Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers UK

Nobody likes heavy sleepers – not even heavy sleepers themselves! Why?

Well, even though they’re known to get one of the best sleep on the planet, this comes as a disadvantage to them when they have to wake up early or when they want more out of their day – instead of waking up at 12 o’clock and skip almost half a day.

What you need to avoid being late and enjoy a full day, especially if it’s a sunny one, is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers UK! Such products are designed for people that have a hard time waking up and will certainly make you hate staying more than needed in bed! Let’s take a close look at the ten of the best alarms on the market, as well as at a comprehensive buying guide that will teach you what you should look for if you want to buy your own super-alarm!

Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

1. Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper/Deaf/Hearing Impaired

We’re starting strong with a very loud alarm clock that also vibrates and, to top everything else, comes with a bed shaker as well. It has close to five thousand reviews and is also Amazon’s Choice for this particular type of product.

This alarm can wake you up via the bed shaker or sound – or with the help of both if you’re a particularly heavy sleeper. It also features two USB chargers so that you can easily charge your phone via the alarm clock overnight.

In terms of features, the product comes with a night light that has available seven different colours, as well as a big snooze button. The LED display is 7’’ and adapts to the time format – the numbers are big and easy to read.

2. Banne Bon Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Optional Alarm

The second entry on our list comes with an interesting design that blends old with new, so to speak. Overall, the alarm clock as a retro bell alarm design, but its display is electronic and features one large night light – to make it easier for you to read the clock or wake you up for your night shifts.

When it comes to the alarm sound itself, it is a loud metal bell ringing that will wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. Thanks to it being an electronic device, you can set up two different alarms and select between three wake-up modes. Namely, the alarm clock can be set to wake you up differently during the week and during the weekend.

Naturally, it also features a snooze function that also triggers the night light once the button is pressed. Last but not least, the blue backlit LCD screen can display alarm information, month, date, as well as year – not to mention the time, of course. It supports 12H and 24H display settings too.

3. ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Vibrating Shaker Bed for Heavy Sleepers

Next up, we have a loud alarm clock from ROCAM – another entry with plenty of reviews and also one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. Therefore, it goes without saying that this product comes with a vibrating bed shaker as well.

The alarm’s buzzer comes with four different levels of intensity. Regarding the alarm, the clock can just vibrate, buzz, or combine the two into the ultimate wake-up call experience.

Moving on to the display, it is a large LED screen that displays the time, the number of alarms set, and so on. You can set up two different alarms on the alarm clock and, if none of them satisfies your sleeping needs, you can use the snooze button that will add 9 more minutes of sleep to your mornings. Just don’t overuse it!

4. CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original) – Extra Loud for Heavy Sleeper

Now let’s take a look at a more interesting design and concept. Opposite to a wearable alarm clock for heavy sleepers, the next alarm on our top list is a product on wheels – meaning that the central piece of the alarm is suspended in the air. Let’s see how it works!

Little Clocky, once the alarm starts to ring, will run away from you, roll, hide, continue buzzing – of course -, and even jump up to 3 feet in the air. If you can get up in the morning only due to annoying causes, so to speak, this is the ideal alarm for you.

Moreover, the alarm is not only very loud but it also sounds like our beloved R2D2, which can get quite annoying, especially if we hear it walking under our bed and so on. Even though a snooze button is included, we think that you’ll have a very hard time using it. This is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers that want to wake up with the first alarm that they hear!

5. Coolzon Twin Bell Retro Alarm Clock Loud

Next up, we have a classic alarm clock, operated by a mechanical system. In short, it’s your good-old twin bell alarm clock that you might have seen at your grandpa’s. Naturally, you’ve seen it there for a reason – such alarms are known as the best when it comes to waking up heavy sleepers as they’re extremely loud, depending on build quality, of course.

For your peace of mind during sleep, the clock doesn’t come with a ticking movement – the only sound is the alarm. Moreover, this is also a modern product, as it comes equipped with a backlight that can be turned on or off – or you can rely on the numbers, which are fluorescent.

The numbers on this alarm clock are large and easy to see, making it an ideal choice for any type of room or person. It goes without saying that the bells are loud enough to wake up the entire room – if not the entire house.

6. Geemarc Sonic Bomb – Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Here comes the sonic bomb – almost quite literally! This particular alarm clock comes with an 85dB alarm, which is almost as loud as the alarms used by security padlocks. Luckily for you, if you have a small room you can lower the volume so that you don’t wake up feeling like war is about to break out in your neighbourhood.

Moreover, you can also set up the snooze button from one to 30 minutes, depending on how much free time you have in the morning. For increased convenience, you can set up two different alarms and, on top of that, each alarm can continue to ring for one to 59 full minutes.

The clock comes with a fitting design, with red lights and a large red LED display. It features a shaker pad that you can place under your pillow or mattress for an extra kick. Last but not least, you can set it to flash upon ringing the alarm and you can also dim the display according to your needs.

7. ALEEONFOON 4’’ Metal Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Here we have another classic/vintage alarm clock for heavy sleepers UK, this time with a silver finish and a deep blue colour for the inner number dial. The double bells of this alarm are 4 inches wide, making for a very loud alarm that will certainly get you out of the bed.

Speaking of the build, the clock features a premium metal case, an aluminium dial, and a silkscreen design on the lens which is made of glass. Since it is a vintage item, it features a night light button that helps you determine the time during the night. The pointed movement is reportedly very quiet, which is ideal for both kids and seniors.

For the alarm clock to function, you need only one double-A battery. Reportedly, this is a low power consumption product that will not eat through batteries like most electronic clocks.

8. Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker, Flashing Alert Light

Coming back to modern, electronic alarm clocks, we have an entry from Buffbee. This extra loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers comes with three ways of waking you up in the morning – via the alarm buzzer, the strong bed shaker, or with the help of a flashing red light. Each of them can be activated separately or all at once.

When it comes to the buzzer, it can go as high as 110dB and, luckily for the rest of your family, it is adjustable. The same applies to the bed shaker – it has four levels of adjustments.

You can set up two different alarms with this clock and choose between 3 wake-up modes – every day, weekday, or weekend only. The time can be easily seen thanks to the 2-inch LCD display that has an adjustable-brightness feature as well. Even though this is a plug-in unit, you can still equip it with 3 triple-A batteries. On top of that, a USB port allows you to charge your devices.

9. Geemarc Telecom Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve, Loud Alarm Clock with Vibrating Shaker Pad

Next up, we have a very loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers in the form of a miniature curved LED TV – we’re not going to lie, it does look quite appealing and will surely make for a clean look when placed next to your bed.

The alarm of this product is as loud as 90dB, making it ideal for people that are visually or hearing impaired. On top of that, the clock can also flash with bright lights, while the vibrating shaker will let you know that you have to wake up.

Moving on to the display, it is a large 4.3’’ LED screen with red digits. If the alarm is too much for you, then you can rely on the adjustable tone control feature. You can also set the clock for 12 or 24 hours and, if need be, use the alarm clock to charge your phone – via a USB port.

10. Tisaika Alarm Clock Battery Powered Twin Bell Retro Vintage

The final entry on our top list is a classic twin bell alarm clock – but in a modern, clean design. It comes with more than enough positive ratings and it is also one of Amazon’s Choice when it comes to loud alarm clocks.

The system powering the clock is obviously mechanical, while the twin bells are just as loud as you need them to be to properly wake you up in the morning. The digits are large and easy to see as they feature a 3D design. If you need the time during the night, you can rely on the night light button located on the back of the alarm clock.

Thanks to its Quartz mechanism and five-year service guaranteed after-sale, you will not need to replace this alarm clock anytime soon. On top of that, it is also extremely quiet – ideal for both children, teens, and seniors.

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers – Buying Guide

Now that we got the best ten alarm clocks for heavy sleepers out of the way, let’s take a look at what you should be considering if you want to buy such a product on your own.

As our recommendations might not fully satisfy you, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide that will teach everything you need to know about choosing the ideal heavy-sleeper alarm clock!

Alarm Customization

Some alarms might never be too loud to wake you up. In this case, you need an alarm that can be heavily customized and ultimately meet its purpose of waking you up.

As such, the alarm clock that you buy should give you the possibility to set up at least two different alarms. Moreover, alarm modes are also important if you don’t want to waste time every week setting up your weekend alarms. Keep in mind that modern alarm clocks can come with up to 6 customizable alarms and multiple alarm modes.

What About the Snooze?

When it comes to snooze and heavy sleepers, we think that they shouldn’t have this feature in an alarm clock – and for good reasons. Heavy sleepers are known to simply push the snooze button, even endlessly, and sleep one, two, three hours past their waking time.

However, you should still pick an alarm clock with a snooze feature, just in case you need it. For a comprehensive snooze, buy a model with adjustable snooze time or with gradual wake-up – the latter is a feature that will gradually increase the alarm sound during snooze times until you wake up.

Display Type

Some people don’t need much from their alarm clock – only for it to be loud enough and easy to set up. In this case, an alarm clock with a simple, non-electrical display is more than just enough.

On the other hand, if you want more features from your alarm clock, then an LCD/LED display is required. Such display will often show you how many alarms you have set up, if the alarm is active, the day and month, and so on. Naturally, most of them come with dimmable displays so that you don’t get bothered while you sleep – and some models even have a flashing display that activates at the same time the alarm rings.

Alarm Sound Features

Now, let’s see what you should have in mind when it comes to the sound of the alarm. This is quite important as you don’t want an alarm that’s too loud and that doesn’t come with adjustable volume as well!

  • Adjustable Volume – as mentioned above, some alarm clocks can come with alarms as loud as 110dB. That is a lot, to say the least! If you place such an alarm next to your bed, you won’t just wake up – you’ll jump out of your bed, literally! Find an alarm clock with an adjustable volume, unless it’s a classic, mechanical clock.
  • Sound Quality – certain alarms can play music or relaxing sounds. Those sounds are not the alarm itself and might require more than just the usual electronic alarm speaker, so to say. If you’re looking for an alarm clock that can play you music until you fall asleep and greet you with chirping birds in the morning, make sure the built-in speaker is of high quality and doesn’t scare you.

Additional Features

  • Time Sync – old alarm clock models usually have their settings reset once and if the power goes down. However, modern models come with an internal clock and battery that allows them to save your settings, including the time.
  • Backup Batteries – speaking of batteries, electronic models often come with just a power plug and with no internal clock. In this case, you should look for an alarm clock with a compartment for backup batteries. If the power goes out, the clock will use the batteries inside to keep on running, save your alarm settings, and wake you up on time.
  • USB ports – if you want to charge your phone overnight but are reluctant to leave its charger plugged in, a modern alarm clock with a USB port can be very helpful.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s best for heavy sleepers – electronic or mechanic alarm clocks?

Most of the time, electronic alarm clocks have nothing on the good-old twin bell clocks, mainly because the metallic alarm sound they provide is loud enough to wake up the entire house. Luckily, you can enjoy the modern features of an electric clock as well as a pair of twin alarm bells thanks to certain models that you can easily find on the market.

Q: Do I need a bed shaker included with my alarm clock?

We didn’t mention bed shakers in our buying guide because they’re more of a personal preference and are not that common when it comes to alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. They’re better for hearing and visually impaired people.

On top of that, depending on how heavy you sleep, you may also have a difficult time feeling the bed shaker if it’s not accompanied by a loud sound.

Final Thoughts

Buying a very loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers UK is a fairly easy task – just choose the most annoying and loudest product on the market, especially if it’s for your teen child.

However, keep in mind that sound is only a part of the alarm. You must pick a product that is reliable and durable as well. We know that, depending on how we wake up, we might end up throwing the alarm clock if it doesn’t stop from ringing once we press the snooze button. In short, consider all of its potential features before buying it!

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