Best Baby Night Light Projector UK

Are you currently planning the look of your baby’s nursery? Or maybe you plan a short holiday and want to make sure that your baby falls asleep in a friendly room, even if far away from home?

The answer to these questions – and to a couple more – is often a night light projector. It is an item that, while it can keep busy both adults and children, is often used to make babies fall asleep easier or at least give them something to focus on before drifting away.

In any case, a baby night light projector is perfect for when babies don’t like the dark and you want to be able to see them in their room, just with a glance, without having to turn the light on. Here is what you should know about the best baby night light projector UK – a top of the best products, including a handy buyer’s guide!

Best Baby Night Light Projectors

1. Moredig Baby Light Projector, Remote Control and Timer Design Rotating Night Light

The first entry on our list is a modern-looking product from Moredig. This light projector comes equipped with 12 songs and 8 colour modes. It can also rotate to offer your baby a real show before falling asleep.

For easy adjustment, you can rely on the remote control. It allows you to turn the projector on and off, adjust the light colours, change the songs, control the timer, as well as the rotation feature. You won’t have to disturb the baby if you want to turn the projector off.

The projector has 2 design modes, namely starry sky and animal world projection. Due to the size of the projector, it can easily project the lights on both upper walls and ceiling.

2. DSTANA Night Light Kids Star Projector, Built-in 12 Songs and 12 Colorful Light Modes

Next up, we have this star projector night light baby from DSTANA with 12 songs and 12 colour modes. Reportedly, it is ideal for children aged 1 to 12.

You can power the projector via either USB cord or 4 triple-A batteries. This ensures both safety and portability. A timer function is also present so that the unit can turn off by itself and you don’t wake up the baby.

The product features a very intuitive button system. As they grow older, children can learn how to use the projector themselves – one button changes the night light mode, one changes the colours, and a third one activates the rotation feature.

3. Star Night Light Projector for Baby, Best Gifts Toys for Kids

This product is ideal for babies as it comes with a variety of illustrations that it can project. Unlike most products that are limited to waves and stars, this projector has a Christmas theme, as well as an underwater one, dinosaurs, solar system, constellations, birthday theme, and a Halloween theme. It’s fit for every occasion – it’s not just a baby rotating night light projector, it can be much more!

There are also 7 colour modes that you can choose from. On top of that, the brightness is adjustable, for easy, relaxing sleep. Thanks to its design, the projector can literally fill the room with projections.

All of its features can be accessed via a handy remote – turn on/off, volume control, projection mode switch, night light turn on/off, brightness, and rotation control. There are 4 different songs available – Happy Birthday, Canon, For Elise, Birdsong, and Chatter.

4. Night Light Projector with Music, Star Light Projector with Remote Control

This particular projector is ideal for girls/baby girls, as it features 2 lovely pink rabbit ears on top of it. There’s a blue version as well, just in case you like this product too much!

The product is a 2-in-1 projector – with the help of a film it can be used as a projector, while with no film it can be used as a simple baby projector night light. In terms of projection, it is a high-resolution cartoony star and constellation projection. 8 songs are also available if your baby can’t fall asleep without a relaxing tune.

When it comes to features, there are 3 colour modes, 4 projection modes, 5 additional projection sets, and dynamic rotation. All of them can be controlled via remote control.

5. Baby Projector Night Light, BICASLOVE 2 in 1 LED Starry & Ocean Wave Projector Lamp

This is another projector that can be used as a simple baby star night light projector as well. Thanks to its design, the transparent lid can be removed, as well as the projection film inside. Then, simply put back the transparent lid and the bulb inside will provide the room with a warm light.

There are two projection modes to choose from – a starry sky or an underwater world. Diversity is ensured via the 8 different colour modes and with the help of the 360-degrees rotation feature.

The unit can be powered via USB or 4 triple-A batteries. You can use it everywhere you want, even if you connect it to a laptop.

6. Tesoky Star Night Light Projector for Kids

The next product on our list is a simple projector with a clean look. Depending on how bright its lights are, it could be easily left in a crib or be used as a toy.

As most projectors out there, this dubs as a night lamp as well. All you have to do is to keep the dome on for it to be a lamp and remove it to unveil the star projection. There are four colour modes, a warm night light mode, and the projection can also be rotated. The projection is not too intricate, making it ideal for tiny babies.

This Tesoky product is interesting because it is made of eco-friendly materials, such as ABS. Thanks to this, the product won’t cause irritations or odours and it is also quite resistant to impacts.

7. Moredig Baby Lights Projector, Star Projector Light with Starry Sky and Undersea Theme

Here’s another entry from Moredig, which seems to be the best brand in terms of baby night light projectors – this product is one of Amazon’s Choice for baby lights.

This product comes with two projection modes, namely starry sky and sea world. The projections have beautiful illustrations like sea horses, algae, jellyfish, and so on, for the sea world mode.

Each projection mode can be beautified via any of the 8 colour modes available. Extra depth can be added to any scene via the 360-degree rotation feature. The rotating baby night light projector can be powered via USB cable, portable power adapter, or 4 triple-A batteries.

8. Moredig Baby Light Projector, Built-in White Noise Star Projector with Bluetooth, Timer and Remote

Yet another projector from Moredig, one of the best baby projector night light brands, but this time in the shape of a rocket and with a modern design. As such, this product is fit for older children as well, not only babies.

The projection features a starry sky and cartoony space elements such as moons, UFOs, astronauts, rockets, and comets. The best part is that the projection enjoys all four available colours at the same time (red, green, yellow, blue) for a surreal scene.

For a relaxing sleep, you can also turn on the white-noise function or choose between any of the included songs – birds call, ocean waves, and raindrops. On top of that, the unit can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker – it can tell stories to your baby!

If the automatic turn-off and timer feature weren’t enough for you, this projector comes equipped with a handy remote.

9. Infantino Soothing Light and Projector, Table Top Projector and Night Light

Now, this product comes with an interesting design! It is made to look like a seashell conch, more or less. It is basically an oval with half of it made of plastic and the other half serving as a projection screen. It can be attached to baby cribs via a pair of straps on the product’s back.

But this is not the most interesting part! The projector features sound sensors that automatically turn on the product when the baby wakes up. Soothing music is turned on upon detecting sound.

Thanks to a conveniently-placed cover, the projector can be easily turned into the best night light projector for baby. It is powered solely via batteries – no USB or annoying cords/cables.

10. Star Projector, Galaxy Projector Light 3 in 1 Night Lights LED Mood Light

The last product on our list is a projector with a complex design that will most likely be bought by dads that have taken a liking to its look. The projector looks like being pulled out of Star Wars and painted white to be fit for a baby.

It comes with more than 13 colour combinations and modes. Three projection lenses are available – stars, moon, and ocean waves. All three can be used at the same time for an interesting projection.

With the help of a remote, you can turn on the rotation feature of the product and adjust its brightness. Thanks to a built-in sensor, the projector can also pulse in rhythm to the surrounding sounds.

Best Baby Night Light Projector – Buying Guide

As you’ve noticed, there are no two identical baby night light projectors. On top of that, even if they come with similar features, they often don’t do the same things.

For example, almost all the projectors on our list are capable of music/sounds, but some of them can only play music for a limited time until it has to be turned on again. Because of things like this, you should always read a buying guide before making a purchase so that you’re sure that you take into account all the important features!

What to Consider when Buying a Baby Night Light Projector

Materials Used

Given that some projectors may fall in the hands of your children or baby, it goes without saying that they must be a bit resilient as well, not only fancy.

Moreover, you must also take into account allergies and irritation. As it is susceptible to heat, the projector mustn’t be made out of a material that emits odours when exposed to heat. At the same time, it shouldn’t cause irritation if the baby comes into contact with it.

Power Source

The projector’s power source is extremely important as some parents really don’t want to leave something plugged in, overnight, near the baby’s crib or bed. Malfunctions can happen and it is better to be safe than sorry.

To avoid any issues, check out products that use batteries (either built-in or triple-A) or that can be powered via USB. Power banks have safety features built-in that prevent accidents.

For the best experience, we recommend a product with a built-in, rechargeable battery.

Type of Light Bulb

Depending on the type of light bulb the projector uses, it can, first of all, eat through batteries or not and, second of all, reach the end of its life faster than expected.

Projectors use either incandescent bulbs or LEDs – the latter is the more expensive option, while the former are usually cheaper. However, incandescent bulbs last only a couple of years under moderate use – so imagine how often you’ll have to change them if you use the projector every single night.

On the other hand, LEDs are known to be long-lasting, as well as brighter than conventional bulbs. An LED projector is highly recommended.

Brightness/Volume Settings

Keep in mind that such products are designed and should be mainly used for babies. In this case, every good product should come with brightness and volume settings to accommodate every baby type and preference.

If you read some reviews, you’ll find out that the main concern of parents is that the lights are too bright or that the speaker is too loud.

Naturally, look for products that allow you to customize the experience the projector provides. You should be aiming for a product that can create the most relaxing experience, for both children and adults.


Obviously, if you’re planning the design of your nursery, then you should choose a product that fits the overall theme you’re going for. A pink setting would call for a pink projector, maybe for the one mentioned above with the set of pink rabbit ears.

However, make sure that the design doesn’t make it hard to use the projector.

Colour aside, some design choices can make the projector have a blurry projection or not able to project on the ceiling properly. Before buying, see if the design allows for versatility when using the projector. For example, see if, when placed in a crib, the projection light would reach the baby’s eyes.

Projection Model

It goes without saying that, if your baby has taken a liking to underwater animals and plants, you won’t buy them a projector with a starry sky projection. You must keep the projection mode in mind when buying the projector.

As you’ve seen above, there’s not a wide range of projections available. If you don’t find the one that you’re looking for, at least go for a product that has multiple colour modes available!

Or, if you think you may craft a projection film yourself, then look for a product with interchangeable projection films!

Ease of Control

If your baby/child is a light sleeper, then opt for a remote-controlled projector. Most remotes can be used across a 3m range, so you don’t really need to enter the baby’s room in order to turn the projector on or off.

Moreover, the remote should be quite comprehensive as well – you should be able to control rotation, brightness, volume, timer, and auto turn on/off functions as well.

Additional Features

If you want to use the projector in more than one place (the nursery) or you want to have more fun with it, then we recommend features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers, sound-activated lights, and a lot of colour modes.

With the help of Bluetooth speakers, you could read to your baby/kid even when you’re on a business trip. Sound-activated lights make it so that you know when the baby wakes up. We don’t even have to mention that they make the room a safer place if your kid wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing some weird sound.

Last but not least, a wide variety of colour modes can make a simple baby projector a great addition to a kid’s birthday party!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can night light projectors help babies sleep better?

Yes! Depending on some factors, babies often can’t fall asleep in complete darkness. This is why night lamps are such a common thing, even for children aged 10. On top of that, the combination of small, dim lights with a slow circular motion and even soothing music was shown to promote healthy sleep for babies.

In fact, if you tried it as an adult, you’ll find that it helps you fall asleep better as well!

Q: Are baby night light projectors only for babies?

As mentioned above, they can promote healthy sleep in all age categories. Moreover, given that most projectors function as night lamps as well, they can be used by children aged 1 to 12.

Depending on projection type and quality, children may go on to use such projectors even in their teenage years as well.

Q: What to do if the projector makes the baby/child uncomfortable?

If you think it will help them sleep better, but they seem startled by it, you could try dimming the lights to minimum brightness and turning off the sounds, if any. The rotation should also be stopped if it is a feature.

Simple lights, with no noise coming from the projector, should get the baby/child accustomed to the product much faster. This may also make them want to further explore the projector’s features in the future.

This is why, when recommending baby projectors, we ask people to opt for the products with plenty of features that allow for unique experiences!

Final Thoughts

Baby night light projectors are not easy to buy. After all, you have to take into account the preferences of someone that can’t verbally communicate with you!

As such, deciding between a starry sky or an underwater world can have you show a variety of toys to your babies, to figure whether they like the sky or the seahorses. Nevertheless, we hope that our top, as well as our buying guide, will help you buy the best baby night light projector UK

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