garden plants if they’re pure chemicals, so watch out for organic sprays with ingredients like lemongrass and citronella.

They are usually hand sprayed, but you could come across ones that are inserted into the ground and spray automatically when the sensor picks up on the presence of any unwanted animals. That would be a motion-activated kind of spray, and this is usually just water. Also, keep in mind that the first spray you buy might not work for the cat you’re trying to get rid of, that doesn’t mean the spray doesn’t function, it just means the cat is resistant to that one, so you’ll have to keep trying until you find the perfect match.

Sprays usually last for about 3 days, maximum, but during the wet seasons, you would need to spray more frequently as the rain can wash away the odour.

3. Mats: These come in different sizes and are usually made of plastic cat repellent spikes. You can place them in places that cats frequently walk by. Anytime a cat steps on it, it makes a sudden sound that scares the cat away. It is a harmless and versatile cat scarer noisemaker that you can spread across your garden to discourage them from digging and visiting at all.

4. Granules or powder: This is another effective form of cat repellent that also exists in different concentrations like sprays. They are applied directly to the soil and are tolerant of different weather conditions.

These are the different kinds of manufactured cat deterrents that the market has to offer. There are homemade deterrent tricks too like sprinkling dry cayenne pepper around, dropping citrus peels around the garden, or spraying vinegar mixed with peppermint or some other natural repellents for cats. The problem with this method is they don’t always work permanently, so it’s better to use proven methods.

How to use a cat repeller

Making optimal use of any cat repellents or cat scarers depends on the place or places you’re trying to protect. If your main focus is on your garden, you can get an ultrasonic cat scarer that is solar-powered and motion-sensitive, or you can get the motion detector water jet spray too, and this means they’d have to be in the garden before they can be chased off. If you want to prevent them from coming in at all, you can make use of cat deterrent wall spikes by placing them on the fence and close to the fence, so they don’t even get to enter the garden at all.

For indoor use, to prevent them from clawing at furniture and other house appliances, or to create some cat-free spaces, you can either spray around those areas or place a mat at the entrance of the rooms you want to protect, the cat scarer noise will do its job.

Whatever method you choose to adopt, read the instructions and ingredients (in sprays) to be certain that you’re not harming yourself or the cat.

Things to look out for when considering a cat repeller

1. Location: Where do you intend to use the deterrent? In the garden, for stray cats? Or indoors for your cat? The best deterrent for each location will differ. You wouldn’t want to get an electric-powered deterrent for your garden unless you have power outlets there. Likewise, a solar cat scarer will be rendered useless inside the house.

2. Cat behaviour: What exactly are you trying to prevent the cat from doing? Did you want it to stop coming around your fence completely or you just want it to stop digging in your garden and leaving their cat faeces? Knowing the behaviour you’re trying to prevent with a deterrent will guide you to purchase an effective device.

3. Durability: The stronger a product is, the more likely it is to serve you for a long period. Consider the location you’re going to use the deterrent, the durability will differ for each one. You want something that performs well in all or most weather conditions if you’re placing it outdoors. The power source is also a determinant of how long it’ll serve; if the sun rarely ever visits your place, getting a solar cat scarer will be a bad investment for you.

4. Area of coverage: Just like knowing the location, you should know how much area you want to spread your deterrent across. Powder and sprays would be suitable for small areas, but very stressful for a huge garden.

5. Ingredients used: Always keep in mind that cat deterrents are meant to discourage, not to harm. If there’s a harmful ingredient in the deterrent if your choice, you should change it as it doesn’t qualify to be termed a deterrent anymore.

Frequently asked questions

Are cat deterrents safe?

For sprays, cat repellent granules, and powders; as long as you check and confirm that there are no harmful ingredients present, and you apply them as instructed, you will be fine and so will other pets you may have, including the cat. For deterrent spikes, always make sure they are made of plastic and not metal.

Also, take precautions while using these devices. Don’t spray near a fish tank, it might be harmful if it comes in contact with the water. Monitor your pet’s reaction to the deterrent used. If it’s affecting them, you should stop using it.

Cat deterrents are not meant to harm or kill. They are safety measures to deter cats from getting into any bad habits. So if it’s harmful, get rid of it.

What kinds of smells deter cats?

Cats are very sensitive creatures. Their sense of smell is so heightened, and this is one of the reasons they’ll always find the exact spot they pooped or peed, without making a mistake. There are some particular scents that cats generally detest. They include citrus scents (lemons, oranges, grapes, etc.), pepper, mint, rosemary, and lavender. It is because of this information that some people choose to use homemade deterrents. Be careful what you do with these natural products though, some end up being toxic to the cats in certain quantities.


Cats are adorable pets for lots of people. It takes a few bad habits for them to be seen as pests, and pests are things anyone would want to get rid of as effectively and quickly as possible. We hope this list of cat scarers and deterrents and buyer’s guide are enough to clear any confusions you might have had before.

Weigh your options practically, and pick the most suitable for your needs.

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