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Some people might have it a bit difficult to understand exactly what a 3D pen is and especially how it works – after all, it’s just a pen! The trick is that, unlike regular pens, a 3D printing pen allows you to draw in space and create shapes that you can actually see from different angles.

Basically, a 3D printing pen is the simpler, more child-friendly version of a 3D printers. You can fit it in your pocket or backpack and start drawing at any given time – if you have the required materials, as you’ll see. Naturally, such a pen is ideal for children that want to take their creativity one step further.

Therefore, whether it’s for you or a present for your child, here’s what you need to know to buy the best 3D pen!

Best 3D Pens

1. Aerb Intelligent 3D Pen with LED Display, 3D Printing Pen with USB Charging

The first entry on our list is a 3D printing pen from Aerb, which is also Amazon’s Choice when it comes to 3D pens, so it must be more than just a big deal, so to say. Let’s see what this gadget can do!

It features adjustable temperature and speed (with 8 levels) and is reportedly better in terms of control and accuracy. The temperature setting adjustment feature allows the user to melt various materials – a neat LED display also shows the current temperature.

Thanks to some bits of advanced technology, this 3D printing pen will never jam. After being left on hold, the 3D wire retracts automatically and also leaves any residue outside of the pen itself. Then, after five minutes of inactivity, the pen enters sleep mode. Naturally, it is made of safe and non-toxic materials and allows for the purchase of additional 3D filaments as well.

2. MYRIWELL 3D Pen Professional Creative 3D Printing Pen with 10 Colors Filaments

For our second entry, we have a fancy, white 3D printing pen from MYRIWELL, which comes with enough ratings to be considered a trusty product. Let’s see exactly what it can do!

This particular 3D pen is a low-temperature pen, meaning that it is not as dangerous as other 3D pens and can be safely used by children. In order to power it, the user has to connect a USB cord to a 5V 1A adapter. It is convenient enough so far.

The filaments used by the product are made from PCL, which has a low melting point and is enviro-friendly as well since it is degradable. Since it is designed for beginners, the manufacturers have included ten filaments with different colours with this pen. Obviously, the 3D printing pen is extremely easy to use – you just have to power it, heat it up, insert the PCL filament, press the load filament button, and then start creating 3D masterpieces!

3. SAYWE SMA-1plus 3D Pen with 24 Color PLA Filament, 6 Printing Speed and Temperature Adjustable

For our next entry, we have a classy 3D pen that might very well turn an adult into a fancy person and a child into an artist. Despite its classy, all-black look, this 3D printing pen is suited for both adults and children.

Interesting about this one is the fact that it supports 2 different types of filaments – namely PLA and ABS, which are made of two different materials. On top of that, it comes with 6-levels speed control settings so that you can fine-tune your creativity.

On top of that, the product’s operating temperature can also be adjusted – in 1-degree increments, which is extremely suitable for artwork that requires additional attention to detail. As mentioned above, it is ideal for both adults and for children older than 5 years, as the pen comes with 2 finger protectors.

4. 3D Pen, Lihuachen 3D Printing Pen with 265 Feet 27 Colors PLA Filament Refills

Coming in with vibrant blue colour, this 3D printing pen from Lihuachen is ready to enter the toy drawer of an enthusiastic and creative child – or the office of an adult, of course!

The product features an ergonomic design that won’t hurt any fingers or cause any numbness/soreness – in short, it is very easy to use and master. It also features an LCD display that shows the current temperature and, on top of that, it is compatible with both PLA and ABS materials. This makes it a highly versatile product.

Naturally, as most brands on the market, the pen comes with 27 PLA filaments of different colours, each 9.85 feet long. The filaments are made of enviro-friendly materials, and contain no toxic elements – nor they emanate any unpleasant odours or smells.

5. 3D Pen, Intelligent Voice 3D Printing Pen with LED Display, Voice Broadcast, Adjustable Speed Control

Thanks to its design, the next product on our list is ideal for children – that and a couple of additional features that might not pair with adults, if we may say so. Basically, besides being a usual 3D pen, this particular product features a voice broadcast feature as well!

The voice of the pen is ready and able to tell your children how to use the 3D pen – it includes audio step by step instructions that can be activated with a long button press. As we mentioned above, this one is ideal for children.

Even though it is designed like a toy, it comes with comprehensive 3D printing pen features, such as adjustable speed and temperature – from 190 to 220 degrees. It also features a stepless speed function that allows for detail work. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the pen enters standby mode to avoid any accidents.

6. 3D Printing Pen Intelligent 3D Pen with PCL Filaments Compatible with Low Temperature

For our sixth entry, we’re taking a look at a delicate, black 3D pen which can be ideal for adults that need to escape the stress and relax a bit while creating amazing 3D art.

However, it is suited for children as well, since it operates under low temperatures – of around 40 degrees. It uses PCL filaments which are just as safe to use, as they don’t contain any toxic materials nor emanate unpleasant odours.

In terms of features, the 3D pen has an automatic filament-loading function and adjustable speed controls. It is powered via USB and weighs only 52 grams! The temperature can be adjusted as well thanks to the multiple buttons this pen comes equipped with. In short, thanks to the plethora of features, this particular pen provides incredible control and handling.

7. Nuly 3D Pen, Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with Voice Prompt, USB Powered, Multi-Level Speed

Next up, we have a reindeer that will guide you through your 3D art creation process. This is because this orange pen with a black tip also features a reindeer head on top – and the best part is that it can talk as well!

The 3D pen features voice prompts that can guide children – as well as adults – during their 3D drawing process. This helps them understand how 3D works and, ultimately, improve their spatial thinking. It is also extremely easy to use this pen – you need to just plug it in, let it heat up and then start drawing.

Among its most impressive features, we have the two filament modes and two speed levels that adapt to your creative needs. The product also features a new and updated chip that controls the temperature better and keeps the speed constant.

8. 3D Printing Pen, DigiHero Intelligent 3D Printer Drawing Pen Compatible with 1.75mm PLA/ABS Filament

Let’s now take a look at this futuristic-design 3D pen from DigiHero. It will likely make your children feel like scientists on a spaceship!

The 3D pen sports an ergonomic design and it is also made using ABS material for better and more comfortable handling. Naturally, it features a non-slip grip that keeps the hand and the fingers relaxed during use.

Thanks to special technology – namely, aircraft-grade ceramic nozzle – the pen will not clog and can also endure high temperatures without any issue. It fits both PLA and ABS filaments and has 3 speed levels available. The manufacturer kindly provides buyers with 20 coloured filaments – 12 normal, 4 glow-in-the-dark, and 4 fluorescent.

9. New Polaroid Play+ 3D Pen with PLA Starter Kit & Free App

If you have a Polaroid camera, then you might want to pair it with this Polaroid 3D pen with a classy and unique design – which is somewhat fitting for this particular brand. Speaking of design, the 3D pen is made for both right- and left-handed users.

This particular product features 3 speed settings, fit for all types of work. It is powered via a USB-C connection and is compatible with most, if not all common charging cables.

The only downside of this amazing product would be the fact that it is compatible mainly with Polaroid PLA filaments, though the manufacturer specifies universal PLA filaments might also fit it. The product is regarded as a starter kit and comes with a free app available on both Android and Apple.

10. 3D Printing Pen, Parner 3D Pen with LCD Screen, Safe and Easy to Use

The last entry on our list is a3D pen from Parner, which is also one of Amazon’s Choices when it comes to a 3D drawing pen. This particular product comes with an upgraded function, thanks to which the pen needs only one button to upload the filament automatically, without any additional assistance from the user.

As with most of the best 3D pens, this one comes with adjustable speed and temperature as well, for more detailed 3D artwork. There are three temperature and speed settings available – speed can be verified on the built-in LCD screen.

Being a comprehensive pen, this product is compatible with both PLA and ABS filament. On top of that, a purchase would bring you 16 coloured filaments of 10 feet each.

Best 3D Pen UK – Buying Guide

These were ten of the best 3D pens that you can find at the moment – each with a wide range of features and advantages for both adults and children. But what if you want something else?

Well, in this case, we’ve prepared a buying guide from you. If you’ve never experimented with 3D printing or drawing before, some of the terms above might be unknown to you – luckily, the following buying guide will explain everything you need to know about the best 3D pens!

3D Pen Basics

First of all, it is worth explaining how 3D pens work so that you better understand what you need to take into account when buying one – don’t worry, we’ll be short!

3D pens use plastic filaments in order to draw on paper or in air/space. Naturally, plastic drawn on paper can be removed and used as a 3D drawing, so to say. With 3D pens, the plastic filament heats and, usually with the press of a button, it exits via the nozzle and it can be modelled in various shapes and so on.

Given how plastic works, it turns solid in a couple of seconds after completely leaving the head of the 3D pen.

3D Pen Features and Characteristics

Now that you know what a 3D pen is and how it operates, let’s see what functions, features, and characteristics can make it more interesting and easier to use:

Control Type

Basic 3D pens don’t come with comprehensive control features, meaning that you can’t control the flow speed nor the temperature. However, the best 3D pens out there almost always come with adjustable temperature and speed. This function alone allows for more detailed 3D drawing, as well as for more intricate ones.

Pen Design

Design is also very important since it determines how easy it is to use the pen, as well as how comfortable it sits in your hands. First of all, 3D pens must have an ergonomic design so that you can hold it for longer without feeling sore or numb. Moving on to the buttons of your 3D drawing pen, you shouldn’t be able to accidentally press them, as this may cause flaws in your drawing. When it comes to the power source, which can be battery or via cable, you can choose whatever is most comfortable for you – although for children we recommend models with a built-in battery.

Filament Type

There are a lot of filament types out there, the most common ones – in terms of material – being PLA and ABS. What’s the best one to use? Well, regardless of material or type, you should choose one that’s easy to replace for your drawing pen. The easier you can replace it, the better you can use the pen overall. The general opinion is that filaments are the best for both children and adults.

Filament Compatibility

PLA and ABS come with different characteristics. As such, some may prefer only one type of filament. But if you’re open to new experiences and might try both types in the future, you should buy a 3D pen that is compatible with both filament types. This implies a 3D pen that can work at different temperature ranges, as to accommodate the stronger ABS type.

Automatic Shut-Off

If you buy the pen for a child, it is highly recommended that you get a product that has an automatic shut-off feature. The filaments are often covered in an oily coating that is known to leak while the pen is in use. While drawing, the oily leak may not be a problem as they fuse with the plastic, but they may stain things if left lying around. Given that children often don’t pay enough attention to buttons and such, an automatic shut-off feature is more than just welcome in an intelligent 3D pen.

Included Filaments

A 3D pen bought for beginners should include multiple types of filaments (different colors, glow in the dark, fluorescent, etc.), especially if it is bought for children. While adults might get the hang of 3D drawing with just a couple of different colors, children may not find the product interesting enough if the pack doesn’t come with enough additional filaments.

Last but not least, you should check the reputation of the brand, as well as the quality of the reviews of a certain product. There are not many brands that manufacture 3D pens, so you will be able to point out the best one on the market quite easily.

In the end, the reviews will let you know if a product is worth purchasing/trying or not!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended age for 3D pen usage?

Most 3D printing pens are reportedly suitable for children aged 5 and above while some recommend a minimum of 8 years old. However, keep in mind that these products often work with high temperatures. As such, it is recommended that you supervise the child while they’re using the 3D pen.

Teach them to avoid touching the tip of the pen, the plastic as soon as it leaves the pen, as well as buttons that they are not familiar with.

Q: What are the best PLA filament to use?

Most people and even manufacturers recommend PLA filament for 3D printing pens. First of all, they don’t require temperatures as high as ABS filaments in order to melt within the pen. Second of all, PLA filament are 100% environment-friendly and don’t emanate any toxins or odours.

Reportedly, ABS filaments are known for their bad smell, which makes them unfit for children, whereas a PLA filament.

Q: What are the easiest things to make with a 3D pen?

The easiest and most common things to make with 3D printing pens would be houses, animals, flowers, and people – in the form of stickmen, of course. However, everything should start from simple forms such as cubes and hexagons so that you learn how to connect the plastic. Once you’ve got the hang of that, intricate houses and even working miniature bicycles are a piece of cake!

Final Thoughts

3D pens are an entirely new and innovative product on the market! Even if the first model was invented in early 2012, they are still rather unknown products and also come with new and interesting features as time passes.

Naturally, since there isn’t only one 3D pen and filament manufacturer, you need to know a thing or two about these products before buying one – and especially if you buy one for your children!

Luckily, you have our guide and top ten list to help you with this! We hope that our top list made you aware of how the best 3D printer pen UK should look and that our buying guide made you confident enough to start searching for the ideal product on your own! Soon enough, you’ll be 3D-doodling in this air and create artwork that you never imagined you could create!

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